The SimCity BoxThe SimCity Box

Developed by EA Maxis
Released in 2008
Type Compilation
Contains SimCity 4SimCity 4: Rush HourThe Sims Carnival: Snap CitySimCity SocietiesSimCity Societies: DestinationsSpore Creature Creator
Years 2003-2008
Platform Win
Series SimAnimalsSimAnimals AfricaSimAnt: The Electronic Ant ColonySimCity [1989]SimCity 2000SimCity 2000 - Scenarios Vol. I: Great DisastersSimCity 3000SimCity 3000 UnlimitedSimCity DSSimCity DS 2SimCity 4SimCity 4: Rush HourSimCity [2013]SimCity 64SimCity CreatorThe Sims Carnival: Snap CitySimCity SocietiesSimCity Societies: DestinationsSimCity SocialSimCopterSimEarthSimFarm: SimCity's Country CousinSimGolfSid Meier's SimGolfSimHealth: The National Health Care SimulationSimIsle: Missions in the RainforestSimLife: The Genetic PlaygroundSimParkSimSafariStreets of SimCitySimTower: The Vertical EmpireYoot TowerThe Tower SPSimTownSimTunesSimCity 2000 Special EditionSimCity 4 Deluxe EditionThe SimCity Box (dist) (grid)
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