X³ Terran War PackX³ Terran War Pack

Developed by Egosoft
Released in 2011
Type Compilation
Contains X³: Terran ConflictX³: Albion Prelude
Years 2008-2011
Platforms LinuxSteamOSWin
Distributors Buy on GOG.comBuy on Steam
Series X: Beyond the FrontierX-TensionX²: The ThreatX³: ReunionX³: Terran ConflictX³: Albion PreludeX RebirthX Rebirth: The Teladi OutpostX Rebirth: Home of LightX: GoldX³: GoldX³: GoldBoxX³ Terran War PackX Rebirth: Home of Light Complete Upgrade EditionX Rebirth: Home of Light Complete EditionX SuperBox (dist) (grid)
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