Bloody AprilBloody April

Developed by HexWar Games
Released in 2016
Type Full Game
Platforms iOSMac
IngameDate 1862-04-06
Distributors Buy on iTunesBuy on Mac AppStore
Avatars (2): Confederates, Union
Series Civil War: 1861Civil War: 1862Civil War: 1863Civil War: 1864Civil War: 1865Bloody AprilCivil War: Bull Run 1861Civil War: Drive on WashingtonCivil War: GettysburgCivil War: Pea RidgeCivil War: StonewallCivil War: Wilson's CreekAncient Battle: AlexanderBattles of the Ancient WorldAncient Battle: HannibalAncient Battle: RomeAncient Battle: Successors1775: RebellionRebels and RedcoatsRebels and Redcoats IITwilight's Last GleamingCongo MercFire & Fury: Civil WarHex Mechs100 Years' WarMedieval Battle: EuropeWars of the RosesPeninsular War BattlesNapoleon in RussiaWellington's VictoryCommand & Colours: The Great WarTank Battle: 1944Tank Battle: 1945Assault on ArnhemTank Battle: BlitzkriegTank Battle: East FrontIWO: Bloodbath in the BoninsTank Battle: NormandyTank Battle: North AfricaTank Battle: PacificRussian Front (dist) (grid)
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