Marvel Ultimate AllianceMarvel Ultimate Alliance

Developed by Raven Software
Released in 2006
Type Full Game
Genre Action Role-Playing
Platforms PS2PS4PSNWinXB360XBOne
GamerScore 1250
Distributors Buy on PSN (PS4, UK)Buy on PSN (PS4, US)Buy on SteamBuy on Xbox LIVE MarketplaceBuy on Microsoft Store (Xbox One)
Tags LocalCoop
Avatars (38): Black Panther, Black Widow, Blade, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Colossus, Cyclops, Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Hulk, Human Torch, Iceman, Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Luke Cage, Magneto, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Namor, Nick Fury, Nightcrawler, Ronin, Sabretooth, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Storm, Thing, Thor, Venom, Vision, Wolverine
Series Marvel Avengers: Battle for EarthGotham City ImpostorsMarvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode 1: "Tangled Up in Blue"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode 2: "Under Pressure"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode 3: "More than a Feeling"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode 4: "Who Needs You"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode 5: "Don't Stop Believin'"Marvel HeroesMarvel Heroes [HyperScan]Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the ImperfectsMarvel Super HeroesMarvel Ultimate AllianceMarvel Ultimate Alliance 2X-Men [Arcade]X-Men: Children of the AtomX-Men: DestinyX-Men [HyperScan]X-Men LegendsX-Men Legends II: Rise of ApocalypseX-Men: Mutant AcademyX-Men: Mutant Academy 2X-Men: Next DimensionX-Men Origins: WolverineMarvel's Guardians of the GalaxyMarvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle (dist) (grid)
In compilations Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle
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Owned by Lag.Com (XB360)


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