Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark DragonShining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon

Developed by Amusement Vision
Released in 2004
Comments シャイニング・フォース 黒き竜の復活
Type Full Game
Genre Turn-Based Strategy
Platform GBA
Distributors Buy on (GBA.NTSC-J)
Avatars (1): Max (fix)
Series Blade Arcus from ShiningBlade Arcus from Shining: Battle ArenaShining ArkShining Force CrossShining Force Cross RaidShining Force Cross ElysionShining Force Cross ExlesiaShining Force: The Legacy of Great IntentionShining Force: Resurrection of the Dark DragonShining Force II: The Ancient SealShining Force III - God Warrior of the KingdomShining Force III - Target: Child of GodShining Force III - Bulzome RisingShining Force FeatherShining Force GaidenShining Force Chronicle IShining Force: The Sword of HajyaShining Force Chronicle IIShining Force Gaiden: Final ConflictShining Force Chronicle IIIShining Force CDShining in the DarknessShining Force NeoShining Force EXAShining ResonanceShining Road to the ForceShining Road Priestess of the Dark DragonShining SoulShining Soul IIShining TearsShining WindShining HeartsShining BladeShining the Holy ArkShining Wind XShining Wisdom (dist) (grid)
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