More!? Mystery Gensokyo -UNDER THE MOONLIGHT-More!? Mystery Gensokyo -UNDER THE MOONLIGHT-

Developed by AQUA STYLE
Released in 2010
Comments もっと!?不思議の幻想郷-UNDER THE MOONLIGHT-
Type Full Game
Expansions More!? Mystery Gensokyo plus -The Dungeon of Dreams and Magic
Platform Win
Series Highly Responsive to PrayersThe Story of Eastern WonderlandPhantasmagoria of Dim. DreamLotus Land StoryMystic SquareThe Embodiment of Scarlet DevilPerfect Cherry BlossomImmaterial and Missing PowerImperishable NightPhantasmagoria of Flower ViewShoot the BulletMountain of FaithScarlet Weather RhapsodySubterranean AnimismUndefined Fantastic ObjectTouhou HisōtensokuDouble SpoilerFairy WarsTen DesiresHopeless MasqueradeDouble Dealing CharacterImpossible Spell CardUrban Legend in LimboLegacy of Lunatic KingdomFushigi no GensokyoSanae's Super Express -The Express Trail-More!? Mystery Gensokyo -UNDER THE MOONLIGHT-More!? Mystery Gensokyo plus -The Dungeon of Dreams and MagicMore!? Mystery Gensokyo Prologue -The Threat from the Surface-Mystery Gensokyo 3Touhou Genso WandererTouhou Soujinengi The Genius of SappheirosTouhou Soujinengi VGenso RondoTouhou Genso Rondo: Bullet BalletTouhou KoubutouTouhou Koubutou VTouhou Koukishin ~ Adventures of Scarlet CuriosityTouhou: Scarlet CuriosityTouhou Sky ArenaTouhou Sky Arena -KURENAI-Touhou Sky Arena -MATSURI- Climax (dist) (grid)
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