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19421943: The Battle of Midway1943 Kai1941: Counter Attack19XX: The War Against DestinyPhoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for AllPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and TribulationsApollo Justice: Ace AttorneyPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual DestiniesPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of JusticeAce Attorney Investigations: Miles EdgeworthAce Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2Disney's Aladdin [SNES]AvengersAlien vs. Predator [Arcade]Bionic Commando [Arcade]Bionic Commando [NES]Black TigerBlock BlockBreath of Fire: The Dragon WarriorBreath of Fire II: The Fated ChildBreath of Fire IIIBreath of Fire IV: The Unfading OnesBreath of Fire: Dragon QuarterBreath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White DragonCadillacs and DinosaursCapcom Fighting EvolutionCaptain CommandoCommandoMercsDarkstalkers: The Night WarriorsNight Warriors: Darkstalkers' RevengeVampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers' RevengeDarkstalkers 3Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of VampireDarkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos TowerVampire: Darkstalkers CollectionDead RisingDead Rising 2: Case ZeroDead Rising 2: Case WestDead Rising 2: Off the RecordDead Rising 3Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken EagleDead Rising 3: Fallen AngelDead Rising 3: Chaos RisingDead Rising 3: The Last AgentDead Rising 4Deep DownDevil KingsSengoku Basara 2Sengoku Basara: Samurai HeroesSengoku Basara 3: PartySengoku Basara 4Sengoku Basara: Battle HeroesSengoku Basara: Chronicle HeroesSengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-denDevil May CryDevil May Cry 2Devil May Cry 3: Dante's AwakeningDevil May Cry 3: Special EditionDevil May Cry 4Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of DoomDungeons & Dragons: Shadow over MystaraDragon's DogmaDragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenDuckTalesDuckTales 2Eco FightersExed Exes [Savage Bees]Final FightFinal Fight 2Final Fight 3Mighty Final FightForgotten WorldsGhosts 'n GoblinsGhouls 'n GhostsSuper Ghouls 'n GhostsMakaimura for WonderSwanUltimate Ghosts 'n GoblinsGhosts 'n Goblins: Gold KnightsGhosts 'n Goblins: Gold Knights IIGargoyle's Quest: Ghosts 'n GoblinsGargoyle's Quest II: The Demon DarknessDemon's CrestMaximo: Ghosts to GloryMaximo vs. Army of ZinGun.SmokeResident Evil SurvivorResident Evil Survivor 2 Code: VeronicaDino StalkerResident Evil: Dead AimPirate Ship HigemaruJoJo's Bizarre AdventureLe Bizzarre Avventure di GioGio: Vento AureoThe King of DragonsKnights of the RoundLast Duel: Inter Planet War 2012Legendary WingsLittle Nemo: The Dream MasterLost Planet: Extreme ConditionLost Planet: ColoniesLost Planet 2Magic SwordMarvel Super HeroesX-Men: Children of the AtomMega TwinsMega ManRockman (Complete Works)Mega Man Powered UpMega Man 2Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo (Complete Works)Mega Man 3Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!? (Complete Works)Mega Man 4Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!! (Complete Works)Mega Man 5Rockman 5: Blues no Wana!? (Complete Works)Mega Man 6Rockman 6: Shijousai Dai no Tatakai!! (Complete Works)Mega Man 7Mega Man 8Mega Man & BassMega Man Battle & ChaseMega Man Battle NetworkMega Man Battle Network 2Battle Network Rockman EXE 3Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 - BlackMega Man Battle Network 3 - BlueMega Man Battle Network 3 - WhiteRockman EXE 4.5 Real OperationMega Man Battle Network 4 - Blue MoonMega Man Battle Network 4 - Red SunMega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DSMega Man Battle Network 5: Team ColonelMega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtoManMega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast FalzarMega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast GregarRockman EXE WSMega Man: Dr. Wily's RevengeMega Man IIMega Man IIIMega Man IVMega Man VMega Man LegendsMega Man Legends 2The Misadventures of Tron BonneMega Man: The Power BattleMega Man 2: The Power FightersMega Man Star ForceMega Man Star Force 2Mega Man Star Force 3Mega Man: The Wily WarsMega Man XMega Man: Maverick Hunter XMega Man X2Mega Man X3Mega Man X4Mega Man X5Mega Man X6Mega Man X7Mega Man X8Mega Man XtremeMega Man Xtreme 2Mega Man X: Command MissionMonster HunterMonster Hunter 2Monster Hunter TriMonster Hunter Tri GMonster Hunter 4Monster Hunter 4 UltimateMonster Hunter GenerationsMonster Hunter FreedomMonster Hunter Freedom 2Monster Hunter Freedom UniteMonster Hunter Portable 3rdOnimusha: WarlordsGenma OnimushaOnimusha 2: Samurai's DestinyOnimusha 3: Demon SiegeOnimusha: Dawn of DreamsOnimusha Blade WarriorsOnimusha TacticsPangSuper PangMighty! PangArmored WarriorsCyberbots: Fullmetal MadnessQuiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz GameRed EarthResident Evil ZeroResident Evil Zero HDResident EvilResident Evil: Director's CutResident Evil [REmake]Resident Evil HD RemasterResident Evil 2Resident Evil 3: NemesisResident Evil 4Resident Evil 4 HDResident Evil 4: Ultimate HD EditionResident Evil 5Resident Evil 5 HDResident Evil 5: Lost in NightmaresResident Evil 5: Desperate EscapeResident Evil 6Resident Evil 7: BiohazardResident Evil 7: Biohazard - Banned Footage Vol.1Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Banned Footage Vol.2Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Additional EpisodeResident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesResident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesResident Evil: Code Veronica XResident Evil GaidenResident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DResident Evil: Mercenaries Vs.Resident Evil OutbreakResident Evil Outbreak File 2Resident Evil: RevelationsResident Evil: Revelations HDResident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 1 - "Penal Colony"Resident Evil: Revelations 2: HunkResident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 2 - "Contemplation"Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 3 - "Judgment"Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 4 - "Metamorphosis"Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Extra Episode - "Little Miss"Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Extra Episode - "The Struggle"Umbrella CorpsRival Schools: United By FateRush & CrashSection ZShadow of RomeHyper Dyne Side ArmsSonSonSonSon IIThe Speed RumblerStar Gladiator Episode I: Final CrusadePlasma Sword: Nightmare of BilsteinStreet FighterStreet Fighter II: The World WarriorStreet Fighter II': Champion EditionStreet Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper FightingSuper Street Fighter IISuper Street Fighter II TurboHyper Street Fighter IIUltra Street Fighter II: The Final ChallengersStreet Fighter III - New GenerationStreet Fighter III 2nd Impact - Giant AttackStreet Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for the FutureStreet Fighter IVSuper Street Fighter IVSuper Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionUltra Street Fighter IVStreet Fighter VStreet Fighter V - 2016 Season PassStreet Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsStreet Fighter Alpha 2Street Fighter Alpha 3StriderStrider 2Strider [NES]Midnight Wanderers: Quest for the ChariotChariot: Adventure through the SkyDon't PullTiger RoadTrojanVarth: Operation ThunderstormViewtiful JoeX-Men vs. Street FighterMarvel Super Heroes vs. Street FighterMarvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super HeroesMarvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of HeroesCapcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 ProCapcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two WorldsUltimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Marvel vs. Capcom: InfiniteVulgusCapcom Arcade CabinetCapcom Arcade Cabinet: All-in-One PackCapcom Classics Collection - Volume 1Capcom Classics Collection - Volume 2Capcom Generations 1: Wings of DestinyCapcom Generations 2: Chronicles of ArthurCapcom Generations 3: The First GenerationCapcom Generations 4: Blazing GunsCapcom Generations 5: Street Fighter Collection 2Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse EditionDevil May Cry HD CollectionRockman: Power Battle FightersRockman Collection Special BoxMega Man X CollectionResident Evil 7: Biohazard - Deluxe EditionResident Evil: Deluxe Origins BundleResident Evil: Revelations 2Street Fighter CollectionStreet Fighter V - Deluxe EditionThree WondersMarvel vs. Capcom Origins

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