SDABot is my own creation, coded entirely in Python.

It sits in the IRC server at freenode/#sda, waiting for people to ask it inane questions about who did what run, and what 27 ^ 3.4 is.

Its modular features are documented here. Feel free to email me, or give me a message in the channel for feature requests or feedback.


.ak autokick toggle OP
I'm sure you'll have fun working out what things it kicks for.
.akl autokick word list OP
Tells you what it kicks for. :)
.akr autokick list reload OP
Just reads the text file again.


.azu automessage toggle OP
In case you needed any silly quips.
.azul automessage word list OP
To reveal the silly little secrets.
.azur automessage list reload OP
You guessed it.


This module defines a pointless little duelling system between players. Everybody gets 20 points to share between 4 statistics. After they're all done, use .duel to challenge, and watch the magic.
.dinfo duel information
Shows your own or another player's stats.
.duel duel another player
Don't spam it too much, or I will destroy you.
.dreset duel attributes reset
Resets your attributes and duelling record.
.dset duel attribute set
Sets one of your own attributes.
.dtog duel availability toggle OP
Turn duelling on or off, to stop people spamming.


.c calculate
Does its best.
.eval evaluate expression OP
Arbitrary python evaluation.
.exec execute statement OP
Look ma, a backdoor.
.lm reload module OP
Technically not defined here, but shut up.


This module also sets off a timer which makes the bot check the news page for new runs, and does appropriate parsing to print it nicely to the channel. It also sets me a message à la pin.
.nfp check new forum posts
Sort of spammy. Might be slow, so be patient.


.help shows help
I'm sure you can work this one out.


This will have a lot of essentially useless stuff in eventually.
.dl download OP
An example of lag.downloader in action
.dlp download progress
Uses my new clever Nexus suite
.raguten's run ratings database search
Looks for a player, game or a run.


.amp starts winamp OP
For teh musics.
.jump jumps to a song
Picks randomly if more than one matches.
.mus winamp status
Like you care what my music is.
.next next track
Totally random too.


.note set a message for somebody
Leave someone a message that will be sent when they talk.
.zzz set your status as away
Lets other people know if you are away and they say your name.


.q show a quote
By number or random.
.q+ add a quote
Make sure it's funny.


.check rechecks voice
Gives you voice if you have a run.
.dbr reloads run db OP
Might take a few seconds.
.game look up a game
Results can be surprising, be as specific as you can.
.old look up beaten records
I haven't added the entire backlog.
.player look up a player
By name or nick.
.run look up the runs on a game
Shows most things.


.say say something OP
To confuse people utterly.


This is a work in progress.
.pairs pair off players
Works just fine.
.tinfo gives info on a tournament
Not very useful.
.tnew declares a tournament OP
Also not useful yet.
.tsign sign up to a tournament
Doesn't work yet.
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