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Game Genre Thoughts
Assassin's Creed 3DAA other run in progress
BI4: Incubation TBS NMI, thinking about it
Blaze & Blade ARPG in progress [2/?]
C&C: Tiberian Dawn RTS some runs on youtube?
C&C: Red Alert RTS others running in progress
C&C: Tiberian Sun RTS NMI
C&C: Renegade FPS other run in progress
C&C: Red Alert II RTS others running well underway
C&C: Generals RTS TheVoid expressed interest
C&C: Tiberium Wars RTS NMI
Descent FPS? excellent runs already exist
Diablo II ARPG excellent runs already exist, 4p run in progress [1/?]
Doom I/II/Final FPS outclassed here
Majesty RTS? run in progress [1/20]
Neverwinter Nights RPG someone else vaguely on this
Neverwinter Nights 2 RPG NMI
Quake FPS the eternity project
Star Command: Revolution RTS DOS, NMI
Starcraft RTS outclassed here
Supreme Commander RTS NMI
TES: Daggerfall FPRPG DOS, also needs much planning
TES: Morrowind FPRPG excellent runs already exist
TES: Oblivion FPRPG excellent runs already exist
Titan Quest ARPG NMI
Total Annihilation RTS in progress [4/25]
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms RTS too buggy on my PC
Ultima Underworld FPRPG excellent run on youtube
Ultima Underworld 2 FPRPG excellent run on youtube
WF: Shadow of the Horned Rat RTT vaguely in progress [1/?], needs much more planning
W40k: Dawn of War RTS NMI
X3: Reunion 4X NMI
I'll put more useful information in the Thoughts field in the future, links to planning material or the 'other runs' in question etc. If only for my benefit.
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