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Easy Run
e1m1The Slipgate Complex
LengthShort Difficulty3 (9) BunnyLots RecordholderPeter Horvath for 0:21 My Time0:25
Tricks jump, (barrelboost)
Lift Button 4.4 5 4.9
Bunny through the doors, to the switch.
Watch the doors, you need to be in the middle to get through them fast.
Second Building 9.1 1011 9.7
Bunny from the lift to the door.
Fairly straightforward. Try not to get shot in the face. For beginners, wallrun against the bridge after the lift has gone down.
First Switch 14.5 1618 16.5
Bunny/run around the corner, press the bridge for the acid, and bunny to the switch.
For experienced players, try the barrelboost. If you want to wallrun behind the support, make sure you look towards the light, or you will get stuck.
End 21.8 2428 25.3
Press all three switches, then bunny down the path. Enter the slipgate to finish.
Hit each switch on the turn if you can. After the third switch, turn and jump over the acid. Aim to land behind to the right of the grunt.
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