Hyper Dragon Meteor War Force is the title of my upcoming Turn-Based Strategy game for the PC. It will be developed and written purely in Python, using pygame/SDL for graphics. Hopefully this will be my first 'finished' game project; I have many things in mind, and I have the know-how to write them. Hoo-hah!


Now, I'm no graphic designer. Because of this, I am on the lookout for any sprite artists who can provide me with quality animated sprites from 16x16 and up. Right now, I'm after small sprites to use on the battle map. Bear in mind that sprites can be larger than the grid size of 16x16; my engine is able to offset and animate them appropriately. Please use 256-colour, so I can dynamically recolour the sprites based on the character's hair, etc.

Later I'll be needing portraits, and buttons, and all kinds of stuff. Please, if you can help and spare the time, consider adding your talent to my project!.

Just as a taster for my engine, here is a demonstration of the battle map, using some sprites stolen from Fire Emblem 7 and Super Robot Wars: Original Generation. Do tell me if it doesn't work. Controls are as follows:

The next step is to link the sprite with the character data structure I already have, then try to make 'Mission 1'. =)

I'll update this page as events continue.

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