Rellis is a character I created spontaneously upon entering the Cleft of Dimension Final Fantasy-themed MUD. As any character, he started off rather shallow and nondescript, and evolved into a complex lattice of thoughts, relationships and desires. All of my material from roleplay posts (and some other related side-projects) that I still have has been cobbled together (sometimes in modified form) into this document. Some new content fills in gaps that were left unexplored. When possible, the date of writing will be given, or 'new'.

Rellis is a Moogle, a fictional race invented by Square. Originally these were cute mascot-types with little thought behind them, but later instalments of the Final Fantasy series gave them more depth, especially Final Fantasy IX. Writing for them is still awkward, though, as many important characteristics have been left out - language, history, and above all, culture. This is where my artistic license comes in. I hope the picture I have painted of forest life is sensible enough not to spoil the narrative - I do leave the possibility of other, different moogle tribes to exist. Also, in order to annoy me, Bael (one of the MUD gods) decided that moogle sexual reproduction occurs via their pompoms. Initially this annoyed me, but as time passed, I embraced the idea fully, which irritated Bael immensely. I hope this explains some of the 'references' :)

Rellis's background was only fully fleshed out late on in his time at the Cleft, though it appears first here. Originally it was written as flashbacks; they have not been rewritten except to remove the references to the present day.

If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me.

  1. Early Days