Lag.Com's Speedruns


I'm using ePSXe and my own Alundra disc (PAL, so 50fps) to record this speedrun. My PC can't keep up too well, so expect video around 15fps. Some of the special effects look rather odd at this framerate. My current guide/plan is here. Feel free to ask for information or give advice! Time given is from the save. All videos use H.264.
Segment Description Time Video Comments
1.1 Introduction 0:07:06 Only minor errors thanks to the random storm movement.
1.2 Tarn's Manor 0:14:08 Generally good; got the secret at the end in only one try! Not trivial at 15fps. :)

Commander Keen

These runs aren't mine, they are by Sanitars of the SDA forums. I'm impressed with his runs, so I decided to mirror them here. These runs use a different codec, ZMBV, as they were recorded from DOSBox. This means the videos MAY be cheated in some way, but I doubt it. Enjoy!
Number Game Time Video
3 Keen Must Die! 02:17
4 Goodbye, Galaxy! 13:02
6 Aliens Ate My Babysitter! 06:38


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Total Annihilation

I've returned to working on this game! After seeing the light, I am now using the H.264 codec. It offers extremely good compression to quality ratio. The first three levels are still DivX.
Side Mission Name Time Video Comments
Arm A Hero Returns 0:14 Whee! That lucky Jeffy.
Arm CORE KBot Base, Destroy It! 0:23 Haha, I improved it. Oops.
Arm Spider Technology 0:31 Yep, another second off this one too. Still think 0:30 is possible.
Arm CORE Contamination Spreads... 7:11 Flash smash!