Here are the speedruns I'm currently (supposedly) working on. Links marked 'yt' are youtube, 'dm' is dailymotion, otherwise they are direct links to AVI files. I don't know if you can stream them.

Diablo II [4 Player/All Quests]

NORMAL - The Den & Blood Raven ? 24MB

Majesty: the Fantasy Kingdom Sim

The Bell, the Book and the Candle 3:19 yt
The Forsaken Land 1:57 yt
The Wizard's Curse 6:29 yt
Rescue the Prince 2:06 yt
The Barren Waste 9:10 yt not happy yet
Elven Treachery 11:10 dm
Free the Slaves 14:20 dm not happy yet
A Deal with the Demon 1:20 yt
Quest for the Crown 7:14 yt
Hold off the Goblin Hordes 4:24 yt
Quest for the Holy Chalice 9:19 yt unsure
Quest for the Magic Ring 8:11 - not happy yet
Slay the Mighty Dragon 9:23 - not happy yet

Total Annihilation [Hard]

ARM01 - A Hero Returns 0:29i yt
ARM02 - CORE KBot Base, Destroy It! 0:47i yt
ARM03 - Spider Technology 1:11i yt
ARM04 - CORE Contamination Spreads... (easy) 7:11 yt
ARM15 - Rougpelt 1:45i yt

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

Protect Schnappleburg ? 6MB
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