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Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
Released on April 25, 2006, Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War is the prequel to all of the other games in the Ace Combat series. Taking place in 1995, the game follows two mercenary fighters Cipher and Pixy in a war between Belka and various nations surrounding it. But halfway through the game, when the war seems to be over, everything goes drastically wrong and a terrorist organization called "A World With No Boundaries" creates a new war, seeking to destroy borders, and create a unified world. The game's "three ace" system influences some of the battles and cutscenes you face throughout the game.


Very Easy run (Single Segment): 1:20:38 by Nicholas 'Sir VG' Hoppe

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Good morning troops. Get suited up, in your planes, and ready to head into the skies.

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Those people who easily suffer from motion sickness should NOT watch this speed run! This run contains a number of aerobatic maneuvers and other twists and turns that could make you sick on watching it.


Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War is a prequel to the other Ace Combat games, hence part of the reasoning for the name "Zero". The rest of the reasoning is in regards to specific events in the game. ACZ takes place in 1985 and follows a pair of pilots, called Galm Team. Galm-1 is you, named Cipher. Galm-2 is a pilot named "Solo Wing" Pixy (named as such because in a prior conflict, he was shot at, lost one of his wings, and STILL completed the mission and even returned to base - which is why, if you look at his plane, his right wing is painted red). Similar to Ace Combat 04 (which I did a speed run late last year), this game is 18 missions long, involves a bunch of superweapons, and brings in a few surprises and some good challenges.

Unlike AC04, which featured a number of set length missions, ACZ is almost entirely made of "destroy all the targets to win" missions. Only two have an alternate goal, and that's to get a set number of points. Because of such, the game moves much quicker and is a bit more exciting in this regard.

The biggest change to the game is the introduction of "Aces". "There are three kinds of aces: Those that seek strength, those that live for pride, and those that can read the tide of battle." How you fight throughout the game determines which you are. If you kill a lot of yellow (neutral) targets, you will be labeled a Mercenary. If you kill few or no yellow targets, you'll be labeled a Knight. Kill a moderate amount, you will be labeled a Soldier. This affects which squadrons you see in certain missions in the game - I will point out which missions these are.

One more note in regards to Ace Combat 04. If you have AC04 data on your memory card when starting the game, you can unlock the X-02 after completing the 1st mission. I purposely removed all data that unlocks items and worked with a clean save.

Total Time: 1h 20m 38s

And now, the Belkan War comes to an end with the defeat of Pixy and the rest of "World With No Boundaries".

Special thanks to asad98 from GameFAQs for his guide to this game.

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Sir VG, signing out.


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