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James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire
Released in November 2001 for PS2, (later for GameCube and XBox), in James Bond: Agent Under Fire, you play the role of James Bond, the world's most famous secret agent. CIA agent Zoe Nightshade has gone missing. She had been investigating the connection between a Hong Kong-based bio-technology firm, Identicon, and its parent company, Malpravce Industries. The investigation is of keen interest to M16, so you must rescue her.


Run: 0:40:40 by Ben 'Cygnus' Goldberg

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I wish I could give credit for helping me with this run, but really I did it all on my own. I've wanted to do a AUF run since I found this site back in July of last year. I finally got the energy to do some practice run and I found that AUF is a pretty easy game to speed run. I started with an estimate of about 49 minutes, and over the span of a few weeks, I got that estimate all the way down to a potential sub 40 run. I didn't get that sub 40 run, but I should of (more on that later). Here's the times for each level...

Trouble in Paradise: 1:54
Precious Cargo: 3:57
Dangerous Pursuit: 1:00
Bad Diplomacy: 1:14
Cold Reception: 1:59
Night of the Jackal: 3:04
Streets of Bucharest: 7:30
Fire and Water: 2:57
Forbidden Depths: 7:12
Poseidon: 2:23
Mediterranean Crisis: 3:15
Evil Summit: 4:15

Total: 40:40

Here's some comments of each level...

Trouble in Paradise- This was a new record for me, so nothing to complain about. I sometimes am able to get the Golden Gun, but it's not a big deal. I don't use the pistol that much, so it would only save a few seconds, max.

Precious Cargo- Another personal record, so nothing to complain about, again. I could of hit the red flashing button a little faster at the end, but that's about it.

Dangerous Pursuit- I usually get unlimited missiles, which makes Streets of Bucharest easier. Luckily, I do great on Streets of Bucharest and didn't need the missiles. Could have been a few seconds faster, but not bad at all.

Bad Diplomacy- This is a very easy level, with very little potential to mess up. Nothing interesting here.

Cold Reception- I get hung up on a machine gunner after I go down the first elevator, so I could of saved a second or two there. Still plenty fast.

Night of the Jackal- I could kill Jackal a little faster, but that fight's half luck. I got the Helicopter pilot with one sniper shot, so I'm happy about that.

Streets of Bucharest- Everything went fine, til the end of the level. If I line it up right, I can shoot the red tank at the end before the cut scene starts. I try to do that, as you can see, but I miss. I need to aim more left next time. It saves about 7 seconds.

Fire and Water- I fumble around with my gadgets at one point. I was trying to pull out my jet pack, but I take a few extra seconds. Everything else was fine, and fast.

Forbidden Depths- Oooh, I was going to get a new personal record here, but I missed a shot with a guided missile at the end. Everything else was super fast.

Poseidon- A bit of sloppy fighting, but it's a new personal record, so what the hay.

Mediterranean Crisis- I beat my old personal record by nine seconds, so I'm very happy with my performance on this level. I could shoot the two guards who are holding that girl hostage a bit faster, but if I miss, I blow them all up. Blowing the girl up = run over.

Evil Summit- I hate myself, I hate myself, I hate myself! I did everything right, and all I had to do was shoot the boss in the head a second faster, and I hesitated. I had it lined up and everything, why didn't I pull the trigger? If I had pulled the trigger a second faster, I would of got 3:3x on that level. I think it would of been under 3:35, which would of game me sub 40 minutes. Just pretend that I pulled the trigger a second faster, and I got sub 40.

If some new tricks come up, I'll redo this run and get sub 40. Until then, have a jolly good day! If you wish to contact me, my email is platinum.cygnus АТ and my AIM s/n is Platinum Cygnus.

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