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Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Originally released in November 1986, and later built in to the Sega Master System II, Alex Kidd in Miracle World is the first of several games to feature the big-eared Radaxian prince who was Sega's unofficial mascot before the creation of Sonic the Hedgehog. In this game, Alex Kidd must save his family and at the same time end the tyrrany of Janken the Great. This game offered many different types of gameplay with an assortment of different vehicles, swimming levels, puzzle elements, and a rock-paper-scissors mini-game (called Janken) in addition to basic sidescrolling stages. Because of its diversity it was widely accepted to be far ahead of its time and was easily one of the most popular games for the SMS.


Run (EU): 0:17:33 by Tom 'Konnan' van Mol

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First of all, I have to say thanks to a few people. #endgame on the SDA forum for giving some great tips, Nate for capturing the run and Radix for uploading it.

Alex Kidd was the Mario of Sega before Sonic came into the picture. Alex Kidd in Miracle World, released in november 1986. The game had a lot of attention in the late 80's/early 90's and was build-in in a lot of Master System consoles. Nowadays the game is still being called 1 of the best, if not the best SMS game there's ever been made. The diversity of the game, with a helicopter, bike, boat and the well-known rock-scissors-paper minigame make it a great game to play and speedrun.

The design of the Master System controller is shit, very shit. There is no pause/start button on it, it's located on the console itself. The pause button is needed in some occasions in this game to use certain items such as the power bracelet and invincibility powder, so I had to slam the console a few times in order to equip myself :D.

I didn't know what time to aim for until I found out somebody had ran this game before. The time of Rodrigo Lopes is 16:32 played on NTSC or PAL-M. I knew I had to go for a sub 19 on PAL to beat his time. With the use of FreezeSMS, a Sega Master System emulator, I managed to get better at individual levels by using the save and load options. I found loads of tricks, of which most of them (but certainly not all) are included in the run, resulting in a sub 18 time! Some of the tricks have a very high risk factor, so I didn't include those. I also found a few new tricks after the run. These are the cumulative times (on tape):

Especially map 10, 13, 16 have room for improvement. Map 1, 6 and 7 are sloppy at some points, but I don't loose too much time.

For a single segment run this is a run I'm very proud of. I hope people feel inspired by this run and try to beat it. Perhaps I will try to beat it myself in the future as I feel a sub 17:30 is in range. But for now, have fun people!

For any suggestions, questions, comments or new tricks (I'd love to hear of new routes and tricks), mail me at tumpke AT hotmail DOT com

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