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The Adventures of Batman & Robin
Released in 1995, The Adventures of Batman and Robin was hyped by video game magazines for its impressive graphics and smooth animation. However, when it was released, the game received mediocre reviews due to the repetitive levels and overly difficult challenge. You choose either Batman or Robin (surprise surprise) and take on the Joker, Two-Face, Mad Hatter, and Mr. Freeze, who all recently escaped from Arkham Asylum.


Run (Death Abuse): 0:51:29 by Cody Miller

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This is a Single Segment speedrun of The Adventures of Batman and Robin, in 51:29: a nearly 5 minute improvement over the previous run on SDA. I use death and take damage to save time in places.

Hearts are plentiful in the game, and your life is refilled after a boss battle, so often I make no attempt to dodge the shots of enemies of a boss, when taking the hit will speed things up. This can be best seen while fighting Harley Quinn in the first and third Joker stage, against the Joker, the zeppelin in the first two face stage, and most of the third Mad Hatter stage.

I intentionally use death in the third Mad Hatter stage to speed things up, as waiting for the plants to fire and timing jumps between them wastes a lot of time. Even though the death causes my weapon powerup to lose power, the time saved by not waiting is greater than the additional time spent fighting the boss, by about 30 seconds over the previous run.

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