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Batman: Arkham Asylum
Released in 2009 by developer Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the biggest hits of the year. Featuring a unique storyline, a large cast of familiar characters from the comics, and a wide array of weapons and gadgets at the player's disposal, the designers did an admirable job of capturing the feel of the comics and films in the gaming medium. Taking place at the titular asylum, the inmates have broken free of their cells and it is up to The Caped Crusader to restore order as well as put a stop to a plot that threatens the lives of all the citizens of Gotham City.


Easy run (Single Segment): 2:07:40 by Steven 'Master ZED' Ellis

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I was going to review the run so I could type up some meaningful comments...

but that doesn't look like it's ever going to happen.

So instead of anything worthwhile, I give you this:





Well, not really, I mean this is Batman we're talking about, but whatever!

Here's a list of improvements I know didn't make it into the run without even looking at it:

a) Skipping the second shimmying sequence in Secure Transit at the beginning. Look out over the abyss you have to cross, and to your lower left, and you'll see a pipe running along a wall. You can stand on it, if you're lucky, and I'm not generally lucky enough to pull this off reliably. In fact, I can't even remember how I did it in the first place anymore (had to do with gliding into the back corner, I just don't remember the landing part). o_o

b) Bane and Titans can be damaged by Batarangs kind of like Titan Ivy (same amount of damage too, sadly, but it's always the same on any difficulty), though there are gaps in their vulnerability (generally just after getting hit, like a Mega Man villain), and they're invulnerable to HP damage at any time during a charge. Given that a stunned charging Titan or Bane slows down time, and there's no in-game timer for the story to account for the slowdown, you really have to be careful in using this weakness.

c) You can skip Bats's button-pressing sequence when he calls the Batwing to deliver the Line Launcher by diving into the gap after he says "I'm going to need something to get over this ravine." This saves a few seconds without effort or significant risk.

d) More line launching in Croc's Lair.

e) Abuse of armor upgrades vs. Titan Ivy. On Easy, there's no need for them at any other time, especially against Titan Joker or the twin Titan fight before that, and you can't throw Batarangs on the run generally.

f) I *think* I sprayed Explosive Gel during the Titan Joker fight. This was meaningless; while you have the time to spray it, everyone gets thrown in so many different directions that you can't take serious advantage of it, and the electric walls here aren't very reliable when it comes to instant kills like the gates throughout the game are.

Oh, and while I didn't know it when I did this run, you can skip talking to Dr. Young when you save her the first time. I think the rest of the improvements just fall into the category of "Suck less."

Anyway, it's not a bad run really, the game's still relatively new... or was when I did it at least. I'm always a little masochistic when it comes to criticizing myself, so you'll have to be the judge of my performance.

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