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Set in an alternate history 1960, BioShock places the player in the role of a plane crash survivor named Jack, who must explore the underwater dystopian city of Rapture, and survive attacks from the mutated beings and mechanical drones that populate the city. The game incorporates elements found in role-playing and survival horror games and was created by the developers of the System Shock series.


PC run (Death Abuse): 1:04:20 by Mirko 'cortez' Brown, done in 56 segments

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Well i dont know how to introduce the run, i try this way.


Ok. First i would like to thank:

This run took me exactly 3 month, i started the run at 9th June and finished it at the 9th September. I basically started the run because this game is awesome and i think SDA really need a run of this game. Apathy started nearly at the same time ,but some how he disappeared with his start. During the run i was close to give up the run, in this time ExploddingCabbage and Snvus started a run. Hopefully we will see some more runs of this game. Ok enough of the useless stuff!

I need to explain some of the tricks i used in the run.

bot-clip Abuseing:
Here i placed a security- bot in a door, which is later locked. The bot somehow breaks the clip and you can pass through it.

With killing yourself or getting by someone you get teleported to the next Vita-Chamber and so you can advance faster to your goal.

radio/Diary skipping:
Sometimes there a radio messages which have to be played to trigger an event, mostly these messages are very long and you lose time trough that. When the message started you just have to start manually a radio messages or a diary. Sometimes you can skip an entire radio message with that. The Xbox360 is faster there because with the controls you better can skip through the menu.

Shotgun, grenade launcher and crossbow got a reload animation after a shot, to skip that switch to plasimids and then switch back to the weapon you use again.

melting ice:
Instead of using incinerate you also can use exploding bucks or ordinary fire.

floor triggers avoidance:
Some important doors are closed by floor triggers. Sometimes you just can walk around the trigger and sometimes you have to jump over the trigger.

look triggers avoidance:
There are a few enemies and that activate when you look at them, you can avoid activating them by not looking. Same goes for doors. Sometimes floor and look triggers are combined.

item stacking:
Just stack some items to a small tower and jump on it to get to a point where you normally dont get.

pressure jump:
put an item against a flat wall and jump on it, then you get a push in the direction you want.

the real comments on the run.

Crashsite 4:30
This level is just a playable intro, you only can play around 50 sec of this level.

Welcome to Rapture 8:21
1:50 a weird invisible, unexplainable
2:06 though moment, you have to turn around immediately
4:32 walking on the side of the stairs makes you faster
4:53 crouching under the door makes you a bit faster
5:45 passing the pistol
7:18 a hit on the lock as soon as possible
7:30 jumping over the rail saves time
7:45 shocking the splicer's which are in the water
7:57 shocking the 2nd wave of splicer's
8:15 walking around the floortrigger on the site of the room

Medical Pavilion 4:23
0:11 hacking the bot
0:59 getting incinerate but its possible to skip it
1:38 and 1:52 ignoring the shotgun
1:44 picking up the telekinesis plasmid
2:08 placeing the securitybot
2:23-25 usage of steinmann's grenade
2:35-40 takeing out the securitybot and the turret. important aspect low health
3:15 double telekinesis shot on steinmann
3:23 deathwarp
3:45 walking through the door where the bot was placed
4:15 opening the gate to neptunes

Neptune's Bounty 5:09
0:30 destroying the turret is highly useful
0:48 skipping the radio message
1:26 skipping the radio message to open the door ealier
2:10 destroying the turret and open the gate with one shot
2:26 first sipder splicer picture taken
2:58 last sipder splicer picture taken
3:25 deathwarp to back the fishery
3:40-50 double radio message skip
4:14 skip the 1st of the messages
4:27 trigger and skip the 2nd of the radio message
4:37 killed peach with a barrle
4:52 increased the damage of the shotgun

Smuggler's Hideout 1:18
0:33 destroyed the lock
0:40 activated the control panel and walked backwards out

Arcadia 3:33
0:36-0:55 takeing the research pictures for sportboost tonic 1
1:33-3:15 item stacking
3:16 mega pressure-jump

Fort Frolic 8:04 (too many radio skip, which i dont want to notice)
0:18 triggering the submarine and a deathwarp out of the locked area
1:19 entered fort frolic
2:18 1st masterpiece shot
2:55 placed the shot
4:00 2nd masterpiece shot
4:28 skipping the splicer fight before the 3rd enemy with a deathwarp
5:01 3rd masterpiece shot
5:57 4th masterpiece shot
6:01 deathwarp back to the mainhall
6:15 placed 2n & 3rd shot
6:34-7:30 surviving Cohens ambush
7:34 placed the last shot

Hephaestus 6:42
0:30 picking up the chemical thrower
1:42 enter the core
1:55 switched to the security bullseye plasmid
2:22 enter the kyburz hideout and start the bomb quest with it
2:45 finish the big daddy and harvest the little sister
3:13 pick up the first R-34 wire cluster
3:18 increased the crossbow damage
3:25 pick up the nitroglycerin, deathwarp back to the core
3:52 pick up the 2nd R-34 wire cluster and deathwarp back to the core
4:06 pick up the 1st Ionic Gel
4:14 pick up the 2nd Ionic Gel
4:33 pick up the 3rd R-34 wire cluster
4:50 pick up the 4th R-34 wire cluster
5:00 constructed the EMP bomb
5:39 neat shortcut where you can walk through the core and place the bomb

Rapture Central Control 4:46
0:15 jump over the wedding machine
0:50 enter ryan's office
4:34 exit ryan's office

Olympus Heights 5:34
1:27 left the safehouse
1:48 left the sewers
2:08 bought a extra plasmid slot
2:22 bought ammo
3:11 picked up the diary in suchongs appartment
3:37 used the elevator to fontaines appartment
4:15 picked the lot 192
4:34 used the elevator down mecury suits

Apollo Square 2:31
1:14 picked up the 2nd lot 192
1:21 deathwarp to apollo square
2:02 used the elevator down to the bathysphere

Point Prometheus 1:03
0:14 you cant deathwarp out of the submarine :(
0:48 took out the 2 securitybots
0:51 jump towards the door and activate 1st the sequence with the look trigger, then you can move directly to the door

Proving Grounds 8:04
1:22-2:44 harvesting testsubject 1
3:02-3:56 harvesting testsubject 2
5:22-6:29 harvesting testsubject 3
6:51 Big Daddy fight
7:32 U-Inventing some Heatsearching rockets
7:58 picking up the adam harvesting tool

Fontaine 1:11
0:06 harvested Atlas the first time
0:29 harvested Atlas the secound time
0:50 harvested Atlas the third time
1:08 harvested Atlas the fourth time

total time: 1:04:20
total segments: 56 segments
most segments per level: medical pavillion

Thanks to everyone who watch this run and everyone who read my crappy comments.

If you have any questions about the run, feel free to contact me via email at kingcortez AT web DOT de , on in #sda or just send me a PM on the forums.

Oh, and to everyone who want to steal the run and put it up on youtube, forget about it. I put the run already on youtube.

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