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Blaster Master
Released in November 1988, Blaster Master is the US version of the Japanese run-and-gun Famicom game Super Planetary War Records: Metafight. The US version features a completely different (and somewhat nonsensical) plot while playing exactly the same. Combining both side-scrolling and bird's-eye-view gameplay, Blaster Master distinguished itself as a classic for the Nintendo.


Run (Death Abuse): 0:36:59 by Benjamin 'UraniumAnchor' Cutler
commentary available as audio track 2

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I've been playing this game for near on twenty years and it still manages to surprise me now and again. Discovery of some random new bug or trick that I'd never run across before. Also, it's my favorite game ever and I am pissed that it never got a sequel worth a shit.

Several weeks ago after watching the current (deathless) run on SDA, I decided that this game needed a death run. It also needed a run that didn't take so much time guarding its gun power like it was crack cocaine. Don't get me wrong, Megafrost's 44:09 run is very impressive and it's obviously well practiced, but I knew I could do better.

Cue two weeks of me struggling to beat any of his section times, followed by another of continuously dying to the level 5 boss. This would be harder than I initially thought. So I started keeping track of my times. I saw continuous improvement, eventually in some run somewhere beating every section of the old run by at least a second or two. My initial goal of sub-38 seemed like it was aiming too low, so I started thinking 37:2x or lower would be what I should shoot for.

This run is the result. This run broke several of my section records, including three(!) fastest boss kills, one of which is actually faster than the current TAS (which to be fair is old and somewhat unoptimized). I'm still not happy with a few sections, notably the second half of level 8, but my hands were not doing what I wanted them to do. I managed to get them under control for the final two boss fights, so that partially makes up for it.

I'm going to take a break from running this for at least a week or so, and just play the game normally a few times.

And then I'm going after the deathless run. I'm thinking 42:2x or lower.

Level Comments:

Play time: 36:59

Run: 0:41:23 by Benjamin 'UraniumAnchor' Cutler

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Yes, the audio is bad. I had the wrong cable plugged into the recorder so you get the stream copy of the audio. It's far better than the run currently on the site and I have yet to best it (and I haven't even had time to try lately). I don't plan on leaving it like this, but I said if I hadn't improved it by October I'd submit it anyway.

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