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Brave Fencer Musashi
Released in November 1998, Brave Fencer Musashi follows a hero, Musashi, who is summoned by Allucaneet's princess, Fillet. The quest involves Musashi collecting the five scrolls to stop the evil Thirstquencher Empire, ruled by Flatski. This game teaches a valuable lesson: never starve your employees while making a game, or else they'll rebel by naming most of the characters and places after food and drinks.


Run: 4:06:xx by Matt 'Deadstick' Johnson, done in 31 segments

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First off, before anything, I would like to thank every SDA staff member. Not only putting up this run and my MMPR run, but also mainly for the hard work you do behind the scenes that make SDA an excellent source for speedruns. Major thanks for people who submit runs to SDA, since you've gave all of us interesting and entertaining speedruns to watch, and give us hints on possibilities on improving gameplay on a game. Now, onto the comments.

Brave Fencer Musashi, a tale of a hero summoned to fight off the evil Square executives for starving their employees while creating this game. As a result, Musashi goes on a quest for the five scrolls, only finding out Square wanted to end the employee rebellion by making sure Dark Lumina is released from Lumina. However, at the end, Musashi defeats Dark Lumina and tells the Square executives how unethical it is to starve their employees. The Square executives learned their lesson, and even allowed the employees to name things in the game after food and drinks.

Instead of napping to decrease tiredness, I decide to buy mints that decrease Musashi's tiredness while in the middle of a segment. It saves having to wait till Musashi's tiredness is down to 20%. Also, getting the L-glove is better than L-quilt, since L-quilt is no longer needed once you go to Soda Fountain. Not that it matters, since you can decrease tiredness to 0% with mints instead of sleeping. At least with L-glove, you always increase your chances of getting a critical hit.

Now onto the segments:

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