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Call of Duty
Call of Duty is the game that stole Medal of Honor's crown as king of the World War 2 shooters. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision on October 29, 2003, it received the Game of the Year award in 2003. The game included several soon-to-be-copied innovations such as being able to aim down the sight of any gun and was the first WWII shooter to include British and Soviet campaigns.


Greenhorn run: 1:43:36 by James 'Kubelwagon' Gray, done in 31 segments

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First, I would like to thank Camo for pointing out the trigger skip on Brecourt and ExplodingCabbage for pointing out that bunny hopping actually does work (somewhat). I'd also like to thank Speed Demos Archive for being the internet's largest exporter of awesome. And of course, I'd like to thank you for watching my run. I hope it inspires others to run this game, or at least other games in the series.

Before I go into the level-by-level commentary, let me go through a few notes.

- Bunny hopping, as ridiculous as it may look, makes you go slightly faster.
- Wall-strafing also makes you slightly faster.
- You always want to swap for the MP40 because its the most accurate of the SMGs and there's ammo for it everywhere.

Q: Is this entire run just rushing through everything with an SMG?
A: Well, yes and no. Most of the time, that's the fastest method. But, there are a few moments where I'm allowed to slack off, and I take this time to show off some quirky things about this game to keep things interesting.

And now for the individual level notes. There's not a whole lot to say about most of them, but I'll explain what I can.

Here, you must endure the grueling Marine training which involves looking at signs and blowing up a brick wall. I must have played through this level thousands of times. There's not much to say about it, exept that the third target at the shooting range has a funky hitbox.

Another short mission. Again, not much to say.

I stay all the way to the left of the field to avoid the mortar fire. There's a wooden pole in the mortar field that you can position between yourself and the MG guy in the window to prevent him from targetting you. This level is extremely generous with health. Once you take out the last flak gun, all the enemies in the level immediately keel over.

You can snipe the first tank with a panzerfaust through the church window. Its a bit tricky to pull of since the panzerfaust is very inaccurate, even when aiming down the sight. Most of this level is just "Go to point A. Shoot a bunch of guys until the game decides to move on. Repeat." I'm allowed some slack at the last part where you have to take out the mortar teams, since you end up having to wait for your allies anyway. Also, Elder and Moody can magically phase into the car, but you have to use the door. Bullcrap.

The Americaniest level in the game. This level introduces a new style of hit-detection called "good enough." If you at least shoot at the enemies, you won't take much damage.

For the first half of the level, you have to wait for Moody to finish his speech and blow up the flak guns. So, if it looks like I'm going a little slow here, that's why. You can also skip the trigger that spawns the enemies at the second flak gun by jumping over it near the barbed wire fence. At the part where you enter the house, there's supposed to be a section where you have to fight off a wave of attackers using a window-mounted MG, but you can just run passed it and the game doesn't punish you.

You want to trade your thomson with an mp40 as soon as possible. Other than that, there's not much else to say.

I kill four guys in three shots at the beginning. Once you get to Ingram, you can shoot the guard he's strangling to speed up the rescue.

This is the first mission to implement the annoying "Kill the rest of the guys to end the level" gimmick. Going into the bunker is necessary because you have to clear it to get Price to progress. I had incredible luck on the latter half of this level. This was the first time Mills actually beat me to the flak gun, and despite the missed shots, this was the fastest I'd ever cleared the bridge.

This level is just a 10-minute shooting gallery. The tanks blow up automatically if you just hide until the timer runs down. I try to keep things interesting by watching the exploits of Pvt. Beal and Pvt. Watson. Will they survive to the end?

This is where the designers threw out everything that was innovative about Call of Duty and descended back to running around gray corridors Rambo'ing everything. All you have to do in this one is run all the way down to the bottom of the dam, bomb some flak guns, then run all the way back up.

Here, you're just riding around in a truck shooting at other trucks with panzerfausts. There's a funny thing I show off where if you shoot the driver of the car at the tunnel before he starts driving, he'll take off and immediately crash. Well, I think its funny, at least.

You, Price, and Waters burst into an enemy compound fighting off scores of enemies and fleets of dive bombers, all before escaping in a stolen plane. Realism. There's not much you can do to speed things up here.

Welcome to the worst level in the game! Seriously, I hate this level with a passion. It has a very confusing layout and infinitely spawning enemies. Anyway, after you get the captain's log, you're supposed to go back the way you came and fight through a horde of enemies. However, you can just hop over a railing using a flak gun and skip it.

You can avoid the shellshock sequence by taking a step back just before the crates explode. Bunny hopping to the truck and car isn't necessary since it doesn't make Borodin shoot any faster, but I do it anyway.

I like the Soviet missions because they have simple "Get to the end of the level alive" objectives. Other than that, not much to say.

Ditto. I've spent many hours trying to find a way over the broken catwalk, but there's a damn invisible wall.

Walking in the water slows you down. That's about it.

This level is a pain to speedrun. Clearing out the floors of the apartment complex is a real bitch since there are so many nooks and crannies and it has a bizarre layout. The rest of the mission is another "Run and hide while the timer runs down" deal. Finding a good place to hide was difficult because if you're anywhere near the sides of the building, the tanks will get you. Once again, the tanks blow up on their own once the timer runs down.

This is a difficult level to speedrun, even on Greenhorn. I like to call the first tank room "The room of death" because that's what happens 95% of the time you try to go through it. Other than that, its just another "Get to the end alive" mission.

This is a short but tough as nails mission. I'm not sure if you were intended to be able to jump over the broken wall or not, but its beneficial. Also, I show off what's inside the mysterious inaccessible room at the end.

No World War 2 shooter would be complete without a crappy tank mission, and as per usual, it controls like ass. You can skip the first fleet of tanks, but there's an invisible barrier preventing you from skipping the second. The third, you can skip. Sometimes the enemy tanks go down in one hit, and sometimes they go down in two. I'm not sure if there's a sweet spot, but it seems random to me.

The second tank mission. This one's fairly short. You can't destroy the last flak gun until you've rounded the wall.

You want to take out the MG guys as soon as they come into view. At the end, you have to destroy two tanks. This is another "Sometimes they go down in one, sometimes they go down in two." So there's a bit of luck manipulation with a quicksave. Once they're destroyed, Foley will begin his speech even if there are still people shooting at him.

This is where the game throws everything its got at you. Its just you and Sgt. Waters against an entire army. There's a skip right at the beginning that involves jumping up some rocks. Again, its necessary to take out the machine-gunners in the bunkers the second they come into view.

The final mission of the game. The first part is just going flak gun to flak gun planting bombs. For whatever reason, explosions don't hurt you in this level. I'm not sure what the deal is with that, but I'm not complaining. The final run through the Reichstag is a death trap. I just had to keep restarting until I got a lucky run. There's an interesting bit where you can drop down into one of the windows once you get to the roof, and yes, I did make an extra segment at the end just to show it off. :)

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