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Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
Released on November 30, 1999, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is the game that Castlevania 64 should have been. Legacy of Darkness is a sequel, a prequel, and a remake all at the same time. While Reinhardt and Carrie return, you have to play through the game first as two new characters: Cornell, a man-wolf looking to save his sister Ada in events 8 years prior to Reinhardt and Carrie's stories; and Henry, a young boy originally saved by Cornell who comes back later with a mean 6-shooter to clean up Reinhardt and Carrie's messes. This game features new levels, new music, new bosses, and old levels completely revamped to create a completely new experience.


Henry run (Single Segment): 0:17:37 by Nicholas 'Sir VG' Hoppe

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As two fight against the devil, a lone soldier trails behind to save the children.

Speedrun Rules:

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is the 2nd N64 Castlevania game, and is in a sense a "special edition", as the game not only includes Reinhardt and Carrie from Castlevania 64, but adds in a prequel (Cornell) and a sidestory (Henry). However, both games are not part of the timeline and were retconned by IGA.

When I was originally working on this run in 2006, SDA rules stated that an "out of the box" run had to be completed first. In this case, Cornell would have had to be done before a Henry run could be submitted. Now that the rule is removed, the barrier is lifted. Now the only thing standing in my way was a dark man named Persona, who's 4 year old video kept me from victory.

In order to beat this run, I had to have 1 BIG ounce of luck. During the first skeleton ape fight, one of the normal skeletons had to drop a powerup. Without this, I lose too much time between that fight and the next mini-boss fight that the time isn't achievable. Two powerups in the fight would have been fantastic (which Persona got), but the randomness factor meant I couldn't rely on that. Getting one was bad enough, but two is a one-in-a-million shot.

The object of Henry's playthrough is to find 6 children in 6 different levels. This unlocks 6 different things for LoD: Reinhardt as a playable character, Carrie as a playable character, Hard Difficulty, and Cornell, Reinhardt, and Carrie's alternate costumes. The children are all in the same spots, so it's just a matter of how well you can play (and the previously mentioned piece of luck).

To make matters interesting, the last 3 levels are accessible from the Villa coffin, but which one you get depends on the time of day (the game clock in the upper left). 12AM to 8AM gives you the Tunnel. 8AM to 4PM gives you the Underground Waterway. 4PM to 12AM gives you the Outer Wall. The child in the Tunnel is behind a moon door, meaning I have to rescue her between 6PM and 6AM. Despite all these time things, the whole thing can be done with 1 sun card and 1 moon card, both which I acquire at the Villa fountain. With good gameplay you can reach the Villa coffin before 4PM, making quick work of the Underground Waterway before heading back to the start, then returning to the Villa coffin to go for the Outer Wall. Then after doing the Outer Wall, you use a sun card, moving the time to 6AM and being able to reach the Tunnel.

There are actually more bosses in the game then what you see, but all of them can be skipped except the skeleton ape. The Tunnel is left for last because getting back to the start without having to face the spider queen is a large waste of time.

About 98% of the run went fantastic. The mini-boss fight in Stage 1 could have gone better if I could get Henry to reload faster (I goofed on the quick reload glitch). The only other thing is that while returning to the entrance of the Outer Wall, I nearly miss the ledge. Luckily, I caught it before falling to my doom.

The time it takes to beat the game: 27 hours 16 minutes (in-game time). This beats Persona's run by about 21 minutes (most of the timer can be easily determined. The time when saving the last child is the only time I can't see a digital clock). This time actually doesn't account for the usages of the sun and moon cards, so this creates fair comparisons, since no matter what time it is, the sun/moon cards always move time to 6AM/PM.

So what's in store next? Who knows. But I'm glad to have this 2.5 year old monkey off my back. :)

This run is Copyright (C) 2008 Nicholas "Sir VG" Hoppe and IMAMYTH Colosseum ( and and is allowed for downloading and private viewing. Permissions for hosting this run have been granted to Radix and Speed Demos Archive. Public viewing of this run is prohibited without prior permission from the creator. The selling or distribution of this run for profit in any way, shape, or form including (but not limited to) selling on eBay and television for profit is prohibited without prior permission from the author. Video hosting sites (i.e. YouTube, etc) may host this video in part or in full, as long as full permission is granted by the author. Any violation of the above listed may result in legal action. Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is Copyright (C) 1999 Konami.

Sir VG, signing out.


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