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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Released in October 2003, Lament of Innocence is Castlevania's PS2 debut, and the first 3D Castlevania since the N64 games. LOI deviates from Symphony of the Night's formula into a more arcade-style action game, and explains how the struggle between Dracula and the Belmont family first started. Leon Belmont, a renowned knight of an undefeated company, has his betrothed abducted by a powerful vampire who is the master of his own castle. Leon gives up his title to pursue the vampire.


Run (Single Segment): 0:51:13 by Nicholas 'Sir VG' Hoppe
commentary available as audio track 2

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I'll kill you AND THE NIGHT!

Speed Run Rules:
*Single Session
*Completed using Leon
*Completed on Normal Difficulty
*Uses Glitches
*Takes Damage to Save Time
*Saves to Save Time (no, really)
*No Deaths (except for the one at the end. Har har.)

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is the game created to explain the origins of the Castlevania legend. The game follows Leon Belmont as he renounces his title and his sword and heads to the castle of the vampire Walter, in order to save his beloved Sara. However, we all know the truth in the end. It was merely a setup by Mathias, who later steals Walter's power (after Leon does the dirty work of killing him) in order to gain the power of eternal life, and thus becomes Dracula.

I played this game several years ago, back when it first came out. Though in early 2010, I suddenly had a strange urge to pull this game back out. I had some fun and felt it was time to take down Dragondarch's nearly 5 year old record. The biggest reason I was able to do so, is due to a glitch in the game, which I'll call the "Item Duplication Glitch". This glitch works only in a few select locations (I always use the one near the save point in the castle entrance, because it's easy to find, and right on the way wherever I go. There is another known spot in the Pagoda of the Misty Moon, but by that point I don't need anything. The glitch works by standing in a certain spot, going to the items list (via the pause menu), then just scrolling up and down the various items. This works for all items, accessories, relics, weapons, etc. You can duplicate up to 9 items each on normal and 5 on crazy mode. Given that this is a fairly well known glitch, I'm left wondering whether Dragondarch knew about them, actively chose not to use it, or the most likely reason - SDA rules at the time of its submission forbid using serious glitches like this one.

The combination of this glitch and the items I can dupe with it allowed me to do two things: 1, use the save point at the castle entrance to save time walking back from the cabin after every boss was beaten, as well as backtracking (and fighting Doppelganger) in Dark Palace of Waterfalls. 2, it allowed me to duplicate the heart refresh drop item I pick up in the Ghostly Theater, saving me time from having to do massive heart collection. Hearts are important for me because I need them for Astral Knife (Yellow Orb + Knife). A combination of that plus a heart up bonus in DPoW is very VERY helpful.

The general route stays the same as Dragondarch's run. The first level has to be Ghostly Theater, in order to get the yellow orb needed for Astral Knife. Second is Dark Palace of Waterfalls in order to get the Heart Up. After that, the other 3 can really be done in any order.

Once I get to Pagoda of the Misty Moon's 2nd floor, I take advantage of the save point there to save a TON of backtracking. In order to get to Walter, you need the Dragon Crest. The Dragon Crest is blocked by a sealed door, which you need the IV chip in order to break it. In the room in front of that sealed door is a VI chip, which you have to take back to the Sun/Moon room (near the save point) in order to convert it. Or should I say flip it over. Seriously, why can't Leon simply just turn the damn thing over and go "Oh hey, there's a IV on the back side. Let me try this out." Leon is a stupid cluck. But by using the Memorial Tickets, that saves a ton of backtracking.

I completed a prior run of this in February 2010, which was accepted. But then Satoryu had to open his big anti-weeaboo mouth and provide new suggestions. Yeah, I love you too, Mr. Orbmisser. :P Improvements from the "accepted but canceled" run include: Using Magical Tickets from the boss room (or just outside, in the case of Joachim's room) instead of warping back to Rinaldo, using Vertical High on Walter and Death, not using a memorial ticket after the first lever in Dark Palace of Waterfalls (but that's only a second or two), and just generally more ass kicking all around, especially in the battle against Joachim, who falls in 2 rounds.

One last thing I must cover is that I use the Japanese voices. Despite having big name talent such as Wendee Lee (Succubus), Liam O'Brian (Joachim), and Crispin Freeman (Mathias, who you wouldn't have heard in this run anyways), I just like the sound and feel of the Japanese voice anyways. Don't know why, I just do. Call me a weeaboo if you will, won't change a thing.

Hope you all enjoy this run. But I'm sorry Dragondarch, but just like with Persona, ALL YOUR CASTLEVANIA RECORDS ARE BELONG TO ME. Well, this one anyways.

This run is Copyright (C) 2010 Nicholas "Sir VG" Hoppe and IMAMYTH Colosseum ( and and is allowed for downloading and private viewing. Permissions for hosting this run have been granted to Radix and Speed Demos Archive. Public viewing of this run is prohibited without prior permission from the creator. The selling or distribution of this run for profit in any way, shape, or form including (but not limited to) selling on eBay and television for profit is prohibited without prior permission from the author. Video hosting sites (i.e. YouTube, etc) may host this video in part or in full, as long as full permission is granted by the author. Any violation of the above listed may result in legal action. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is Copyright (C) 2003 Konami.

Sir VG, signing out.

"We came. We saw. We speed ran."


100% run (Single Segment): 1:50:19 by Damien 'Dragondarch' Moody

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100% for Leon is a pain. He has quite a few more items to grab than Joachim does, plus runs quite a bit slower. I was aiming for under 1:50, but considered this close enough. 100% for Leon means Map Completion (of course), all 7 Orbs, all powerups (HP, MP, Heart), 8 out of the 10 relics (all but the 2 rare drops), and all accessories found lying around in the castle.

I had originally thought that Relics would play a much greater role in this run, but not enough of them are all that useful, or drain MP too quickly to get much use of out them. I did find that the Svarog Statue works wonders on Succubus (with a full MP bar it does anyway), and the Black Bishop is nice against Death since sub-weapons are useless against him. Other than that the Wolf's Foot was the Relic of choice just to get me around quicker.

I should also note that this is a very money intense run. I need a total of 13 Memorial Tickets (at $800 a pop) and 2 Magical Tickets to take all the shortcuts. I also needed enough to buy the White Bishop Relic. The rest I spent on potions, until the end where I had just enough for the 2nd best armor. I actually needed $3200 before fighting Succubus. That's what that pause on the menu screen was for. The same is true when I just pause it in front of Rinaldo's house - I'm calculating how I'm going to spend what money I have.

Leon's route revolves around the 5 keys. I start in Ghostly Theatre as always for the Yellow Orb and Astral Knife. The Key here unlocks the door in the Dark Palace of Waterfalls. I head to the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab next for the Flame Whip. There's a door in the Dark Palace that is covered in ice and can only be opened if you have the Flame Whip. Then I hit the Dark Palace of Waterfalls. I grab the Ice Whip here, and also the key for the Garden Forgotten by Time. I love the fact that Joachim is has an Ice weakness. Next is the Garden Forgotten by Time. Standard runthrough here, grab the key for the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab, and set my warp point as well. There's a room here that can't be entered without the Wolf's Foot Relic, which I use the Key from here to get. I polish off the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab after that. I already did some of the map my first time here so it saves me a lot of backtracking to fill the map out. After Golem I warp back to the Garden Forgotten by Time so I can enter that one room. House of Sacred Remains is last. I use 4 Memorial Tickets here to save a lot of running. Undead Parasite is a pishover with all the crap I've picked up so far. I then quickly backtrack to Ghostly Theatre to open the locked door and get a rather useful Accessory. The Heart Brooch reduces Heart comsumption by 25%, so all those Astral Knives only cost me 7 instead of 10. Pagoda of the Misty Moon is obviously next. I more or less clear the entire map here before heading back down to fight the Forgotten One. Memorial Tickets ahoy!

Walter and Death were pushovers. The Black Bishop Relic heightened Leon's already high damage output.

Not much else I can say really. Enjoy.

Boss Rush run: 0:13:05.05 by Damien 'Dragondarch' Moody

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I don't show my equipment or anything else at the start of the fight, so I'll list it here:
Weapon: Whip of Flames
Armor: Solar Plate
Acces1: Bloody Cape (Gain hearts when you take damage)
Acces2: Heart Brooch (Decreases heart comsumption for Sub-Weapons)
Acces3: Megingjord (Increases damage as HP goes down)
SubWpn: Knife
Orb: Yellow
Relic: Invinvibility Jar

Swapping equipment (Whips and Accessories) is the key. The Brisingamen helps a lot for fights utilizing Relics, and the Assassin Necklace is nice for Walter/Death. Swapping Whips for different elemental weaknesses is essential.

There are some bosses which are quite counterproductive to having a good Boss Rush - any that can guard.

Flame, Ice, and Thunder Elemental can all do this, along with both Doppelgangers. Ice just seems to do it whenever she wants, but it's less annoying than the others. The other 4 pretty much guard if they aren't attacking...which wouldn't be a big deal if they wouldn't sometimes spend 20+ seconds doing nothing. The Thunder Elemental fight kinda sucked when he decided to not do anything...I tried to break it but didn't quite do what I wanted.

Succubus can also guard, but hers is different. When she yells "No Tricks" she puts up a shield for a couple seconds. Usually she does this as a counter to a sub-weapon. Sometimes you can catch her in the middle of an attack, but it's not likely since she can cancel her attack and put the shield up anytime.

Joachim can also be annoying. After you drop his shield he sometimes like to just move around the room without doing anything (I had one attempt where he did nothing but circle the room). It's rather hard to whip when he's constantly out of range.

Forgotten One. He's not hard just annoying. The first phase is simple. Just Astral Knife and whip. Never stay on the ground long enough for a maggot to hit you. Second phase just make sure not to get hit by the hand. Stay as far to the right as possible too - this allows you to semi-manipulate where his hand will go. After he slams it down fire off an Astral Knife and as many whips as you can. The third phase you need the Invincibility Jar. Just use more Astral Knife and whip as usual, but when he charges up his insta-death beam, activate the jar and keep attacking.

Walter - the only trick here is to use the Invincibility Jar when he uses his insta-kill attack.

For Death, keep your HP low and use the Invincibility Jar during the "Minions" and "Deadly Tempest" attacks.

Joachim run (Single Segment): 0:45:54 by Damien 'Dragondarch' Moody

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Joachim's game is faster than Leon's, but he actually takes longer to kill most bosses - mostly due to the lack of a sub-weapon.

I also noticed after I finished this run that it's slightly faster to constantly dash than it is to run...not by a lot but it may save a little time.

I chose to do Succubus first, like in Leon's, but this was because it was the shortest level, and she is one of the harder bosses.

Speaking of Succubus...there's only a couple times during the fight that specials are useful. She has a shield she likes to use (she yells "No Tricks") which guards against everything. She tends to use this when you use any sort of special against her. So I was stuck using the default attacks for the most part. When she clones herself and splits is a good time to use it though. You can safely hit any one of her, and even if you miss you're invunerable and can continue searching for the real one. The other good time is during her Vine Snake attack...again, partially because of the invunerability, and partially from the damage...but she can break the attack to shield herself.

No skipping Doppelganger in this one...and I suck against him. This was by far the worst fight of the run. I took way too many hits and was overall too defensive.

Joachim I nearly died on. He insisted on doing the hard-to-dodge attacks pretty much the whole fight.

I found the weaker of the 2 specials to be more effective here. If used point blank it sometimes will score a couple extra hits - granted I didn't utilize this like I should have. I spend too much time at a distance when I could have been using this right next to him.

There's a quick way to take out the 4 eyes for Undead Parasite. Get into one of the corners and fire the beam so you're partially diagonal to the closest eye. It will place you in the corner, in a position so that you can hit 2 eyes with the beam. I did it right the first time, screwed the 2nd time up badly, and did it right the 3rd time but didn't realize it and didn't take advantage of it.

Medusa - I hate the camera in this room. I used the beam and the camera changed angles to the point where I couldn't see where I was aiming...which pretty much meant a wasted special. Other than that this fight went rather well, though I could have been a bit more aggresive.

The only thing I saw for Golem was that I wasn't close enough when using the special - Note that using any special here will cause him to guard for a short the beam isn't effective at all. The Spinning Blades work well since they can do their damage before he guards. If I had been closer it probably would have done a little more damage.

Doppelganger 2 went almost perfectly, except when I couldn't find him after firing the beam.

Walter was a pushover. Always save enough MP to use the beam when he uses his insta-kill attack.

Death wasn't too bad, but I could have used a special right at the start during one of the "Minions" phases and I would have easily had another one by the time he started using "Deadly Tempest" which was what I was saving it for anyway.

Joachim 100% run (Single Segment): 1:22:15 by Damien 'Dragondarch' Moody

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100% for Joachim isn't actually that hard, since he has no keys to deal with, and dashing all the time helps speed things up as well. For a 100% run I feel that not only do you need 100% Search Ratio (Map Completion) but also 100% of Joachim's power-ups (HP, MP, Attack, Defense) along with the 6 Orbs he can obtain (all but White). Potions and Food (which are sometimes found in rooms with accessories/relics/keys for Leon) I don't consider as anything worth grabbing.

I started with Ghostly Theatre as usual. Joachim and Leon's route through here is almost identical - Leon just skips the locked room this time through, and also has to pick up the HP Max Up in the Cyclops room. I started here since it's the only area that has an Attack Increase that doesn't require a boss fight. Succubus actually isn't that hard even with only that one attack increase as well.

Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab is next due to it's short length and because the Flame Elemental is the easiest of the 3 Elementals. Leon's and Joachim's route through here is completely different. Leon actually makes 2 trips to cover it all, Joachim just has to enter/exit in a few places to cover everything. The Golem is pathetically easy with 2 Attack Increases.

The Garden Forgetten by Time is next. Leon and Joachim's route through here is almost identical, save for the extra trip Leon has to make back here after obtaining the Wolf's Foot Relic. Pretty standard runthough. Medusa dies quickly.

Dark Palace of Waterfalls is another area where Leon and Joachim have completely different routes. While Joachim takes the right at the first fork and uses the stairs to head downstairs, Leon uses the Elevator up near the Ice Elemental since her gets a Relic for collecting all the money on the way down. Joachim is still a bitch even with all the upgrades.

I saved the House of Sacred Remains for last since its the only one of the 5 areas that doesn't have an Attack increase. Both character's routes through here are similar, except Joachim has to walk everywhere, and Leon gets to use Memorial Tickets to warp around. Undead Parasite drops quickly with the massive Attack power I have.

The only thing about this run that bugs me is the huge backtrack I have to do just to get to Forgotten One. Despite the fact that Joachim can't pick up any other Event Items, he still needs the Unlock Jewel to get downstairs. So I end up having to walk from Pagoda of the Misty Moon 2F all the way back down through the Entrance and past the level transporters just to get to him, then another pleasant walk back upstairs all the way back to Walter.

Not much to be said about Walter/Death. They both drop quickly since I'm at full power. Walter even drops without ever getting to use his Insta-Kill attack.

Boss Rush, Joachim run: 0:14:41.63 by Damien 'Dragondarch' Moody

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Joachim takes longer than Leon, but is a bit easier as well. There's no equipment swapping or item usage, so its almost always an immediate teleport after the fight.

Against the Flame and Thunder Elementals, and both Doppelgangers, the Beam is extremely useful for breaking their guard stance. The Ice Elemental can still guard it, though.

My Undead Parasite Trick worked almost perfectly this time. The first Beam was perfect, the 2nd was a little too far to the left but somewhat managable, the 3rd was on target but still hard to have to listen for that second hit on the far eye.

Succubus isn't even worth using specials on...she'll usually use her shield if you do.

I should have saved more MP for the Joachim fight...I could have gotten a few more Spinning Blades specials off.

Against Fogetten One the weaker stance is better. Its easy to score multiple hits with it. The first phase you'll notice I was getting 3+ hits per swing. Use the Beam to clear the Maggots, and use the attack stance when there's only the one large target left. The 2nd phase goes quickly if you can keep him slamming the far right since you can press the attack easily while his hand is still in the air. Notice also that his hand has 2 hit locations. 3rd phase also seems to have 2 hit locations, but they're not as easy to multi hit as the hand. Save your beams for when he's using his insta-death beam.

Walter drops quick. Save a beam for when he uses his insta-death attack. This is one of the few bosses that Joachim can drop faster than Leon.

Death is also fairly quick. Just abuse the special when he does "Minions" or "Deadly Tempest" and keep piling on the sword attacks. This would have gone a bit faster if that one Minion would have left me alone however.

I just did a quick comparison...Joachim drops 4 of the bosses faster than Leon (Succubus, Joachim, Walter, and Death). It seems any boss I can't use major Sub-Weapon abuse on with Leon is faster for Joachim.

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