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Chrono Trigger
Released in August 1995, Chrono Trigger is considered by many to be one of the finest RPGs ever produced. After an accident with Lucca's teleporting machine, our protagonists find themselves traveling through time in an effort to stop a monstrously powerful entity named Lavos from bringing armageddon in the year 1999. Along the way they find a talking frog, a robot, a cavewoman, dinosaurs, dark magicians, and a long forgotten civilization. Yet everywhere they go Lavos is watching and waiting. Can it be stopped?


Run: 3:34:xx by Yu 'inichi' Morimoto, done in 33 segments

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I know I could never have accomplished this record by myself. So I would like to thank and give credit where credit is due.

I also thank all the people who visit and post comments on my Chrono Trigger topic.

Here are some more explanations for each segment.

I hope you enjoy the run!

100% run: 6:31:xx by David 'marshmallow' Gibbons, done in 40 segments

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This run branches off my normal speed run after the Ocean Palace Disaster. Instead of going directly to Lavos I complete all the optional side quests. I wasn't sure exactly what 'counted' so I just went ahead and did each one all the way (e.g. after killing the boss in the sunken desert do I have to talk to Fiona and go through Lucca's past, technically?).

I didn't put as much time into this as my normal run, so it's less clean in terms of mistakes and route. I could probably save about two minutes but most of that is from a section that most people wouldn't notice. The first segment is all Geno Dome leveling so you may want to skip that one.

I hope you like Omega Flare!

New Game+ run: 0:06:42 by John de Sousa

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The goal of this run was to look like TAS. I hope you agree that I got pretty close. Major thanks go to Yu 'inichi' Morimoto for making this run possible; without his work, I'd only be about 20 seconds faster than the previous record. I'd really rather not talk much more about the run than that, since I wrote stuff up and put it on the strategy wiki, but since I also know that 99% of you won't read it I'll touch on it here. New stuff includes:

-The candy skip. Usually when you head up to see Lucca, a mean old lady (who, I regret to inform you, is the game's true final boss) realizes you're speedrunning and traps you by enticing Marle to browse for candy at her stand, ruining an attempt. The trigger for this is not always present, so with very precise timing you can walk right by it. This trick requires extreme precision and ruined the majority of my attempts. I typically got past it once a disk, if that, and it rubbed salt in the wound by being much easier when I was practicing on an emulator. inichi said he gets it a fifth of the time, but I have no idea how. Suffice it to say this trick sucks. On a related note, one of the great things about run comments is that I get to complain about stuff.

-No, you're not supposed to be able to open the menu in cutscenes. If you pay attention you might even notice that, in addition to just being useful, closing the menu skips part of the cutscenes, making it faster to open them even if you don't do anything.

-Attack skips. I skip many enemy attacks that the previous run sits through, which saves me a large amount time. Using battle speed 2 instead of 1 is the largest such improvement, and it either makes possible or greatly helps in skipping some attacks. If you're really interested, watch the previous run and compare. Also, in the Lavos Core battle, it may seem like I make a mistake by having Marle ineffectually attack the right bit. This actually causes it to lower its defense earlier, which saves a bit of time waiting for it to do so and, more importantly, lets me kill the center bit fast enough that it only gets one attack before dying.

Also, I went and found a secret hidden ending, just for you. Enjoy.

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