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Contra III: The Alien Wars
Released in April 1992, Contra III features the same shoot and destroy action as the previous two Contra games. Contra III offers harder gameplay than Contra and Super C, and is a favorite among fans. Red Falcon is still trying to take over the world and the solution is to shoot everything that moves.


commentary available as audio track 2

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The Manliest Story Ever Told

Kommentarer på svenska längst ned!

If you wish to comment on the run, please do so in the verification thread, the YouTube video ( or PM me in the forum.

First of all I want to thank the following:

  • All the people of SDA: staff, regulars and lurkers. Thank you for making this run possible!
  • Mike Uyama, for his 14:59 run and all his hard work on SDA. Keep it serious :)
  • Nate, for all the tech stuff. You're awesome.
  • Freddy 'Frezy_man' Andersson, for being a national hero and a true inspiration.
  • Cyghfer, for being one of the few to notice my 14:53 and telling people it existed even though it was in the middle of AGDQ.
  • Mr. K, for being a great motivation with all his encouragement and vast knowledge of this game. It's been awesome having
    someone to talk to who has probably played this game more than I have :) Tool-assisted commentary FTW!
  • Peter Bengtsson, one of my oldest friends. I was always impressed with how fast he could beat Super Mario Bros when we were kids.
    Also the first time I played Super Probotector was at his house.
  • All who supported me or just showed some kind of interest in the running of this game. Most notably my wonderful Lisa,
    whose encouragement has been greatly appreciated. Her talent at Contra III is not to be taken lightly. I hope she doesn't decide
    to improve this run ;)

This Swederun of Contra III is my first speedrun. For some unknown reason, I still don't hate this game. The last one and a half week (505 attempts) prior to completing this run was the only time when I kept track of how many attempts I made. So when I'm mentioning statistics of any kind, I'm only considering those last 505 attempts.

On January 7th 2010, I got a deathless 14:53. Posting this on the forums was the first time I let SDA know what I was doing. I was starting getting really motivated about finishing this run around January 25th, when I all of a sudden felt like my skill at this game had improved greatly for no apparent reason. With this newly found inspiration, and a couple of weeks with a rather empty University schedule, I sat down and started grinding out attempts.

A total of six attempts during this period were sub-15 minutes: 14:58, 14:51, 14:59, 14:56, 14:53 and finally 14:42. All in all, I'm very happy about how this run turned out. My theoretical goal was getting a sub-14:40, but my realistic goal was getting a 14:42 or a 14:43.

Fun fact: I used the same controller all the way, from starting out on Super Probotector eleven months ago to finishing this run.

Some history for this run

  • 17:00 - Mike Uyama, October 2005
  • 16:07 - Josh Styger, December 2007
  • 14:59 - Mike Uyama, March 2009
  • 14:42 - Jonas Martinsson, February 2011

Q1: How many attempts did it take to finish this run?
A1: Hard to say as I only kept track of the number of attempts during the last stretch. A wild guess would be somewhere around 2000-3000. An average attempt is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 minutes.

Q2: How long did it take?
A2: I started playing Super Probotector in March 2010. By that time I was kind of bad at it, and was not
able to beat the game on the hard difficulty. This run was recorded on February 4th 2011.
Around April 2010, I got an NTSC SNES and a Contra III cartridge. Acquiring these at a reasonable price was not easy,
as I live in Sweden. Ebay did the trick though. Somewhere around here I also got a Dazzle for recording.
During the course of the eleven months it took, there were about six months when I didn't play at all.
This was due to working in Norway during the summer, my PC breaking down (depriving me of recording capabilities)
and having other things to do.

Q3: What did you use to record this run?
A3: An HP laptop, a Dazzle DVC100 and Pinnacle Studio 12. NTSC SNES with composite cables, PAL controller.
Encoded using Anri-chan,

Q4: How do you hold the controller?
A4: I have my index finger on Y and B, while mashing away at X with my middle finger.

Q5: Why this choice of weapons?
A5: C does, by far, the most damage of all weapons in this game. As long as you stay within range of the enemies,
it's undisputedly the best choice.

Q6: Why do you switch between the weapons all the time?
A6: There is a maximum number of shots (from yourself, not enemies) that can be on the screen at any given time.
This number varies between weapons (it also applies to the peashooter, but only on very long range).
By switching weapons you can fire one gun while the other "reloads", effectively doubling the output for some
weapons, C being one of them.

Q7: Why did you use S and C, instead of L and C, on the tank miniboss in stage 1?
A7: S actually does more damage than L if all bullets hit. As I hit the tank point-blank, S is the better choice.

Q8: How come you don't die when standing on the stage 5 boss?
A8: Everytime you spawn or the screen fades in, there is a couple of seconds of invulnerability. I take advantage of this
fact to deal as much damage as possible on point-blank range.

Q9: What happened on the first miniboss in stage 6?
A9: That is a glitch that has happened to me maybe twice before. I have no idea what triggers it.

Q10: How come you don't get hit by the rocks at the last boss?
A10: When you lie down, your hitbox gets really small. I take advantage of this fact on the first wall in stage 1 too.

General improvements:
  • Lag reduction: Some parts of this game lags horribly if you fire too much when there is a lot going on on the screen.
    Therefore one has to moderate ones firing of missiles on certain occasions.
  • Firing technique: When shooting at something that isn't at close range, it's better to switch weapons only after the three
    crush missiles from the first gun are fired. This makes a constant stream of crush. When mashing, the missiles come out irregularly.
    This makes no difference point-blank. When firing at e.g. the boss in stage 4 though, utilizing this makes it easier to maximize damage
    output. Hard to explain, it's easier to see in the video :)
  • Minimizing the luck factor. It bothered me that quite a few parts of running this game were considered to be dependent on good luck.
    That's why I started to investigate these parts some more. This resulted in new strategies for a lot of things. Some of these are the
    second tower and boss in stage 2, wall miniboss in stage 3, explosion after the boss in stage 4 and random spawns in stage 6 (making the
    use of a bomb in the first part of the stage unnecessary).
  • During the course of the eleven months spent on this game, I came up with some new major strategies as well as some minor.
    I didn't succeed 100% with all of them, but they saved time nonetheless.
    The major ones are:
    • 4 in stage 2 (first, second and last tower; boss)
    • 1 in stage 3 (wall miniboss)
    • 1 in stage 4 (boss)
    • 3 in stage 5 (improved ledge skip, third tower approach and boss)
    • 3 in stage 6 (running through the lair, gargoyle, brain)

Stage-by-stage breakdown

All time saved/lost is compared to Mike Uyama's 14:59 run.

Stage 1 (Total time saved: 0.4 s)
  • Tower: Saved ~0.1 s
    Lag reduction could have been better, and I had to adjust my position to not get hit by a bullet.
  • Second wall: +-0 s
    It looks like I waste time dodging that bullet, but the wall doesn't take damage the first frames after scrolling stops anyway.
  • Tank miniboss: Saved ~0.3 s
    Choice of weapons is described in the FAQ. Fight could have been around 6 frames faster.
  • Traversing the burning ground: +-0 s
    Climbing under the fireballs is mostly for entertainment purposes, and hardly saves any time at all.

This stage is very dear to my heart. 90% of the attempts ended here. Of these, 28% ended around the tower and 40% on the first boss. Needless to say, I love the first boss. He went down 25% of the time I got there. The reason I don't start shooting the instant the boss walks up to me is that it doesn't take damage the first frames.

Fun fact: In this run and the 14:51 run, I have exactly the same amount of points after stage 1 (82381).

Stage 2 (Total time saved: 3 s)

  • Stage: Saved 1.5 s
    This is mostly from lag reduction, especially on the first and last towers. The trick is to make them take damage while being
    off screen as much as possible. Having one of those worm enemies on screen while firing makes for a good amount of lag as well.
    Killing the last tower has never looked as graceful for me as in this run.
  • Boss: Saved 1.5 s
    Mostly due to placement, but also timing. It's already established that point-blanking is the way to go, but firing slightly
    before the boss touches the ground makes him die even faster as the missiles have already started exploding.
    Also, the boss fight is rated R.

This stage was the biggest source of resets post stage 1. About half of those resets were due to sloppy execution, and half were because of the friendly neighborhood random spawns. The red soldier after the first tower is a real near death experience.

While I didn't have to deal with it in this run, I came up with a strategy that made the "bad" turret pattern seem not so bad. The patterns differ in that the second tower can open either once you're in its line of sight, or only after you've shown your back to it. The latter is considered to be the bad pattern. However, it's possible to fire the missiles (just as I do in this run) and then double tap L or R to immediately turn around while walking away. This makes the turret open and get destroyed as you're walking away with the missiles exploding behind you. When executed perfectly, the "bad" pattern will be just as fast as the good one. The good one is easier though :) Another difference between these patterns is that the third tower will fire when you're in its line of sight instead of when you've walked past it. The roles are sort of reversed between tower two and three.

I only shoot three missiles, i.e. one gun, at the first and second towers to avoid excessive lag. Third and last towers I can shoot with both guns as they takes damage off-screen. Fourth tower I can shoot with both guns since there are none of those crawling enemies on screen. I walk diagonally, since it's faster than walking the normal way. This also applies to stage 5.

Stage 3 (Total time saved: 2 s)

  • Bat country (or flies or whatever they are): Lost a few frames at most since those who grabbed me were killed pretty fast. Spinning miniboss: Lost 1.5 s
    More or less fail. My position is wrong and the mashing is bad. Should have been closer from the start when I jump down.
  • Wall miniboss: Saved 2 s
    This guy depends less on chance than one might think. By moving up when I do, it's possible to make him go after you every time.
    Taking advantage of this, I was able to kill him in one less cycle than Mike does.
  • Miniboss spawning soldiers and grenades: Lost 0.5 s
    This is one of my worst attempts at this miniboss. My timing was totally off. I could have been standing farther to the right
    after killing it to get to the door a bit faster.
  • Robot twins: Saved 2 s
    I miss with a couple of volleys of missiles and let the small blue robot live a bit too long. This fight was okay in total.

The pose after killing the boss is one of the highlights in this run. It's amazing how many badass moments this game has.

Fun fact: Posing is one of the most important parts of making a good Contra III run.

Stage 4 (Total time saved: 5 s)

  • Tank: Saved ~0.2 s
    The difference from Mike's run is that I get closer.
  • Tightrope guy: Lost ~0.8 s
    I get the position wrong and miss a lot of missiles when he moves to the right.
  • Long legged robot: Lost ~0.3 s
    The first volley doesn't hit very good, so I have to do one extra.
  • Jetpack guy: Saved ~0.1 s
    I use the firing technique mentioned above to make him go down fast.
  • Boss: Saved 3.5 s
    This is probably my favorite part of this run. I have never done the boss this fast. I am a couple of frames away from dying
    a couple of times during this fight, but that's how it has to be if you want to beat this guy fast :)
    Mike used a bomb here, which I don't. This saves a lot of lag.

In this stage I stopped looking at the time, something I had never done before. This was probably a good thing. Took away some of the pressure. This boss fight is where I start getting nervous in every run. Up to here is not so bad.

Also, a huge thing on this boss is the fact that I figured out how to not die after the explosion. As long as you keep to the far left and over the highest missile, you're safe. This has only been empirically proven, but this is the part of the run which I have practiced the most. Finding this was awesome, simply because having an attempt end just because of pure randomness is really frustrating.

Stage 5 (Total time saved: 1.5 s)

  • Improved ledge shortcut: Saved 1.5 s
    Mike used a ledge shortcut that was to walk up-left after the first tower.
  • Spinning sand: Saved 1 s
    Sadly, I don't pull this off as good as I usually do. The trick is to double tap L right as you hit the sand. This enables
    you to move a bit forward and fire directly at the center of the "tower" without having to adjust the aim.
  • Awesome random spawns which I like (BFF <3): Lost 3.5 s
    These spawns can be a nightmare. I take it real nice and easy to avoid dying here.
  • Boss: Saved 2.5 s
    This is a strategy I came up with a while ago. Point-blanking at first and then adjusting to be in the right position to fire
    the last couple of volleys when the sand starts spinning.

I only fire one gun at the first and fourth towers, to prevent unnecessary lag.

Stage 6 (Total time saved: 4 s)

  • Alien spawning miniboss: +-0 s
    It's interesting that I got this glitch in the submitted run. I've seen this glitch maybe twice before.
    In all the confusion I grab an S, which I replace as soon as possible. This boss itself goes down just as fast with S+C.
  • Running through the lair: Saved ~1.3 s This is another one of my favorite parts. There's a lot going on behind the scenes here. The constant firing in different
    directions is in no way random. I do this to prevent spawning aliens from showing up too close and killing me.
    If you've seen Mike Uyama's Contra III runs at CGDQ and AGDQ, you can see what kind of deaths I'm talking about.
    I do this first part of the stage without a bomb, which Mike used one of.
  • Heart miniboss: Lost ~0.3 s
    After disposing of those red spiky things following me, my position for this miniboss is not ideal.
    I need to kill the spikies, because that last one could have decided to charge me as i set off the bomb. If that happens,
    they can charge right through the bomb blast.
  • Crawler dude looks like a lady: +-0 s
    Standing a couple of pixels too far to the right when firing has ended a couple of runs here. What kills you in those cases
    are the projectiles he sends to the far left of the screen, which have a low angle.
  • Gargoyle: Saved 1.8 s
    I messed up the first phase, usually I get him to start teleporting by the first time he's all the way to the left.
    I use a bomb here to get the positioning and timing right on the second phase. It's possible without a bomb, but it's very hard.
  • Worm armed brain armor: Lost ~0.7 s
    My goal is to kill this one one seven jumps, this time I did nine. This is where I start to get really nervous.
  • Brain: Saved ~2.6 s
    The plan was to get the red brain three times and finally the grey rocks, which is the fastest way I have come up with.
    Failing to get the brain twice was not that bad, as I got the grey rocks. Most of the other orbs would have been run ending.
    On the final rocks, my mashing was really bad and occasionally stopped. This was due to me having massive cramp from tensing up
    something awful. There are two patterns for the grey rocks. Usually there's a delay between the brain landing to the right and
    the rocks spawning, but in my second round of rocks I get the other. That's when the rocks spawn immediately after the brain lands.
    Good thing I was on my toes and prepared for this.
  • Final form: +-0 s
    This fight plays out the same almost every time. With some bad luck, he will start reaching for you, forcing you to jump from
    side to side.

Total time saved: 17 s

This run is not at all perfect. A perfect time would by my estimate, with the strategies I use, be somewhere around 14:32. However, this game is very random. Most notably in stages 1, 2, 5 and 6 with all their spawns from all directions. It's amazing how little can destroy a good run.

And now for some statistics! (26 January 2011 - 4 February 2010)

  • Number of attempts: 505
  • Number of times I got past stage 1: 60 (12%)
  • Number of completed runs: 11 (2.2%)
  • Number of deathless runs: 2 (0.4%) (14:51 and 14:42)

Fun fact: I spent more time writing these comments than actually running the game.

That's all folks! I hope you enjoy watching this run as much as I did making it.
TL;DR: This run is made out of meat.
/Jonas 'Huhrblaeht' Martinsson


Author's comments in Swedish:

Självklart lite kommentarer på svenska också!

Den här sidan bör ni kolla in, om den fortfarande ligger uppe. Det verkar vara en direktöversättning från Wikipedia, gone horribly wrong. Några av höjdpunkterna finns nedan.

"Huvudrollsinnehavarearna fakturerar Rizer, och Lancebönan utplaceras ytterligare en gång för att kontra en främmande invasion."

"I den original- norden - amerikanlocalization av Contra III, Byttes namn på räkningen och lancen ”Jimbo”, och ”befläcka” respektive."

"Det finns tre jämnar av svårighet i den lätta leken -, det normala, och hårt."

"…danande leken en utmaning till många erfor förtrogen med skyttar för modiga spelare."

Man ska inte sticka under stol med att den här leken var rätt hård.

Följande personer förtjänar en massa tack och bock:

  • David Martinsson:
    Som när jag berättade att jag lyckats sa "lägg ner snesdosan några veckor". Det ska jag, nu får det vara nog för ett bra tag :D
    Och tack för hjälpen med ljudkommentarerna, jag tror faktiskt vi redde ut allt som är värt att veta om det här spelet.
  • Rikard Nilsson:
    Fascinerad: "Du är ju till och med nördigare än jag!"
  • Jonas Arvén Norling och Oskar Wirén:
    Killarna som ibland nästan dagligen var tvungna att höra om förbättringar och försök hit och dit :)
  • Petter Svärd:
    Du skulle lätt kunna spöa det här bara du bestämde dig för det!
Hard run (Major Skips): 0:05:24 by Kyle Halversen

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Special thanks to:
Mike Uyama for our friendly Contra III rivalry, for capturing this run from VHS and for the comment that inspired this run:

"I wonder if a run could skip all of the side-scrolling stages like this in real time. I have no idea how you would check your score though. :-/ " Well, QED

Cpadolf & DarkCloud for their Tool Assisted glitch runs. I stole their stage one strategy and got a rough idea of how the run would go by watching their videos.

The whole team at SDA for not accepting mediocrity. Nate for all of his work encoding runs.
And a special thanks to my girlfriend, Rhianna, who is yet to be convinced that the pinnacle of manliness has been manifested in 16 bits, but puts up with my obsession anyway.
To Konami, for making a game that seems so unnecessary to compliment, and for letting such wonderful things happen when you earn a life after losing all of yours in their Contra games.

This run uses a weird glitch that allows you to skip levels.

How does it work?
Apparently, the way the game handles completing a level is the same way that it handles a game over screen. When you lose all your lives the screen fades out and when you complete a level, the screen fades out. When the screen fades out, the game checks to see if you have any lives remaining. If you don't, it's game over. If you do, it registers that the level is complete. If you manage to lose your last life, the screen will start to fade out. If you can manage to earn an extra life during this time, you disturb this delicate balance. The game decides that since the screen is fading out and since you have an extra life, you must have completed the level.

How do you pull off something like this?
The trick is that screen does not start to fade out until your character gets hit, falls back and fades away. It's something of a long animation. The only way to do it would be to detonate a bomb just before you get hit and time it in such a way that it destroys an enemy that's required to earn an extra life after you die and disappear

Is that all there is to it?
No. You have to set this up so that the bomb you set off just before death is able to destroy an enemy that will get you the points that you need. This means that you will need to know what the point values are for all of the enemies on a stage and know almost exactly what your score is. The other challenge is the timing of the trick. If you detonate a bomb and kill off an enemy before your character gets hit and disappears, the screen will not fade out and you will simply gain an extra life. If you do it too late, you risk not setting off the bomb at all or not doing enough damage to your target to defeat it and get the points.

How do you do this trick without being able to see your score in real time?
This is where the run and route planning gets interesting. In some sections of the games, the enemies are fixed. In some sections they are not. You do get to see your score at the beginning and end of each stage. The trick is to get a rough idea of where your score is going to be and then execute the glitch in an area where the enemies are a bit more predictable. I had to do this without pausing because Mike said that it would count against my time.

Why do you use the laser in the top view stages?
Using this glitch involves dying and dying means losing your weapons. Unless you can manipulate drops like the TAS does, you're only going to be using one weapon. The laser is the best single weapon to have in top view stages.

Stage One
I've got a bit of a delay here at the first sniper, but everything else goes off without a hitch. The only trick is to pick up the laser before using the glitch.

Stage Two
I pick the bottom left corner because I can cut my losses if I get the bad turret pattern. It doesn't make too much of a difference here. Running around and the bunkers could be a bit faster. The boss could be a bit faster, but it's not much of an issue.

Stage Three
Where I do the trick here depends on what my score is. I end up doing it on the third sniper. It goes well. With some serious score manipulation you could do it a bit sooner and save time, but you have to make some concessions here. Things like this are extremely hard to control.

Stage Four
I choose to continue here because I don't have any bombs. The TAS has a bomb because it ends stage thee right at the spot where you pick one up. Again, I can't do that. I'm in a bit of a spot here because killing three bikers gives an extra life so this is why I have to settle for taking out the jet pack soldiers. Performing the glitch in hard mode on the bikers is nigh impossible. They can't be destroyed with a bomb. Even with the delays, it's much faster than finishing the entire level.

Stage Five
I was not lucky enough to get C in stage four. I was able to get L (It was a bit risky and it did cost some time) and from there I do the corner trick and hurry through the stage. The boss fight was not that great, but it wasn't bad.

Stage Six
This stage turned out to be amazing. My score was in an almost perfect spot. I kill a few of the running aliens, bide my time until I get a good group ready and then perform the glitch. Sweet victory. The glitch makes you skip out on the ending cutscene and goes straight to the final screen with Bill and Lance in uniform.

commentary available as audio track 2

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As we enjoy our runs, I would like to continue with saying thank you to all SDA staff, for everything they do on a daily basis. Mike, Nate, Enhasa, Dex and everyone else. And to everybody in the forum for the dedication to making, help make and watching all of the runs hosted by SDA.

Still Playing Contra III. This never gets old, does it? After doing the no item runs, I did this just to see what I could pull off. My ultimate goal was to try and make what a run from Mike might look like on easy. You be the judge. If it looks like I pretty much just copied him, yeah, that's about right, why mess with perfection? I would expect anything less to be rejected anyway, given he did it on hard. So let's get to it.

Stage 1 - This went perfect. Not much to comment on.

Stage 2 - This was also great. I even get started on the spot I want. I bomb the spider to ensure the fastest kill before he can even move.

Stage 3 - Great run through with excellent luck on the mid-boss. The only way you can get a first cycle kill is if it does the double hit. I got it on the second, good stuff. The twin robots go down especially hard. I have one wayward Crush Missle on the Big Robot, but he dies.

Stage 4 - Nothing much to say here either. All went as planned. The Boss Carrier could have been just a bit faster if I had fired some Crush from the first missle when the barrier went down.

Stage 5 - This level went very smoothly, except for the orange centipede. This forced me to walk backwards, good thing no bugs showed up. I bomb the boss to kill the first worm, that ensures every missile hits the eye. I then send Bill excavating among the alien ruins.

Stage 6 - Oops, thought I could go under the Spread. No worries, there is another Crush immediately after. Silly Bill. The run through the aliens was some fantastic luck, especially at the end. I took no chances with the last one running up the left. I kill the heart before the screen even finishes scrolling. The Crawler shouldn't have even shown up. The Gargoyle was okay, I miss a couple missles in phase two which prompts one extra teleport. The Queen could have been killed one jump sooner, the head chasing me down threw me off. I miss the red orb on the Brain, stupid Crush. But it is still killed in one cycle, so no problem there.

And that's it. Victory for the Human race yet again.

Double Crush for the Win!

Easy Low% run (Death Abuse): 0:15:24 by Jeremy 'DK28' Doll
commentary available as audio track 2

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So here we go again. Contra III, no items, putting Bill through the grave repeatedly for extra bombage. Still loving it. Funnily enough, usually after I finish a run, I never want to see the game in the near future again. But with Contra III, I have not tired of it and still enjoy a good run through.

The previous run I did was accepted, but had a couple of areas with room for a decent amount of improvement. At the time of acceptance, I was needing a break, but now I'm back on it. I've polished up the big areas and some minor ones. I think the end result is quite nice. Enjoy!

Stage 1 - This level went great. The tank mid-boss was as fast as possible. The back pipe just barely gives my gun a kiss. The flames 'o carnage area was fantastic and the only slight hiccup was Turtle Power doing the second set of ground humping. Fornicator......

Stage 2 - Pod busting went really well, had a small holdup almost backing into the two soldiers towards the last pod. Spoiler Alert! Huge improvement. Stomped the spider this go around, double time.

Stage 3 - No complaints here. Let me explain the first rotating beam. It has happened exactly three times in all of my attempts, but if you aim down-right and fire as you walk, you will sometimes not get picked up. But not this time, of course. First new strategy, dying to bomb the first phase of the spike mid-boss. It comes out to the same time without bombing him, because of lag, but it takes the hard work out of the equation of perfectly shooting him down on one pass with the pea shooter. And I had great luck on the final phase. Cruising until the end. Boss time, the Red Twin jumps left first, it's better if he jumps right to give me more shooting time, but they go down well enough. Now it's new strategy number two, my favorite, first round knock out on the Big Guy. Yes, my arm was hurting after that,

Stage 4 - My arm gets a rest after that last boss fight, thank you auto-scrolling. I was actually happy with this level. The acrobats cooperated really well, the jetpack mid-boss could have pulled up on the first grab though. The boss went better than last time, except for it clipping a couple of my key rockets, but I still like it.

Stage 5 - Very pleased with the level portion. Rock skip just for you Mr. Uyama! The boss got delayed a fraction of a second, because the third worm came out instead of the flame shot. No big loss though.

Stage 6 - The final obstacle. I take no chances and let off a bomb as I pass through. Good thing too, that jumping alien on the right is exaclty the same one that gets me. He jumps over your straight shot, but is too low for a diagonal shot. Not this time bastard. And I reworked my route to not need to save that bomb anyway. Heart, no problem. Crawler, like the level 3 mid-boss, the bomb isn't necessary, but this takes the guess work out of counting shots so he doesn't go underground from too much damage. Gargoyle, new strategy number three, a whole lot faster, enough said. Queen, AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! Just shoot me in the face Bill. Totally accidental jump, notice it happens as the head is pulling away? My finger was resting on the button just in case, I flinched, let's just move on. Brain, exactly as planned.

And that's it. This is, by far and away, better than the last run. Really just the one second lost on the Queen jump, other than that, Contra III with no items done right!

Long live Bill Rizer!

Easy Low% run: 0:15:30 by Jeremy 'DK28' Doll
commentary available as audio track 2

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First off, thank you to SDA Staff. The work you all do is awesome and the effort put into the recent marathons has been exemplary. You are an inspiration to us all. The least we can do is contribute runs to keep you busy. So let's get to it.

This is my much overdue improvement to Contra III, no items and no deaths. I knew I'd eventually get back on it, so you better enjoy it. With this out of the way, I can get on to running some new games.

Unrivaled pea shooting carnage revisited -

Stage 1 - Fairly identical to the old run. Nothing much to say.

Stage 2 - The bulk of the improvement is this stage alone, level and Boss. Everything. While you can stay in the Spider's face, he will randomly change the direction he's spinning and run you down. This method is quick and consistent.

Stage 3 - This level starts off comparable to the old run, but starts improving as the Wall Boss is killed a bit faster. The Aircraft is as well. The Robot fights have a new strat which sometimes gives a better pattern. The Twins die a little quicker even though I didn't get the optimal pattern I wanted. Big Daddy Robot is killed noticeably quicker, but I don't think a one round kill is possible without bombs.

Stage 4 - Standard stuff as most of the level is auto-scrolling. The mid bosses are done decent. The Flying Ninja didn't cooperate though costing a couple seconds since he doesn't pull himself up to the rocket. The next biggest improvement over the old run is the Boss Air Carrier. More aggressive play and better rocket luck equal Win. And yes, I almost died towards the end.

Stage 5 - More of the same here. Some bad bug luck, but I had that in to old run too if memory serves. The Boss Mound is a touch quicker by getting in close. And yes, I almost died towards the end.

Stage 6 - Some repeat performance here, but I get bad spider spawning on the Heart. I make up for this with a great Crawler fight. The Gargoyle battle was perfect. Queen fight is the same, right down to the error jump. And the Brain poses no threat.

And the mission is complete. A substantial improvement that I am quite proud of. I can finally put Contra III on the retired shelf. If I ever play this game again, you better believe it's casual.

May SDA and Aliens continue to cross paths.

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