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Deus Ex: Invisible War
Deus Ex: Invisible War was released in December 2003 and faced the unenviable task of trying to live up to its critically acclaimed genre-bending predecessor. A number of gameplay changes were introduced such as the removal of the old skill system, the unification of different ammunition types and the abandonment of the lockpick. The game failed to impress many fans of the PC original, who regarded these and other changes as a way of "dumbing down" the Deus Ex experience to make it palatable for console players. Invisible War achieved decidedly lukewarm sales as a result.


Realistic run: 0:26:49 by Peter 'Tagio' Snyder, done in 59 segments

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Well, this is the first run I've officially finished. This is a neat game with a LOT of problems. I'm not sure if they were pressured into early release or if they had stupid testers, or what, but there are about a million glitches you can exploit. Most of them didn't even make it into the run because they just didn't come in handy, but the two that are in there are pretty crazy, I'll mention them in the specific levels where I use them. This game basically just has a lot of little holes, which makes the run a lot of fun to do. I really want to thank sewerat for finding about a million awesome timesavers and routes, and thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the thread while I was working on this.

Overall run notes:

The game has it's own timer, which is the one used for the run, and it doesn't count load times, time spent in inventory, or time spent in cutscenes. I still skip the cutscenes in the spirit of speed, and try to minimize inventory time, but just know that if I don't snap my mouse to an item instantaneously it's not costing me any time. As far as the actual levels, the single most annoying thing in this game is the inability to skip infolink dialogue. Basically, other characters can talk to you at various intervals to further the plot or give you new objectives for the level, etc. The problem is that while they are talking, you cannot travel from one area to the next, (with a few exceptions) and you cannot activate certain items. So, a significant amount of time is spent just standing at the exit of the level waiting for everyone to shut up. In many segments I found ways to pass the time, so if you see me doing something that looks like a waste of time, it's because someone is talking and I can't move on anyway. Also, the game autosaves every time you move to a new level, and I used these saves for the run, so that's why you never see me saving, and you only see the load screens. Ok, on to the specific level notes.

Level Specifics:

  1. New Game - I included this because you have to set these options for every new game, or else it starts with the default settings.

  2. Tarsus Apts - Boring section to run.

  3. Tarsus Rec - The first two sections were always run together, because if you load a save from this level, the door to the locker room will be shut and you won't be able to finish the level. So if I messed either section up I had to quit and restart the game. Annoying.

  4. Tarsus Apts - Shooting this guy prevents a cutscene. The vent route gets me the second multitool I need and an emp nade that I use later. I now have 2 multitools, which is all I will need for the run.

  5. Tarsus Labs - Ok, I install runspeed mod here, so after I open the door the run starts getting interesting. Those lasers I jump through kill you if you touch them, so that jump took about 70 tries. It's annoying, because when I don't have fraps running I nail it 100% of the time. Fortunately that was the only hard part in this section though.

  6. Upper Seattle - I kill these guys to skip a cutscene and get the third emp I will need.

  7. Inclinator - Talking to this woman gets you the password for the computer so you don't need to hack, thanks to sewerat for finding this. Shoot the dude to skip a cutscene (again). I pause before I jump down because you take damage from the gas, and you can't hit the button until it's all clear anyway. You'll see me get a "powered down" message a few times before it goes.

  8. Lower Seattle - Just run through

  9. Order Church - Found this jump, it lets you skip talking to "her holiness".

  10. Lower Seattle - Run back

  11. Inclinator - Some tricky parts, but mostly just a straightforward section.

  12. Upper Seattle - Use the first emp nade here.

  13. WTO Airport - Organize the inventory so I have everything I need on 1-6, so I'm not opening this up every time I want to use an energy cell. I kill the guards for the concussion grenade.

  14. WTO Hangar - Sewerat discovered that you can use emp nades on the missile batteries instead of concussion nades, which allowed me to skip picking up a second grenade here. This is my favorite section, because I complete objectives faster than she can give them to me. HAHA.

  15. Mako Exterior - Sewerat found a nice entrance up top there, which puts you in a much better position once you're inside, and then I used the flying trick to get up there without taking damage from the guard bot.

  16. Mako Interior - Pretty straightforward, just go from one objective to the next. The two notepads give me codes to the door and elevator, which saves time over using multitools.

  17. Mako Labs - Sewerat uses a different route here, because it is very easy to get killed the way I do it, but the payoff is that this level can not be done faster, because people are talking non-stop, I exit the level right as all the dialogue ends. This took 127 tries.

  18. Mako Int - Again my route differs from sewerats here, he has an extra nade at this point, so he goes out another way that requires blowing up a door. My route isn't any faster, but I just didn't have the nade.

  19. Mako Ext - I found a way to jump up here, saves time over using a ladder.

  20. South Medina - Goofin off.

  21. North Medina - Get the objectives, get out.

  22. Mosque - Run through.

  23. Arcology 107-8 - Run through.

  24. Arcology Air - I throw the tnt up to kill a woman up there with a sniper rifle. I think sewerat already has invisibility installed so he uses that. I collect less biocells than him so I needed to conserve energy at this point. It doens't take any longer though, people are talking non-stop once I enter the hangar until I exit the level so it can't be done any faster.

  25. Arcology 107-8 Run through.

  26. ApostleCorp Facility - I get a mod canister from Billy and now I install the cloaking mod. I use the cloak to run past everyone.

  27. ApostleCorp Labs - I discovered you can just jump right down and then back up with the superjump trick, so this section is really short. That gun shoots through walls, so that first shot isn't a mistake.

  28. ApostleCorp Facility - Use cloak and run through.

  29. Arcology 107-8 - Found the floor vent, lets you skip the stairs.

  30. South Medina - Use the wallclimbing trick to skip the ladder. Saves less than a second, but looks neat.

  31. Trier Streets - Run through.

  32. Nine Worlds - By hugging close to that last door I can skip the conversation with Ava. Cloak mod upgraded to use less power.

  33. Trier Streets - Run through, goof off.

  34. Trier SSC - These guys upstairs have a dialogue they do, and they don't start until you go in that room, but then you can goof off for a little bit until it's time for your cutscene.

  35. Trier Streets - Run through.

  36. Black Gate Ruins - Theres a model stuck in the floor because the game doesn't expect you to be there yet, you have to jump just right to skip a cutscene with the security woman there. LOL. Turn on cloak to skip the guards, and chuck the box into position for when I run back through here. I also grab a biocell.

  37. Black Gate Labs - This route bypasses guards and turrets, and is the best way I could find. Jumping past the dude in the hall on my way out skips a cutscene that would make the infolink start over and cost me time.

  38. Black Gate Ruins - I use the flying trick with that box from before to avoid taking damage on the way down.

  39. Trier Streets - Run through

  40. Nine Worlds - Talk to Ava

  41. Trier Streets - I found that by jumping up here you can skip taking the ladder. Saves a second or so.

  42. Templar Compound - This route is shortest. I shoot at the kid because he talks to you otherwise. I shoot the turret through the wall. (thanks sewerat) Run through.

  43. Templar Church - Found this window, best way to get in. You have to kill that guy or the game won't progress, I don't know why. Sewerat found the datapad at the back so I don't have to hack. Really solid section.

  44. 43 Run back. Jump past Klara to skip a cutscene.

  45. Trier Streets - Goof off until everyone shuts up.

  46. Black Gate Ruins - Run through with cloak

  47. Black Gate Labs - What a friggin' annoying section. almost 130 tries, and I still took damage.

  48. Shackleton Ice Shelf - Run through, this is where I use those 2 multitools from the beginning.

  49. JC's Sanctuary - Run Through, you don't actually have to fight Billy here so I just keep going.

  50. Shackleton Ice - Run back up, using cloak.

  51. Versalife Ext - Run through

  52. Versalife Int - Use the cloak to skip all the gob fights, Listen to what the guys are screaming as I leave, it's really funny. (Augh!! Neurotixin!!)

  53. Versalife Ext - Hit the beacon and leave, pretty straighforward.

  54. South Medina - Boring

  55. North Medina - I kill Leo to skip a cutscene with him. LOL, crappy ragdoll phyiscs.

  56. Arcology - Run through.

  57. Arcology Air - Run through.

  58. Liberty Island - Run through, waste the rest of my ammo while people are talking.

  59. UNATCO Ruins - Run through with cloak. Run back out. Wait 1 billion hours for Saman to shut up.

  60. Liberty Island - Run to JC, talk, hit the button without being in the chamber.

  61. Ending - This is a really lame ending, and I wish that I could have done one of the others, although they aren't much better, but this is the fastest way. Feel free to skip it as there is nothing interesting left in the video.
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