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Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry is an action game by Capcom released in October 2001. Dante, the half-devil half-human star of the game, is tested by a woman named Trish who tells you about Mundus, the emperor of the underworld. Dante's father Sparda sealed Mundus 2,000 years ago, but now he has revived and is launching an invasion of the human world starting at the gateway to the devil world, Mallet Island.


Normal, Dante run: 0:58:27 by Wesley 'Molotov' Corron, done in 3 segments

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First of all, thanks to Radix for correcting the desync in segments 2 and 3.

Anyway, this is, hopefully, my last Devil May Cry run. I kept trying to achieve a sub-hour time single-segment, but eventually decided to go with 3 segments to preserve my sanity.

All of the segments are fairly decent, even segment 2...which is obviously worse than the rest. I can't bash them too much though, as I did make it under an hour, so I must have done something right.

Sub-58/57 is possible I think, and with near perfection, a time of 55.xx also. Good luck to anyone willing to try though, you'll need it.

Enjoy the run.

Dante Must Die!, Dante 100% run: 1:35:34 by Michael 'sternn' McEnroe, done in 15 segments
commentary available as audio track 2

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This is my second from-scratch 100% run of Devil May Cry in Dante Must Die! mode, purchasing every skill and Purple/Blue orb, getting every Blue Orb fragment, completing every Secret Mission, and getting S-Ranks or Special Bonuses on every mission.

This one is a major improvement from my earlier run, knocking off 19:31 from the previous run using 15 segments instead of 23. More stingering, DTed running, improved strategies, and the introduction of item usage made for a faster time.

This run was made possible by a collaboration of some of the finest minds the DMC community Joch, Ryan86, Patient Vlakorados, Devil May Asian, Rob, and justaNewbie. The story began when DMA did some experimenting in late 2004 to determine if it was possible to S-Rank Mission 1 in DMD! mode with a fresh Dante. He was able to meet the time and orb limits, taking one hit. It then escalated to a challenge to the other DMC players (mainly Joch, DMA, Ryan86, and myself) to achieve a Special Bonus in Mission 1. I wanted to record this, and so I did. Once completing Mission 1, the way was open for getting SBs on the other missions. After a month or so, several players completed their SB runs of DMD! mode.

There is an audio commentary for this run available in the .mkv files, which aren't listed here due to a technical issue server-side. I couldn't include them in the .mp4 files due to Quicktime being unable to play the audio streams separately. Most of the techniques and strategies used in this run are explained in the commentary, as well as some observations and fireside monologues.

The HQ and IQ versions of this run have been specially filtered with MEncoder to create progressive 59.94fps video from its interlaced NTSC source. A powerful CPU will be required to play these back.

The Matroska files are available for download here.

There are a number of techniques used in this run few outside of the GameFAQs forums have seen.

1) Slash-cancelling
This technique was discovered by Patient Vlakorados, specifically for fighting Nelo Angelo, but has applications outside of this fight. Whenever Dante slashes with his sword, there is some lag time between that slash, and when he puts the sword back, allowing him to move again. This animation can be sped up by wiggling the stick back and forth quickly after slashing. Dante can cancel on his 1st, 2nd, and 4th slash.

Against Nelo Angelo, this allows you to get up to 18 consecutive hits on him before he blocks (or teleports, if attacked from behind). 2-slash SCs work well DTed or not against Nelo's front or back. 4-slash SCs only work against Nelo's front while DTed, but are the easiest to maintain. If Nelo counterattacks, he must be allowed to finish his attack before you start up again, otherwise he'll block after a couple slashes. This is only necessary in the first fight, as Ifrit is much more effective in later fights.

SC'ing also works wonders against the first wave of Maris in the Mission 1 basement fight and the Frosts in Mission 7, keeping them both stunned and unable to start an Icy Inferno.

2) Phantom Critical Hit
Props again to Patient Vlakorados for this one. Phantom has a point where if a downslash connects, it will do massive damage to him, and cause him to stagger. We call this a CH on Phantom. If timed correctly, this will allow you to keep Phantom stuck in a loop where he is unable to get away from you. You can kill Phantom in under 20 seconds if each one connects. This will allow the player to complete Mission 3 with the Secret Mission in under 3 minutes (the time limit for M3).

3) Griffon Meteor2 Double-Hit
If timed and placed correctly, and charged Meteor2 can hit Griffon TWICE, dealing double damage. This is possible because Griffon has 2 hit areas (head and legs). I have not yet heard of a double-hit against Griffon 1, but it is certainly possible against Griffons 2 and 3. The double-hit against Griffon 2 is nigh-impossible to get reliably, as the window for the hit is VERY small. Getting a double-hit at the start of Griffon 3 almost ends the first part right there.

4) Mundus Dragon Double-Hit
With a full 10 runes, it is possible to make the DT Dragon hit Munus TWICE, doing insane damage. This can be done at two points. One: When Dante is point-black with Mundus, unleash the Dragon when he is about to summon the gunspheres (wait until his right hand is staightened out), or from below on the second run (won't work in the first run).

Enjoy :)

Dante Must Die!, Legendary Dark Knight run (Single Segment): 1:17:43 by Michael 'sternn' McEnroe
commentary available as audio track 2

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This is a from-scratch any% run of Devil May Cry in Dante Must Die! mode, going for all S-Ranks ("King of Hell").

This run was a nice change of pace from my previous runs, doing the whole game in one shot, but not focusing on getting everything. Getting S-Ranks is pretty easy, since all you really have to do is not die. The better your ranks early on, the easier the game gets (relatively).

I had to use LDK (a costume change for Dante with DT available on Mission 1) for reasons of sanity. There were too many elements to Mission 1 to warrant doing it over and over and over and over again to get a Special Bonus, only to blow it on Mission 2 or so. LDK makes Mission 1 soooo much easier. Using LDK takes about 1 minute off the regular SB clear time I get for Mission 1. Once you get Alastor, everything is the same as regular Dante.

I don't even want to think about how many tries it took to get this right. Even then, I still blew a few things here and there:

In spite of this, I'm particularly happy with the way Mission 17 turned out.

Again, I have done an audio commentary for this run. It was surprisingly easy to keep talking for an hour and a half. Unfortunately, I could only do it for the HQ version, as the encoder that was available to me at the time couldn't handle lower bitrates properly. The commentary is in an .mkv file available here. I couldn't put it in the .mp4 file, since the Quicktime player cannot differentiate audio streams, unlike every other media player out there.

There is no IQ version this time around, as having an .mp4 larger than 2GB breaks the A/V stream.

Again, the HQ version has been specially filtered to recreate the original 59.94fps. You'll need some hefty hardware to play it back at full speed.

I intend to combine what I learned in this run with my earlier one in hopes of making a single-segment 100% run of DMD! mode. We shall see...

Normal, Super Dante run (Single Segment): 0:49:35 by Wesley 'Molotov' Corron

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This run didn't actually take all that long to make, which is a good thing, since I've already played this game to death earlier.

Anyway, the run went really well near the beginning, and heads slowly downhill from there. I'm not saying that the run is terrible at the end, I'm just saying that I slack off a bit (and make at least one weird mistake).

There were two things in this run that scared me, the tentacles in mission 22 and the fire dragon attack from Mundus 2. The tentacles scared me for a bit because I looked at my energy and I couldn't get out. Luckily, I smashed them away before things got too ugly.

The dragon on the other hand, was a BIG scare (a short panic in my head I think). I don't really remember ever seeing that attack, and I didn't expect that at all. I had a Vital Star there to save my butt though, so all was well. Thank goodness I was in the good shape I was in when it hit me, or the run would've ended there (of course).

I got my revenge on that cursed level 24 elevator, which, for those who don't remember/know, caused me trouble in my previous run.

Yes, a time of under 49 minutes is possible, but I'm not doing it.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the run.

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