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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Released in June 2001, 11 months after the original game, the Lord of Destruction expansion lifted Diablo II into an elite pantheon of online games played by the masses. Blizzard introduced a new act, two character classes, hundreds of new items, item classes, new enemies, new enemy and boss characteristics, and more. In the new act, Baal - The Lord of Destruction - is leading the entire extended army of Hell against the legendary Mount Arreat in the land of the barbarians, sworn protectors of the World Stone. If Baal is able to corrupt the stone then the barriers holding the planes of existence will shatter and Hell itself will wash over the mortal realm like a tidal wave of shadows.


Assassin run: 0:58:52 by Sören 'FraGFroG' Heinrich, done in 33 segments

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First of all: Thanks to the SDA-staff for having this great site on. It is really a pleasure to see some of the speedruns on this site. They reveal so many new strategies of games one has already played, so it's always interesting to watch 'em. Also thanks to the previous D2-speedrunners for providing the basis on which to build upon. Bimancs run was of great help in terms of calculating and calibrating certain things in my strategy, and it also provided some great motivation to always keep on trying to get better and better times, and optimize more and more (without those previous runs as examples, one would probably stop trying to optimize much earlier in the run - and therefore get a worse time). Also reaching sub-hour was a great motivation for me during the run... ;)
Special thanks to mfb, who helped me out at the start of my run and gave me some advice here and there.
Now let me start to my commentary explaining the segments.

1st segment: In this segment I had to reach the stony-wp and get some very good experience on the way... I do not really like this first segment much anymore, because when I look back I thought I could have done it better. I lost some four seconds due to inaccurate clicking on monsters and such in the Blood Moor, but at least the multiple fallen kills were nice and made back some of that time... In the Cold Plains I went up first for a very good reason. Normally (around 80 % of the time, as you will see in later segments) there is at least one boss-pack up there, so it is a nice and fast level 3. But unfortunately the boss did not spawn on this attempt, so I lost another ten to twelve seconds there just killing a relatively small low-xp-group. Anyway, the three bosses (which is a quite rare occasion) and that big group in the Cold Plains after that saved my day and made it an "ok segment" by almost giving me level 5 here. Without them this segment would have just been thrown away without further notice.

2nd segment: I did not plan on doing rakanishu-runs as bimanc did because I think my "extreme-leveling-on-the-way-method" is much more effective than just massing segments on one to two bosses early in the game, because I can at least proceed through areas while leveling, and the early areas (Cold Plains/Stony) don't give me as much xp as the later ones can do. So as a rule of thumb for later segments I can tell you, that I almost always optimized my segments in terms of experience per segment without loosing too much time on it of course, until I reach level 20 (at least, a very fast level 12 to use traps and level 17 to allow me to equip stealth is VERY important for me right from the beginning). As for this segment, you can see again in the Cold Plains/Underground Passage (like in the 1st segment), that I do not shy away from small detours that are not directly enroute if there is an almost certain bossgroup waiting for me (you can scout those likely boss-spots before starting your "real runs"). Bosspacks always give such AWESOME experience that it would be absurd not to kill them, when they are only a little bit out of the way. You gain even more experience per boss/minion than killing a normal monster in an eight-player-game alone, 500 % instead of 450 % xp with eight-players to be precise, so when you've killed a six monster bossgroup, it is equivalent to having killed 30 normal monster of the same type in just that time and with your experience shrine it's even more extreme (equivalent to having killed 45 normal monsters without a shrine!) Not much else to say about this segment, only that again, I think I could have manipulated one more bosspack in the Black Marsh, but sadly I realised these improvements much too late, so all I can do is complaining now... ^_^
At least I found a belt early in this segment, which makes the following segments much easier to handle, and the experience over time and total time was not bad, just not as ultimate as I later wanted them to be. ;)

3rd segment: This segment is really just about getting the outer cloister wp and hit level 8 before doing my countess runs. I really like this one, except for some minor flaws like killing that fire-enchanted boss with my claws and not killing that big rogues-group following me before getting the wp, because it gives me the maximum possible bosses on that way I think. The two bosses each on stony and tamo were especially nice, because they were very rarely all together in place.

4th segment: This is just about selling stuff and getting some mana for the upcoming countess runs. I don't really need them before, because the boss leveling tactic give me enough mana-potion drops on the way. And before level 12 I always stay at the boss, until he is dead so I can pick up these potions with ease.

5th segment: I need three items to proceed to countess now. A 10-ias-dagger for much faster throwing speed, a javelin, to kill the fire-resistant countess and finally, I decided to get the two-socket-armor for stealth here, so I do not have to worry about that one later. Could have saved two to three seconds there at buying, cause I was a bit slow at the time, but those three things came up SO rarely all together, that I decided to keep that segment anyway.

Segments 6-8: These are my three Countess runs. Why did I do three instead of two you may ask? That is easy I would reply: The Tower is quite simply the best boss-xp-area of the whole game in my opinion as I created some kind of "run-algorithm" for the tower to get a gigantic amount of boss or champion packs per run. Up to seven bosses per run - including the countess - are possible (as you can see in the second run for example). That is why I optimized those three runs for experience and runes together, not just those two necessary double-drop-runs combined with shitty experience, assuming you don't want to sacrifice several months doing just countess-runs a few thousand times to optimize both together (which I absolutely did NOT want to do).
However, I had not realized that run-algorithm in the first run, so I only managed five bosses there with the tir eth drop.
The second run was total pwnage on the xp-side, as I said before...
The third run was kinda special. Why did I kept it despite having "just" six groups (although two of them were champs, which are not as good as bossgroups...) and getting cursed by the penultimate boss-group?
Easy answer: I reached level 12 (that was my minimum goal) and got the biggest kickass-drop EVER. Ral, Tal and Ith, which are the three best runes she can drop at all, all bunched together in just one drop (chances for that occuring are something like 1:5000 I guess...).
Either way Tal and Ith sell for some nice gold and take just two spots of the inventory and I definitely need gold for all the mana-potions soon (I won't pick up many from level 12 on cause of pure running past bosspacks before they die), so I decided to keep that run rather then optimize for some more xp.

9th segment: Alright, big segment here. Jail Level 1 wp was kinda too far off track, so I decided to run from the Outer directly to Inner Cloister. Leveling with traps becomes really fast now, because you just have to stop at every bossgroup and drop two to five traps (takes just one to two seconds of standing still) before you can just go on running, letting the traps do the dirty work for you while you are already on the way to the next bossgroup. :)
This ability to easily kill boss packs with traps was another factor in my calculation, and why I wanted to reach level 12 as fast as possible and made three countess-runs. Firetraps are just the ULTIMATE speedrunning skill in this game (beside teleport of course). From now on I basically only waste approximately one minutes pure laying-time till reaching level 20. The rest is just plain running to the necessary locations, nothing else.
I am quite happy with this segment, because I think I reached the maximum possible boss-packs without any major faults on my side. Took me a lot of tries though, but the result was definitely worth it as you can see!

10th segment: Getting level 2 cata-wp and level 14 before it for my Andi-runs were my aims here. Not much else to say, as the boss-spots were nice and static here, not much manipulation needed.

11th segment: Getting Gorefoot or Hsarus boots from Andi (both with +20 % frw) was my aim here, I got the latter. I was really lucky with my maproll, cause that nice cata-2/3-stairs made it possible for me to reach Andi within 25 seconds each attempt. Also she was quite easy and fast to kill due to the fact that my traps were already at level 3, which also made all those runs quite fast and comfortable of course. ;)
However, the pick up of Andi's drop was the worst scene of this whole run in my opinion, because it costs me like twelve extra-seconds to create all that space in my inventory (cause of my health-pots blocking all the space). I should have drunk those while fighting with Andi, not after the drop. Sadly I realized this too late, when the right drop came. I should have remade this one, but I did not have the ambition back then, as I had later in the run (concerning the sub-hour-goal and such). So looking back at my act 1 segments, I think I could have saved at least 30 seconds here and there. But it is too late to care now and I think the segments get better and better from now on, so i'll stop complaining now. ^_^

segment 12 and 13: I decided to split the shopping-segments into two, because I still needed to get a two-socket short staff from Akara in act 1 (fastest speed of all staffs) and a belt (with fhr) + potions from Charsi and Lysander in act two and those two items together in one segments combined with a nice buying/selling speed were just too hard to get in one segment. I also needed to finally use all my stat-points on the character, which I had not done for a long time... ^_^
Could have saved me another two seconds if I had put all those points in stats in earlier segments with that shift-click while running, but that is not a big deal and it would have been another source of error in earlier segments and I really didn't needed them in act 1.

14th segment: This segment is about getting the far oasis WP and the cube. I tried to use the Tal Eth-frw-glitch that bimanc described in the comments to his run (thanks again for that hint) but I didn't know that a level-up would stop the glitch here. But my leveling went so extraordinary well (the other attempts were not even close to this one) that I will not complain about it here either, even if I had the glitch only for one to two desert-areas (for comparison: I almost never had the level up before the far oasis in other attempts... so xp-gain was just total win!)

15th segment: I decided to get the amulet before the shaft, so that I have a higher level in the maggots lair, so I can reach the staff faster. Five bosses was the feasible maximum, which I managed to get here. Some missclicks here and there costs me approx. two seconds, but it is not a big deal. Optimization in D2-speedrunning should basically go for maximum shrine/monster-luck and such (at least in the leveling-segments) not some minor clicking errors which happen sometimes, but only cost a few seconds altogether, maybe... compared with the much higher xp-gain you get for it, those few extra-seconds don't really count for very much later...

16th segment: Now it is time for the staff (in the much hated maggots lair, a trappers hell for speedrunning). This was the first segment, in which I allowed for two types of shrine. Skill-shrine or xp-shrine. With the first one, I would try to optimize for speed only, meaning at least sub-two-minutes. With the latter one I would optimize for xp too, while not going too far over two minutes of course. In the end the xp-segments turned out to have won this battle, so I kept this particular attempt, which, though not as godlike as the first desert-segment, it is still acceptable for a speedrun.

17th segment: Just completing the staff-quest and refilling with potions was the goal here. Not much to say. I definetly am most proud of this segment though, because i get soooo many potions. ;)

18th segment: The coming segments are getting more and more speed-optimized rather then xp-optimized. This segment is all about getting to the arcance sanctuary while killing the maximum possible number of bosses on the way which I achieved. It was the first segment where I decided to go without any shrine, because getting it would just cost me too much extra-time and the segment is only 1:07 long and I already have level 17 now, which means I reached my two earlier stated goals (traps + stealth). I also have enough xp-viable-areas before me to reach level 20 without much hassle. So the only "extra-way" I took here was in the last area, because of that boss-position which is very near to the direct way.

19th segment: In the arcane sanctuary, I went without any shrine again, because of speed. This area is just about getting to the summoner in the fastest possible time killing that one regular ghost-boss on the way. Two stops at monsters in the arcane sanctuary were feasible and those two were killed quite fast by me on that attempt. I would have tried to get some more seconds here (they were within reach) if the summoner did not drop that nice orb, which sells for some nice money later.

20th segment: Duriel was fought with a skill-shrine of course, which speeds the running-part and the fight itself up very nicely. I had some time to sort out the chaos that was my inventory during the opening sequence of his prison which was great for picking up his kickass-drop on that attempt. :)

21st segment: This one is about selling stuff, buying potions and getting the first organ, all in one. I joined them all together, because the first part is easy and getting the first organ (with an xp- or skill-shrine on the way) is the only thing I had to manipulate. Some comments on the jungle. Here I had some really good luck. I did not try to manipulate my map for the jungle part and still got one of the best maps possible as far as I know! It was very short (the great marsh was totally out of my way) and the only bad thing was, that the only wp on the way was the flayer-jungle-wp, but that is not a big deal if you choose your segments carefully. With a crap jungle-map unlike this one the sub-hour-goal would have been much, much harder, if not impossible for me to reach!

22nd segment: This part is about getting the flayer-jungle-wp and the second organ. I decided to go for a skill-shrine here, because that extra-runspeed really helps with the still annoyingly long way I had to travel, and I did not had to gain much more xp here, so there was no need for an xp-shrine. So basically this is almost purely speed-optimized with some traps on the way, but I still got the gidbinn here because I wanted to manip some really nice ring for it which will help me a whole lot in later segments!

23rd segment: This one is about getting some choking gas potions off the first one to two monster-groups, the upper-kurast-wp and the last organ whilst getting level 20 and some order in my inventory on the way (putting new potions in my empty belt and all the organs in the cube), all combined with a skill-shrine at the jungle-shrine for that extra-runspeed, so it's more optimized than you might think. ;)
Well what do I want with those choking gas potions you might ask? Easy answer: It is the fastest possible way to support my merc in killing those two fire-immune-monsters (Grand Vizier of Chaos and Colenzo) that you have to kill on your way to Baal. I thought much about what I can use to get the maximum damage-output for my character to help my merc with killing them and they were the answer. They are just so easy to get 36 damage per second potions which doesn't have any chance-to-hit-requirements and gives you the best possible damage-output on level 20 besides your traps.

24th segment: This is just about getting my award for the gidbinn and a level 19 coldmerc for max-dmg. I got a REALLY nice ring from him (so gidbinn was definitely worth getting!) which gives me +10 energy, +15 mana (this one allowed me to get normal mana-potions in act 4 and 5 and use them to maximum effect and probably saved me from having to shop for potions a second time), halves freeze duration (saves some seconds if you're freezed somewhere), +1 mana after each kill (just nice to have with traps, saves some more mana), 3% lifeleech and + 14 ar (useless for me, but listed anyway for the sake of completeness).

25th segment: The Council and Mephisto were killed together here, because the wp was off track. I had two requirements for this segment. Max speed (only reached with skill-shrine at Mephisto) and a drop worth loads of money from him so I can gamble a +1 trap-amulet in act 4. First I planned on manipulating tarnhelmet from him but the time variance on killing the Council/Mephisto was just too much, so I dropped that plan and decided to get that +1 amulet from Jamella instead which only needed a good money-output combined with good speed here and had almost the same result as a tarnhelmet.

Segment 26 and 27: Just selling stuff, buying potions and gambling that +1 amulet here. I lost a second just looking at that awesome amulet for too long, but that's ok for this great result (+1 trap-amulets are quite rare).

28th segment: Just pure running to river of flame wp here, optimized for max speed which means getting a skill-shrine on the way and not a single complete monster-block, which was quite hard to achieve. I decided to leave Izual out although he was on the way, because taking him down would just take too long to be of any use for me.

29th segment: This one is my favorite, although there was a minor flaw in it. First, I wanted to damage Diablo with a fire-shrine, to reach the best time possible. But later I realized that this was just too many bottle-necks to handle. Here is the situation:
The first and biggest bottle-neck was right at the start: The CS-approach up until I am at the pentagramm. I wanted to have no more than one to two minor blocks from monsters, maximum (those without fire-resistance, who can be killed fast) and this condition already failed ~80 % of my attempts. So this already reduces the number of actual CS-fights by a large amount.
The second bottle-neck then is that there is just one single shrine within reach of the diablo-fight. This one shrine is a health-pool ~70 % of the times. So chances for reaching CS in a reasonable time and an actual shrine were already very low (roughly 0,2*0,3 = 0,06 = 6 %). If you know how RARE a fire-shrine is, you can get a pretty good picture of how many attempts are needed to get one with those two prior conditions then (chances for a fire-shrine are like ~2% or something). So chances for all of this happening together are something like 0,06*0,02 = 0,0012 = ~0,12 % then. And then you don't even have the CS-fights counted in, which can be dramatically different on different attempts depending on the number and placement of all monsters at the area. That is the third bottle-neck which again reduces the number of successful attempts by at least 50 %. And then there is always the chance to die in there somewhere (maybe 30 % chance). So all this adds up to ridiculously low percentages. I did like 500 tries without a single fire-shrine until I finally gave up on that aim and picked up my fastest segment so far, which was a very nice one. Not a single monster-block on the approach, very fast CS-boss-killing and a good Diablo-kill with nice money-output. The funny thing here was (and my failure in this segment), that this was like the ONLY attempt where my merc survived after the first resurection, so I didn't even had to go to town the second time to try to revive him. I didn't realized it until I was at Tyrael, because it was SO unusual that you wouldn't even look up there to see if he is still alive... (he was also off screen at that crucial moment in the game). It was just a pure automated thing for me, to go to town a second time and try to revive him then...

30th segment: Just selling/shopping potions again for the last time here. I had more than enough money to do it in act 5 (despite the double-prices), so I did it there to speed things up compared to act 4 shopping. I also got two stamina potions for the running part here.

31st segment: Just pure running segment till the frozen tundra with a skill-shrine of course. I tried to reach a segment without a single complete monster-block and I achieved this goal.

32nd segment: Running to the ancients and killing them as fast as possible, then getting worldstone level 2 wp. I found that the fastest possible killspeed here can only be reached if those guys stand still for some time so I developed some very nice AI-abusive-strategy which involves going in any corner of the arreat summit (preferably as near to the exit as possible) and just standing STILL there despite them hitting on you. The only thing that really damages you from the ancients normally are their abilities whirlwind and leap attack so by standing in the corner they for some reason do not use those ugly skills on you, and just stand still hitting you with normal attacks, and that doesn't really hurt much (potion-heal > hitting-damage). It may not look like it here but normally I do not even get close to dying unlike this attempt (because I took my first health potion much too late) so it is definitely a very nice strat for the ancients, also for other melee-characters in normal or speedrunning play...

33rd segment: This is my last segment in which all i had to do was kill Baal as fast as possible (without a shrine, because that does not work with all those curses down there). There were however four bottle-necks in the World Stone Keep.
First one is the approach, again, which contains an almost clean throne room so the first wave comes as fast as possible.
Second one was the fight with the third wave which could cost you another ten seconds if the hydras are recast shortly before the last minion dies.
Third was the luring out of the last two waves which could fail terribly if not done properly.
And lastly was the Baal-fight itself which has the biggest time-variance and did not always work (cause health-potions were limited and I did not want to buy anymore...). So I only made about 20 actual baal-kills, because the conditions before already failed most tries earlier) and this one had the best time of all. Later, suga gave me a nice improvement-strategy for this, which is just to leave your items in the throne room near baal after the third wave died and opening a tp. Then all you have to do is luring the creeps right in front of the "Baal-room" and die there two times + going back via tp of course and then picking up your items again. It saves another 28 seconds of this run, but is a different run-category then without deaths. So that's why they are posted separately.

Here are some possible improvements for runs to come:
- Manipulate and kill even more bosses than me. You can probably manage to get to level 20 by the end of act 3 by just killing bosses and minions alone, totally ignoring normal monsters on the way (at least if they are sub-15-monster-groups) if you optimize the number of bosses on that way. Also you should manipulate out more champ-packs and make boss-packs out of them, cause they give even greater XP (approx. twice as much as champions).
- Maybe leave out the small detours, that I made for some bosses in act 1 and try to get the same number of bosses directly in the way if possible.
- Maybe do two Countess-runs instead of three, optimized for both xp and double-drop-runes (>1000 tries needed for that) and use the bosses of the last areas of act 3 lower-kurast to travincal to get the last level instead of leveling up to 20 too early (lower-kurast), like in my run.
- Micro a little bit better than me here and there (let me mention my bad Andi-drop-management again here, which still really bugs me, thinking about it...)
- Try to get a fire-shrine in the chaos-sanctuary in connection with a kickass-cs-segment to half the Diablo-bossfight-time (>1000 tries for kickass-segment needed I guess, because as the name already tells you, cs is quite "chaotic" to try and complete in such a short amount of time ... also look at my explanation of the segment above)
- Get an even greater map than mine. Good luck finding one... ^_^
- Use more Fire Blasts in between the Wake of Fire-Traps on Andariel/Ancients/Baal.

All in all these improvements should be able to cut out another ~5 minutes of the run, reaching sub-55-minutes then.

Druid run: 1:11:43 by Ricky 'LeWoVoc' Mitchell, done in 41 segments

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Segment 1
Manipulations: EXP Shrine, Good chest drop (Gems, bow, stam pot), to a lesser extent - chance to hit
Goal: Reach level two by the time I reach CP WP, get a few things to sell
Major mistakes: N/a

Segment 2
Manipulations: boss pack, poison shrine
Goal: Reach level three by the time I hit SF WP
Major mistakes: I shouldn't have stopped running to kill after the initial bosspack died.

Segment 3
Manipulations: EXP shrine
Goal: Level 4
Major mistakes: N/a

Segment 4
Manipulations: EXP shrine, +3 poison creeper pelt
Goal: XP, pelt
Major mistakes: N/a
Notes: This particular segment took over 3200 tries

Segment 5
Manipulations: None, standard potion segment
Goal: Potions
Major mistakes: N/a

Segment 6
Manipulations: EXP shrine, boss packs
Goal: Reach level six by the time I hit the black marsh WP, equip +3 pelt
Major mistakes: N/a

Segment 7
Manipulations: EXP shrine, boss packs, runes
Goal: Get close to level 8, get 2 needed runes
Major mistakes: Battle vs. the archers could have gone better
Notes: The countess is run three times, due to the large amount of experience gained while running to her.

Segment 8
Manipulations: EXP shrine, boss packs, runes
Goal: Level 9, get a needed rune
Major mistakes: N/a

Segment 9
Manipulations: EXP shrine, boss packs, runes, potions
Goal: Level 10, get the last needed rune
Major mistakes: N/a
Notes: This segment took a little over 650 tries. Countess did NOT want to drop Ral, added to the rare EXP shrine.

Segment 10
Goal: Run to OC WP
Major mistakes: Probably should have dropped a poison creeper in that first pack of devilkin

Segment 11
Manipulations: EXP shrine, boss packs, clear jail path
Goal: Close to level 12, Malus, Jail lvl 1 WP
Major mistakes: N/a

Segment 12
Manipulations: Monsters
Goal: Level 12, Inner cloister WP
Majors mistakes: N/a

Segment 13
Manipulations: Pelt
Goal: Imbue a +3 fissure pelt
Major mistakes: N/a
Notes: This segment took nearly 300 tries.

Segment 14
Goal: Equip hat, buy potions
Major mistakes:

Segment 15
Manipulations: EXP shrine, boss packs
Goal: Get a bit of exp, Cata 2 WP
Major mistakes: Could have killed the spiders faster, paused for a second near the end

Segment 16
Manipulations: Boss packs, Hsaura's boots, shrine (could have been any of 3)
Goal: Level 13, get 30% FRW boots
Major mistakes: I cast a fissure into an empty room, which sometimes had a boss pack in it
Notes: Andy dies FAST.

Segment 17
Manipulations: 2os staff
Goal: Get staff, equip boots
Major mistakes:

Segment 18
Manipulations: 2os Armor
Goal: Get armor, enter Act II
Major mistakes: Got caught on the torch for half a second or so

Segment 19
Manipulations: Boss/champion packs
Goal: Touch Far Oasis WP, get cube, level 14
Major mistakes: Picked up cube a little slow, a bit of fumbling here and there
Notes: Scarab champion packs give TONS of experience. I use the Stealth bug (discovered by bimanc), in which I make a runeword in a pre-equipped item and gain the bonuses of that runeword despite being under it's level requirement.

Segment 20
Manipulations: Low monster density in maggot lair
Goal: Touch Lost City WP, get staff
Major mistakes: Didn't pick up unraveler head at the end
Notes: This took about 70 or so retries, which is low relative to the earlier run.

Segment 21
Manipulations: EXP shrine
Goal: A bit of experience, grab the amulet
Major mistakes: I completely missed the zombie boss pack on the way to the temple

Segment 22
Manipulations: Monsters
Goal: Level 15, Canyon of the Magi WP
Major mistakes: I was a bit slow on both the portals, and the summoner took a little longer than he should
Notes: In the original run, the palace and AS are split into two segments. Combining them saved a nice chunk of time.

Segment 23
Manipulations: XP shrine, monsters
Goal: Late level 16, place staff
Major mistakes:
Notes: Another scarab champion pack FTW.

Segment 24
Manipulations: Belt
Goal: Buy belt, potions
Major mistakes:

Segment 25
Manipulations: EXP shrine, monsters, duriel AI
Goal: Level 17, kill duriel, enter Act III
Major mistakes:
Notes: I use the Stealth bug again here - this time in the Leaf staff - to give myself an extra +3 to fire skills. Duriel dies very quickly

Segment 26
Manipulations: Monsters, safe spider cavern, STA shrine
Goal: A bit of experience, TP drop and touch Flayer Jungle WP, grab the eye
Major mistakes:
Notes: There's a bit of graphical lag at the beginning. Going to Act I at the end of the segment saves time at the beginning of the next segment.

Segment 27
Manipulations: STA shrine, monsters
Goal: Level 18, get the brain
Major mistakes: I miscalculated the experience I needed, so I have to get that later, unfortunately. I hit esc too soon, almost forgot to go back to Act I.

Segment 28
Manipulations: EXP shrine, monsters
Goal: Level 19, grab the heart, Kurast Bazaar WP
Major mistakes:

Segment 29
Manipulations: Resist fire shrine, Mephisto AI, monsters
Goal: Kill council and Mephisto as fast as possible, enter Act IV
Major mistakes: I threw a mana potion on the ground. Oops. Council could have been a bit faster.
Notes: Mephy is easily the hardest part of the run. This took well over 200 retries, and I managed to make him look relatively stupid.

Segment 30
Manipulations: EXP shrine, monsters
Goal: Level 20
Major mistakes: Didn't go back to Act IV at the end of the segment
Notes: I needed to hit level 20 to speed things up in Acts IV and V. Didn't even notice the two TP scroll drops.

Segment 31
Manipulations: STA shrine
Goal: City of the Damned WP
Major mistakes:
Notes: Because I forgot to go back to Act IV at the end of the previous segment, I vowed to make this run as optimal as I could. I did a good job of that, only gained 2 seconds.

Segment 32
Manipulations: Izual AI, clear path
Goal: Kill Izual
Major mistakes:
Notes: My favorite segment in the whole run. A sub-minute Izzy. Those two skill points save so much time later on.

Segment 33
Manipulations: Clear path
Goal: River of Flame WP
Major mistakes:

Segment 34
Manipulations: Monsters, merc, Diablo AI
Goal: Kill Diablo
Major mistakes:
Notes: While I have cleared CS faster, keeping Diablo moving is essential to a quick fight... and a quick fight it was.

Segment 35
Manipulations: None
Goal: Talk to Tyreal
Major mistakes:
Notes: FRAPS stops recording when the Act V Cinematic triggers.

Segments 36 - 39
Manipulations: Clear Path
Major mistakes:
Notes: These 3 Act V segments are made for optimizing running across the act. Nothing interesting.

Segment 40
Manipulations: Clear path
Goal: Kill ancients quickly, get Worldstone Keep level 2 waypoint
Major mistakes:
Notes: I'm rather proud of this ancients fight. Fissure continues to annihilate anything that moves.

Segment 41
Manipulations: Clear path, low monster count in throne room, quick minion kills, fast Baal
Goal: Kill Baal
Major mistakes:
Notes: The fire druid, at this point, is EMBARRASSINGLY terrible at killing Baal. I several times run up and use firestorm in order to make Baal spawn his clone. (He walks around more with his clone spawned) Despite the mediocre feel of this segment, it was the fastest I could get. It's a shame a character with such killing power throughout the run has to end like this.

Sorceress 100% run: 4:22:xx by Alan 'Siyko' Burnett, done in 150 segments
commentary available as audio track 2

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First off, I highly recommend listening to the audio commentary. It has a lot of information these comments might miss.

Big thanks to everyone at SDA who supported this run - especially Requiem and Pweisger for putting up the bounty that gave me the kick to make this run happen. Zurreco and for their knowledge and experience and helpful advice, and g0lem for his insanely thorough knowledge of the game, who corrected me on quite a few points. Adzicents, mr kidd, ShinerCCC, xud9dab2, bimanc, and all the rest on SDA forums and Youtube for their advice and support, and Suga for showing me how a sorc is SUPPOSED to level ;)

Diablo 2: LOD is a good game. The difficulties are rather unique, in that you are expected to go through all 3 difficulties sequentially. Normal is for levels 1-35, Nightmare for 35-65, and the final enemies are in their 80s. There is a hard enforcer to make sure you abide close to this though - the second to last quest in each difficulty has a minimum level needed to complete it - 20 in normal, 40 in nightmare, and 60 in Hell. This makes leveling a large part of the game, even though I go for the minimum level, I still need to spend a decent chunk of time killing bosspacks and champ packs (the most efficient EXP) to level. The game allows for a 2.5-minute or so powerup "Exp Shrine" that doubles all the exp you get during that duration, which is extremely valuable. I spend a lot of effort to make sure I have this on whenever I am leveling.

I will write comments here for each segment, but I recommend you watch with audio commentary - it is probably more enjoyable (I have not recorded it as of writing these comments). There are 150 segments.

1- I apologize for the audio issue in here, as some of the louder sounds are messed up. It only exists in this segment though. This segment requires a lot of luck - getting the exp shrine, getting a decent armor, getting an early stamina potion, and having a light monster spawn in the den. Also it's nice to get some valuable items as gold is an important early resource. I got lucky on almost all fronts, although there were enough enemies so that my exp shrine wore off near the end. Unfortunate, but there was a lot of good luck on this segment.

2- The javelins and throwing knives are very handy here. There's still a lot of running in these segments, so I don't worry about getting the exp shrine early. I was rather lucky to get the CB orb, and charged bolt cleans up pretty well. The enemy spawns are rather unpredictable, so when I go up to visit the handful of goat people, I was expecting a much bigger spawn, but there's no way to know until I get there.

3- The run to dark wood. I hit level 6 here and get Frost Nova, which is one of the few spells that just hits EVERYONE in a certain radius. It's not very high damage yet, but it will be.

4- This is all about gold and a +2 frost nova staff. I perform this segment a bit sloppy, but it took many many many tries to get that staff to show up, so I kinda balked when it finally did.

5- Tristram. Everything is just annihilated by my new frost nova, which makes my exp gain ridiculous. The assortment of enemies in trist are nearly perfect. Rather good segment, except near the end where there didn't happen to be a bosspack. Was still the right chance to take though. I lose time on collecting items, but gold is still extremely important for a while.

6- All about the quest reward. Akara has about a 9% chance to give me a 10% faster cast ring, and here it is. Fast cast is extremely important to the sorc - especially with repeat teleporting.

7- Countess - you can see frost nova is pretty valuable here. Unfortunately I don't get a good rune, but since I got two experience shrines, I consider it an even deal. Not too much to say here.

8- Pretty quick run to outer cloister. I don't get TOO much exp, but it's pretty good.

9- I use a TP drop here - at a certain intersection, I have to visit both sides. So I drop a town portal at the fork, work my way to the waypoint, then in town, take the TP back to the intersection and go towards the blacksmith. It saves a good amount of time that I don't have to backtrack at all. Everything goes pretty smoothly here - I spend a lot of time without my EXP shrine up though, but that's just a product of the large amount of running I have to do.

10- I work my way all the way down the catacombs here to Andariel, who is not too hard since I got enough EXP for Fireball in the previous segments. Afterwards I go do Blood Raven. I skipped her earlier because she has such a ridiculous amount of HP, and even with fireball she still takes an annoyingly long time. She is hard to static since my static range is so low, and she's constantly moving around.

11- I have to do a lot of leveling in Act 2 at the far oasis, so I don't bother getting an exp shrine or killing much since the Oasis is much more efficient. There's a shortcut to get to the A2 waypoint that I don't do here, because I need to hit Lyslander for potions.

12- Town segment to prepare for the leveling. I get my merc and okay weapon, and grab everything I need. Nothing special here.

13-21- Leveling to 18. Really nothing too fun here, it's rather repetitive. but necessary. Notice I keep a lot of skill points unspent, I need to save them for some of the prereqs to make sure I get everything I need once I have level 30 (which includes basically the whole cold tree).

22- Countess run - I get Tir+Ral+Tal here. Tir+Ral is for Leaf runeword, which gives me +6 fireball. Tal+Eth is for Stealth, which gives me faster run/walk, and also 25% faster cast rate. Extremely valuable, both of them.

23- Picking up two socket items - shield + chest. Shield is for Ancients Pledge, which comes later - breastplate is for Stealth.

24- Eth rune mentioned above.

25- Getting a 2 socket staff. If I found one that gave +fireball I could have ended up with a +7 fireball staff, but it's not too necessary, and it costs a ton of gold - more than I'm willing to spare here.

26- Sewers - I can't use the Leaf just yet, so the killing speed is not remarkable. Now that I have teleport, it's pretty quick.

27- Getting the cube here. The only problem with my teleport is the mana cost is prohibitive - with these dinky potions, I can't regen mana faster than my rapid-fire teleport spends it. I need to teleport, walk, teleport, walk, which is a bit annoying, but that is for this act only. Next act I get better mana potions.

28- Maggot lair. Killing here is annoying since they're all clumped, but there's not too much danger here, so I can live in those big mobs of enemies.

29- Getting the amulet, last piece I need for Act 2.

30- After a couple chores in town, I get to go down to the Arcane Sanctuary, where leveling is pretty strong. I finally am able to equip Leaf here, which lets me REALLY mow down these guys.

31- Duriel, who's not too rough. Notice I go into the palace, take a TP to town and walk to Meshif, which is a lot faster than walking all the way to Meshif.

32-Housekeeping and grabbing the spider eye. I manage to make almost perfect use of my EXP shrine here, which is nice. Unfortunately, the Act 3 map is set up such that there's no waypoint near me, which means I have to walk out the front door again. Fortunately it's ripe for leveling.

33- I grab the Gidbinn here, as well as the Flayer WP. Nothing too special.

34- For the Gidbinn quest reward, I manip a good ring here that also has 10% Fast Cast rate. I am up to 45 now (25 chest, 10 ring, 10 ring), which is still 20 away from my goal.

35- Leveling in the jungle (love watching all these flayers evaporate), and grabbing the heart. The boss here is immune to fire, but he's good enough EXP that he's still worth killing.

36- After ID'ing the surprisingly good amulet, I go get the Las Esem Tomb, as well as the brain from the sewers.

37- High council. A point of interest is the boots - they seriously help me, and it's pure luck that I got them, and then pretty lucky that I didn't die after finding them (which would have forced me to redo the segment and lose the boots).

38- I have to break the orb that I didn't do last segment, and kill Mephisto. No notable drops, just a lot of stuff to sell.

39- Leveling. I want 25 before I start act 4 due to the way the experience is calculated. If I was 24 when I did act 4, I'd get almost zero exp. The formula to calculate experience changes at level 25.

40- The orb I find here is good as a switch, since it gives me good resists and Leaf is good for nothing but fireball killing. I plan on using it during teleport segments (and once I get my ancients pledge shield, it makes a good mainhand).

41-42- Leveling. I change where I level based on where my exp is the most valuable - but these levels are always notoriously slow.

43- Leveling + Izual. Again, as I rise in levels, I get more exp from higher level mobs, so the act 4 monsters become nice and profitable.

44- Hellforge + Waypoint. Also more leveling.

45- Even more leveling in Act 4. I finally hit level 25.

46- Town segment to prepare for the Chaos Sanctuary, which is pretty hard.

47- Chaos Sanctuary. I get VERY light spawns all over this map, which is nice, and a pretty standard Diablo fight. He decides to melee me for quite a while, which is very convenient, since it does crap damage compared to his spells.

48- Shank and the bloody WP. I don't need to make much effort to level, since I'm high enough for ancients, and everything gets better once I hit Baal. The orb I got last segment is better than my resist switch because it gives a LOT of mana, which is GREAT for teleporting. I put it on my switch.

49- That stupid act 5 rescue quest, and the waypoint. Now that I have greater mana potions. I can blaze through with teleports.

50- Rescuing Anya. She's kinda out of the way, which is inconvenient, but who can argue with the reward of a permanent +10 all resists? I also socket my tarnhelm to put the amethyst in, put the amethyst in for the strength, grab the strength large charm, and I can finally equip my shield. A point of interest is that I use my Leaf staff when teleporting instead of the mana one I got explicitly for teleporting. This was very intentional. The curse the birds cast on me has a meaningless effect if I have more life than mana, but if I have more mana than life, then I take damage every time I cast a spell. This would annihilate me while teleporting, and the orb gives me enough mana to push my mana over my life. Leaf staff it is.

51- Ancients. A pretty difficult fight, but in Normal it's not bad at all, since there's no immunities and I can static the crap out of them. I also get the Worldstone Keep 2 waypoint.

52- I give myself just enough strength to use those boots I got back at HC. The rest is just a town segment in preparation for Baal.

53-56- I do some Baal runs for the exp. The only point of interest is that I get an EXP shrine between the third and fourth packs. These packs gives a lot more exp, and it's hard to keep the shrine the whole fight. If I get too close to Baal (on the same screen as him), I get hit with Decrepify curse, which knocks off my shrine. I also get Frozen Orb here, which helps out a lot. The skill points I saved let me pump up Orb + Cold Mastery at the same time, giving me a very powerful orb very quickly.

57- I manip the quest reward from Anya here - 20% faster cast rate, and +1 sorc skills, as well as healthy energy+life. The fast cast puts me up to 75% (which is no better than 65%), but it means I can replace one of my rings or amulet without any harm to my casting speed. It wasn't intentional, but it's a nice little perk.

58- Nihlathak and Baal.

59- Cows seals up Normal difficulty. Nothing interesting here.

60- I start nightmare here. Nightmare for a frozen orb sorc is extremely easy - almost everything falls apart to one or more orbs. Act 1 is where it's the most obvious - I may as well be fighting Normal mobs here. I clear out the den pretty easily, and we're on. Also the exp here is awesome.

61- My method of leveling is pretty solid throughout nightmare - I basically frozen orb every boss pack a couple times, then keep teleporting to my destination. Every time I get to a boss pack, I stop briefly to kill them all, then resume. Leveling is extremely efficient here. It's about 2 minutes per level INCLUDING doing quests, which is MUCH better than what I did in normal dedicated leveling segments. It's just a byproduct of being in Nightmare as well as Frozen Orb.

62- I tag both the Stony and Dark Wood waypoints here. Another level.

63- I get the scroll and hit up Tristram. I make sure to remember to get Wirt's Leg here, so I don't have to run back to Tristram when I have to do cows.

64- Quick run to Countess. Nothing special here.

65- The ancient armor I grabbed last round is not special, but I hang onto it in case I get lucky with runes and can make a nice runeword for my merc. Otherwise, I know it will sell for a lot. Into the stash it goes. I don't care about whats-her-face's quest reward of the ring, because both of my rings are very good, and she can't offer much better. I grab the OC waypoint and get the hammer. I don't HAVE to kill the blacksmith here, but I do for the exp. I am almost dead though, so I end the segment before I have a chance to look at his drops. Shame, but it was probably nothing good.

66- I grab the inner cloister waypoint, and kill the enemies in the cathedral for the EXP. I don't move forward into the catacombs yet.

67- I need to burn my imbue, and I don't have any white items handy (only non-magical items can be imbued), so I go ahead and imbue the Wirt's Leg. It's kinda funny that it lets you do that, but it doesn't really make a difference, I can still use it for the cow portal. Andariel dies - you'll notice I don't static her - I'm still extremely low level for this area - look how much damage the fallen do to me. I kill her conventionally and move on to the next act.

68- Here is the type of merc that will stay with me forever. I choose the one that gives frozen aura - it's very handy when folks are trying to kill me and I can't get frozen orb off, and it also freezes mobs who normally cannot be frozen - including cold immune. It was a tough decision between this merc and the one that gives Might aura, but I think it was the right decision. I also grab a lower resist wand - which lets me cast the necromancer curse Lower Resist, which reduces the enemies resistance to elemental attacks. This gives me significantly more damage, but has limited charges. I use it pretty often though, anytime something takes a while to kill, it's nice to have the extra oomph.

69- I go through sewers here. Nothing special, although you can see the difference between A1 and A2 mobs - my frozen orb is not the kill-all it was last act.

70- Just getting the waypoint. I miss it a few times with telekinesis because I'm retarded.

71- Maggot lair. Orb is a real pain to use in these corridors, especially since they all take multiple hits, and the beetles would destroy me if I ate enough of their lightning, so I don't kill anything. It's a rare moment of the sorc's humanity showing, but it is short lived.

72- And the amulet. I should note that normal is the only difficulty I have to get the cube - I keep the cube from last difficulty and only need the staff + amulet to make the horadric staff.

73- Palace and arcane. Seriously, all these segments look the same (not that they didn't take many tries).

74- Duriel goes down pretty peacefully. Nice of him. Onto act 3.

75- Act 3 starts out uneventful. I get the eye, as well as the jade figurine.

76- I trade in the figure for the potion, and do some more town chores. Segments like this are frustrating because if I had gone to the stony and there was no EXP shrine, I would have had to start over and do that whole town nonsense again. I kill all the flayers for quite good exp, make my way through the dungeon, and get the brain.

77- Manipulate a decent ring out of Ormus, and other town foolishness.

78- Tome and heart. I get an ethereal Iceblink here, which is not too great, but it's decent on the merc.

79- I keep the Darkglow because of its resists, but it's not too big of a deal. I move on to kill HC - it was heartbreaking passing those two bosspacks without an exp shrine, but it's pointless to shrine for this segment, since it's impossible to avoid getting cursed by the HC. I make the effort to get the Durance2 WP before ending the segment this time.

80- This is a short segment preparing for Mephisto. I fully intended to do HUNDREDS of attempts at the next segment to get a good drop, and doing it in another segment means I don't have to do that town nonsense along with every single one of my meph attempts. Saves my sanity.

81- Meph for the drop. I get a Kelpie snare here for my merc. I was hoping for an Occulus, but this is equally valuable. It has "slows target by 75%", which makes bosses much much easier. I got it specifically for the hell ancients (even though it ended up not really helping there). If I had to do this run again, I'd probably hold out for an Occulus here, but the kelpie did help at several spots.

82- Gambling for a good amulet. This one gives me +1 sorc skills and good resists, so I'm happy. It does not have 10% FCR, which means I'm back down to 65, which doesn't affect my cast speed, but means I can't lose any more.

83- Equipping the amulet and a couple town things. Nothing major here.

84- I get a ludicrous amount of exp this segment. Act 4 mobs give a lot of exp, and I run into a ton of them.

85- Fast hellforge segment. I had to do this many times to get the um rune and get a good time. Very clean here, although no shrine and I don't get the followup waypoint. That's okay, since I need to get exp anyways, I don't mind travelling the river again.

86- The ol' chaos sanctuary. I looked at my Normal CS run when I did this one, and I lost a lot of time due to standing around putting potions in my belt and stuff. I told myself I wouldn't stop to breathe during this run, and I think I did well.

87- Gambling for a good circlet. This one ends up with +1 sorc skills, faster runwalk, and not much else. That's fine with me.

88- Did you know Shenk was named after Phil Shenk, the Lead Artist on Diablo II? Apparently he is a pretty nice guy and does not whip his employees into a blind rage like this Shenk does. This one dies though.

89- Stupid town stuff and giving my circlet an Um rune.

90- Just getting the waypoint here, and the rescue quest. Also, some monsters die.

91- Did you know you don't need to kill Frozenstien to do the quest? And you can talk to Anya using Telekinesis. Handy.

92- I load up a couple potions here because I put several hundred attempts into the next segment, and I have to reorganize my inventory for it. This just saves me the hassle of also arranging my inventory several hundred times with each segment. Sanity saver.

93- Manipulating a good orb here. 20% fast cast rate is mandatory to keep 65% FCR, and this also has 14 life, +30 fire resist, and a delicious +2 sorc skills. It is possible to get better, but the odds become astronomical as I build odds for getting the 'perfect' orb.

94- Ancients and the worldstone keep waypoint. Not much to say here.

There's a story behind these next few segments, so let me tell it here.

I did segment 95 and 96, and posted them to the internet. I decided they weren't good enough, and went back to redo them. I got much better segments, with nice drops, so I replaced the old segments. HOWEVER, I made a GIANT boner and didn't correctly replace the save files. My segments afterwards used the save files of the videos I deleted (the 'not good enough' run), which means there was a striking inconsistency between segments 96 and 97 (inventory was totally different, among other things).

Nobody (including me) noticed this, which means I went through and finished the run with this gap between 96-97. Only when I was timing the run did I notice the problem.

The only way I could fix this was to redo these segments, and end up EXACTLY where I was. I recorded four segments (now 95-98) that bring me to the EXACT state of my old run. The difference is exp - I have a bit amount more exp at the end of 98 than I do at the beginning of 99. Other than that, everything is identical. This is the best I can do to repair the problem.

95- Baal. Die, man.

96- Nihlathak. Die, dude.

97- Cows. Die, folks.

98- Inventory repair. I get a lot of gold here, and then drop enough so I end with the correct amount. I arrange my inventory to how it has to be for the next segment, so if you're not reading these comments (but you are!), it looks like I'm wasting a lot of time this segment. However, I have to bring my character to the same state that it was when the next segment starts, so here I go.

99- I start Hell here. The mobs die pretty easily, but everyone is immune to something. The cold immunes are the biggest problem, since my fire is still pretty weak. Because of this, I delay the den (the only place I HAVE to kill all the mobs), because it has a lot of cold immune zombies and those big ape-monkey-things. I save that for the end of Act 1, so I can have some more points in fire.

100- Trudging my way through Act 1. Each of these hell segments that look the same took a LOT of manipulation - I have to get an EXP shrine, get a lot of bosspacks that AREN'T immune to cold, NOT get cursed (very easy to do in Hell), and not die. Very hard, but not too much thinking involved. I'm pretty sure most of these segments were done with reruns of Seinfeld running in the background.

101- Clearing the way to Dark Wood, and getting that scroll.

102- Tristram.

103- Annoying town segment - hell really eats up a lot of potions, so I have to take more town segments than I'd like.

104- Notice when I get the stony EXP shrine, I make sure there's bosspacks there and I kill them. It's nearly free EXP, since I'm going to be stopping there anyways. I try to do this every single hell segment. I grab the marsh WP and end it.

105- Countess. She's both cold and fire immune, so it's on my merc to kill her. I grab a String of Ears here, which has 13% Physical Damage Reduction. This doesn't help me too much, but I put it in the stash in case I ever need it.

106- Town.

107- Outer cloister waypoint grab. Nothing special...

108- I'm almost 60, so I don't have to level everywhere. Since the Jail run has a lot of cold immune mobs, I decide it's not worth it to try to level on this run, so I just make a dash for the Malus and waypoint.

109- Andariel.

110- Quick town segment where nothing happens.

111- Finally I do the den. You can see why I waited to increase my fireball skill, and I even go as far to get a +2 skill armor shrine here. The last mob grabs a Sharktooth Armor, which I wisely grab before ending the segment.

112- I imbue the armor for something my merc likes. Lightning+fire resistance, and +life. I take the stupid wagon to act 2 and end it.

113- I like the fact that it's faster to take the wagon across the desert, then take this teleporting... whatever... back to act 2 than it is to just walk from one side of town to the other. Then I kill radament.

114- Maggot lair, and again, I kill nobody. What can I say, this lady likes maggots.

115- CV temple. I think this is one of my favorite segments - everything just happens so fast.

116- Arcane and getting the waypoint for Canyon.

117- Duriel's time to die. Note the teleport I do out of his chamber - because you're not supposed to advance through the crumbling wall until he's dead, this room restricts your ability to teleport. The teleport I do out of this room is VERY difficult - most places in this room, teleport just simply does not work. Anyway, it saves me a few tenths of a second, and I move on to act 3.

118- Waypoint and eye.

119- Town segment is nothing special. I go back to act 1 because running through town at the beginning of segments where I start in act 3 takes a lot of time.

120- I do the ol' flayer dungeon.

121- Ormus has nothing to offer me with his rings - my rings are fine. I grab the ol' tome.

122- I grab the Trav WP, and hit up the ol' sewers. I'll stop that now.

123- Oh boy, this is annoying. Toorc is immune to fire and cold, which means I need to let my merc hit him. There's a couple spells I have that do lightning damage, but mostly I use telekinesis to keep him stunned and to stop him from killing my merc. This... is a pretty boring segment.

124- Town nonsense.

125- Mephisto, with no real drops. Really just cranking it through to the end here.

126- Another town segment.

127-131- Leveling to 60. I'll admit I got about a half level too much here. I could have saved a minute or so with better planning - I didn't expect to get as much exp from chaos sanctuary as I did.

132- Town segment to prepare for act 4.

133- Izual.

134- Hellforge. I get a pul rune, which is kinda exciting, but really does me no good for this run. It could be used to upgrade the Kelpie snare, but then my merc wouldn't be able to use it.

135- Town segment, selling those gems from the hellforge. Goodbye Pul.

136- This is an important segment - I grab a chipped gem. Chip gem + ort rune + something with charges = refills all of the charges. I was almost out of Lower Resists, so this fills me back up. It also means I don't have to worry about conserving my LR's anymore.

137- Last minute preparation for Chaos Sanctuary. I could have done this at the beginning of the next segment, but I was preparing for another few hundred attempts here.

138- Probably the second hardest segment in the game, maybe third (hell ancients is hardest, hell Baal 2nd or 3rd). I get a VERY light spawn of mobs here, which is convenient. Diablo goes down with not too much of a fight, although I do get stuck on a corner and eat half of a lightning firehose, but I get to eat a juvi right after.

139- Quick town segment to prepare for Shenk. Shenk is extremely hard, as you'll soon see.

140- Shenk AND his mobs are all cold immune. This makes it a HUGE pain to do any damage to him, and killing him takes a lot of work. I have to kite his mobs around a good amount before I can do lethal damage to him.

141- Waypoint run.

142- Socketing my merc's Kelpie snare with a Tal rune. This gives it poison damage, which prevents monster heal. This was mainly for ancients, although again, it didn't really help. There's nothing else I want to socket though, so I have no regrets.

143- Anya. Frozenstien is super pissed, but fortunately I don't have to kill him, and I can just sneak Anya out of there (actually I unfreeze her and then bail, leaving her to fend for herself, but she makes it back to town).

144- Ancients way WP run.

145- Town segment preparing for the ancients.

146- HARDEST segment in the game. The town portal scrolls are to reroll the ancients. They can come up with some really annoying mods. Any 'bad' mod and I'll simply have to reroll the ancients. If it takes too many rerolls, I just have to restart the segment. This one probably took the most tries out of the whole run - it was EXTREMELY difficult.

Madawac- ALWAYS immune to lightning. I would reroll if he was cold immune, because then I'd have to fireball him down from 100% to 0%, which is retarded.

Talic- ALWAYS fire immune (which I don't care about). I would reroll if he was lightning immune OR cold immune, since I both static and frorb him to death.

Korlic- ALWAYS cold immune. This one is the real bastard. If he is either fire immune or lightning immune, I reroll. I need to static him down to 50%, and then fireball him down to 0, which takes a while because FB is nowhere near the power of my orb.

It all goes pretty smoothly. I didn't teleport to the worldstone keep waypoint because I didn't want to die after successfully killing the ancients, and I have about a 50% chance of dying while teleporting through the worldstone keep.

147- Nihlathak. His friends are all cold immune, so I have to do this annoying dance. Not too difficult. I have to be wary of corpse explosion here on the serpents - CE of the suicide bombers won't kill me though (it's based off the hp of the corpse, and the suicide bombers don't have much).

148- Personalizing my stupid boots just to burn out the quest.

149- Town segment to prepare for Baal.

150- Baal. This went REALLY smoothly, despite the ugly parking of the 5th pack. Not only were the random mobs outside the room the vipers (EXTREMELY easy to kill compared to everything else), but the throne room has literally NO enemies - this is very rare and very convenient. After some difficulty, I park those jerkwads, and kill Baal, who is rather easy after all of this. This is the longest segment in the run.

151- The ol' cows. You can tell cow king is dead because he drops like 8 stamina potions.

152- Sucks to end on this segment, but because of the issues above (the segment replacement), I never ended up personalizing my item in nightmare. I do it here to wrap up the final quest in my ledger, and we're done!


Can't think of any more.

Thanks for watching!

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