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Donkey Kong Country
Released in November 1994, Donkey Kong Country was the first appearance of the classic Donkey Kong character on Super Nintendo. But you don't actually play as that same Donkey Kong, he's old and cranky now. Instead, you play as his son, the new Donkey Kong, who goes on an adventure to find his stolen banana collection.


Run: 0:32:xx by Timothy 'tjp7154' Peters, done in 7 segments

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I don't know exactly what prompted me to speed run this game. When I downloaded this game for the Wii Virtual Console, I was just doing it for nostalgia. Then I saw ArneTheGreat's 24:24 DKC Tool-assisted speed run and saw all the rolling he did in it. I thought "cool!" to myself and wanted to get through the game doing as many rolls as I could. Then I saw the DKC topics in SDA and thought everyone abandoned the run, so the idea just jumped into my head. That was in March 2007.

The results you see (or will see) form my first speed run. I tried to do as many tricks as was in the latest TAS run as possible, making many compromises to accommodate my skill level. I think it turned out very well and I hope you do, too.

Thanks goes to Tompa for his helpful comments, and of course ArneTheGreat for most of the standards I followed.


Warp Glitch run (Single Segment): 0:23:xx by Timothy 'tjp7154' Peters

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Just quick notes. Any other questions, you can go to the SDA forum for DKC and ask.

-I mostly use only Diddy because of faster rolls and that Diddy rolls farther off platforms before falling.
-I roll through barrels without picking them up (like in Blackout Basement): by releasing the Y button during the roll when next to a barrel.
-I extend my rolls quite often by initiating a roll, releasing the Y button right before making contact with an enemy, then pressing Y button a little afterward. This will start a new roll with increased speed.
-I jump in crawl spaces by crouch-jumping in them.
-By starting a roll in a crawl space I can zip to exit.

-*** Map warp: By pressing a button (A, B, X, Y or Start) at a "corner" at just the right will mysteriously warp you out of a warp barrel in another level (fixed, depends on the intersection). Can't be done with both monkeys unless you are in Funky's barrel.
-I boost around corners in water levels.
-Barrel boosting (ex: Snow Barrel Blast): Holding a barrel while jumping from certain slopes gives extra speed, which results in extra height, especially when bouncing off enemies.
-Landing on the very right lip of the flame barrels avoids getting hurt.
-Bouncing off enemy and knock forward instead of backward (ex: Torchlight Trouble). If you turn around as you are about to get knocked back from a Klump or Krusha (Diddy can't kill them by jumping on them), you will get bumped forward instead of backwards.
-Roll Jumping in air in Mine Cart Mayhem: By running into the first cart as DK and sacrificing him, you can roll and jump in the air freely. Saves a bunch of time, but I can't do it for the whole level.

Level-by-Level Short Notes
Jungle Hijinx: Got the good extended roll after the beginning and through the middle barrel.

Map Warp: Took 5 tries, but they cost no extra time, because time only goes forward in levels.

Orangutan Gang: Warp puts me in the second half of the level.

Clam City:-
I boosted around corners as much as possible, which saves a couple of seconds in the long run.
-Shark vertical section was nice and smooth.
-I get hit by last clam, but only fraction of second is lost.

(BOSS) Queen B.
-I switch to DK to get bee on first pass because of barrel height. It's possible to do it with Diddy, but it is hard to get consistently.

Snow Barrel Blast
-New trick, barrel-boosted jump, gains a couple of seconds and LOOKS COOL!

Slipside Ride
-DK is tall enough to reach the warp barrel. I sacrifice him later because it's faster than manually switching.

Ice Age Alley
-I paused for less than a second because I thought I fell into the pit. I'm glad I continued!
- I used Expresso (not the coffee, the "flightless" bird). I run as often as I can because the movement is faster, especially going down slopes.

Croctopus Chase
-Not getting Enguarde actually saves time.

Torchlight Trouble
-I don't turn on the lights. This prevents lag, and no lag helps me get the tricks more easily.
-I gain a fraction of second rolling to zip to end of crawl space.

Rope Bridge Rumble
-It's possible to get past the bees and moving tires more quickly, but I decide to play it safe.
-34:07: Whoops, forgot to roll through the Kremlings, lost a second.

Really Gnawty Rampage
-Very nice "fight"
-By sacrificing DK at the last phase, I skip the beaver's last round of jumping and invulnerability.

Oil Drum Alley
-Hard hard hard, but I manage to do it!
-I messed up roll at the beginning and abruptly end it.
-I missed rolling through the beavers before the halfway barrel, losing a second or so.
-I jump through the flaming barrel at midway point to start a roll, which is cool and saves time.
-I am more conservative with rolling near the end. It's way too easy to die by fire or pit or kremling.
-I intentionally stop at end of roll for a second to let oil barrel flame go down. If not, it is a frame-precise (30/70-success-rate for me) trick of jumping to back edge of oil barrel. Only a fraction of a second lost.
-the rest goes well

Trick Track Trek: Warp makes this level easy cheesy.

Elevator Antics:
-I used the ropes above the bee at around 36:25 instead of rolling down and rolling through snake which is an inconsistent trick for me -- only about 2 sec. lost.
-Rolling through final mini-necky saves a couple of seconds and looks cool.

Poison Pond
-Went pretty well, but not perfect
-I lose Enguarde for a little over a second at 37:50.
-Part of the Enguarde-boosting animation gives me invulnerability. I boost around corners using this knowledge, which protects against mincer damage.
-By immediately boosting out of cannon near the end, I skip waiting for vertically-moving mincer to go back up.

Mine Cart Madness
-I use the ultra-cool roll-jump in the air trick to skip most of mine cart action.
-I miss doing the even cooler jump-roll trick which would only save a couple more seconds anyway. I consequentially lose time by not rolling into the neckies at the beginning.
-You can't in-air roll jump past that tire at 39:30 because the return barrel above the screen at that position cancels the roll-jump glitch.
-39:52 -- I save a second or so by waiting for the cart to drop near the kremling instead of going for the tire.

Blackout Basement
-This went very well, considering what all could happen (missing rolls and falling to the pit) , and it was done in a single-segment!!!!
-I use extended rolls to skip both swinging rope sections.

Boss Dumb Drum
-Use DK to kill last two enemies (yay for DK).

Tanked Up Trouble
-Nothing new here :/.

Manic Mincers
-44:34, a tad too slow to make it to the mincer in time, so I waste a couple of seconds to wait for it.

Misty Mine
-Better than my last segmented run , but still a little clunky. One of these days I'll master this one.

Loopy Lights
-I roll into the first Klaptrap.
-No single-segment is gonna slow ME down!

Platform Perils
-Wow, a LOT could have gone horribly wrong with this one, but I insisted on getting a certain level of quality for the last stage -- and I got it!.
-I hit the midway barrel out of habit, oh well.

Necky Sr. and King K. Rool - Easy cheesy, Ooh ooh ooh aah aah aaaaah!

100% run (Single Segment): 0:44:xx by Adam 'Lucid Faia' Sweeney

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So much for a theoretical limit of 47 minutes.

Here's a 101% speedrun for Donkey Kong Country, SNES version. Finishes in 00:44, according to the in-game timer. The run is single-segment; it was done without saving the game.

DKC has always been one of my favorite Super Nintendo games. Playing the Competition Cartridge with my little sister in Blockbuster's competition a decade ago is one of my favorite gaming experiences. By the way, she's probably a lot better at this game than you are. >_>

Getting "101%" in DKC means not only completing every level in the game, but visiting every bonus area. There are two "bonus areas," however, that don't count towards the percentage. They're commonly believed to be bonus areas, but they aren't. These rooms appear in Bouncy Bonanza and Manic Mincers. If you're wondering why I skipped these rooms, that's why.

There are two things about the in-game timer I'd like to mention. First, a lot of slowdown is created in the Torchlight Trouble level, but I believe this also slows down the in-game clock, rendering the slowdown irrelevant. Next, the timer doesn't run on the world map. One could take a five-minute break on the world map, go and get a drink, come back, and not have lost any time. I did no such thing, but I could have if I wanted. There was a point where I accidentally beat Master Necky Jr too early, and had to backtrack back to Monkey Mines to visit the bonus areas for Millstone Mayhem, then use Funky Flights to proceed to the Vine Valley levels. While this looks odd, this did not cost me any time, because of the way the timer works.

This speedrun was done on SNES version 1.1 (or maybe it's 1.2) of the game. I'm aware of two major changes to this version from the original: First, I believe it's impossible to skip the world map "celebration" by mashing buttons. I haven't had any luck getting it to work on this version of the game. Not that this makes any difference, as the timer doesn't run on the world map. Next, the popular warp glitch that allows for warping to Orang-utan Gang from World 1, is fixed. So not only did I not use said glitch in this run, I couldn't have if I wanted to.

This run went very well, apart from a sloppy performance in Vulture Culture. A time of 00:43 is possible, but it would require using a more aggressive, riskier route than the one I used. It would be very difficult to achieve.

Enjoy the run.

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