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Dragon's Lair
The original arcade release of Dragon's Lair in 1983 achieved widespread acclaim, containing 22 minutes of full-screen animation from famous Disney animator Don Bluth. The most significant laserdisc game ever created, it grossed 32 million dollars in its first eight months and spawned countless merchandise and a TV show. Released in December 1990, the NES version of Dragon's Lair shares only one similarity with the arcade version: there are a thousand ways to die. In fact, these days, the NES version is maybe the most well-known, as an example of one of the most "unfairly" difficult and punishing games of all time.


Run (EU): 0:06:56 by Joakim 'Wizphix' Mäkipää

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This is my very first submission to SDA. It is not a perfect run but I'm happy with it. I would like to start of by thanking a few people. First, ktwo for his GameFAQs guide, which was of great help to me beating this game for the first time. Second, MASTER-88 for his encouraging comments on my youtube clip, which is the reason why I started speedrunning this game. And Last, Phil Cote who made the TAS on the Japanese version, that video gave me a lot of good ideas improving my speedrun.

[Entrance Hall]
It is good that the Lizard King appeared letting me skip the Gold Bonus screen, but it would have been more favorable if he appeared just before the last prisoner.

I usually take the hidden energy in the beginning, but since I got enough energy this time I chose to skip it. In the dark area I'm turning the lights off at a few points to conserve Candle. Unfortunately I didn't meet the Lizard King in this level.

[Reapers Domain]
I missed shooting the flying skull on the first side-moving platform. Having enough energy I skipped the hidden energy just before the double side-moving platforms. Fighting the Reaper I didn't count the hits, resulting in one unnecessary jump.

[Dragons Lair]
I've managed to skip one of the dragons, and I had a couple of close calls fighting Singe.

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