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Drakan: Order of the Flame
Released on August 18th, 1999, Drakan: Order of the Flame was developed by Surreal software and published by Psygnosis. The game follows Rynn, a young woman with extraordinary martial skills, and an ancient dragon Arokh on their quest to free Rynn's younger brother from the evil sorcerer Navaros. The gameplay alternates between dungeon exploration and monster fighting when Rynn is alone and aerial dogfights when she mounts Arokh.


Medium run: 0:57:07 by David 'atomicJo' Joassard, done in 21 segments

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First I'd like to clarify one important point : due to its old age (9 years) the game suffered of multiples crashing problems on both PC i played it. Those crashes freeze the game and make me return on the desktop, this happen at very specific places in the game that's why some of my quicksaves are very close each other. Here are the places where the game crashes:

Since i launch the game in developper mode, the diffculty level is automatically set to medium.
About half of the cinematics are skippable.

Moves used :

Run comments on each level :
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