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Duck Tales
This September 1989 adventure game follows Scrooge McDuck through five stages on his quest to become the richest duck in the world. Bounce around on his cane to tackle foes and break open treasure chests.


Difficult run (EU): 0:08:14 by Giel Goertz

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I'd like to thank Zugzwang, for telling me about this new glitch, Aglar for finding it on youtube and 'yayu50' (a.k.a. Hotarubi) for actually finding it and/or displaying it on youtube.
Furthermore I'd like to thank Frezy_man for being swedish and also like to thank SDA Crew for actually making all this possible.

There, enough of the blabbering let's go duck style.


Well I was thinking about trying to improve this even more, but I figured that would cost me waaayy too much time right now so I left it at this.

At least I reached my goal, which was to go faster in every level along with doing the new glitch.

I think total time this run could be done faster (if everything went well) would be roughly 9 seconds, if you'd consider the fact it has to be done by a human. Although I'm not sure how many attempts that would take.

For a TAS video I think you should be able to knock off atleast 12 seconds, maybe get sub 8 minutes, although I'm doubting that is possible.

Ah well, once again I hope you lot will enjoy this run. Have fun.

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