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Released in October 2005, F.E.A.R. tells the story of an unnamed super soldier and his completely useless teammates as they investigate strange goings-on at the office of a large defense contractor. Since it wouldn't be much of a game if all hell didn't break loose, break loose it does. F.E.A.R. combines tactical FPS action, J-horror and profuse swearing into a derivative but highly entertaining shooting experience.


Low run: 0:55:59 by Maciej 'groobo' Maselewski, done in 75 segments

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God, how I hate this part. I usually spend more time trying to figure out what to put here than actually doing the runs (probably not). You could basically write down a cluster of random words here and still nobody would give a damn, which doesn't help me in going any further than this at all. Fuck, how I hate this part.

I'm too cool and too lazy to go into part specific details, so I'll just write a few words about the major exploits and that's it:

You can cancel out normal melee attacks like punching, or punching with a handgun, or punching with a rocket launcher - just by crouching. After canceling an attack you can go again straight away. This works best with unarmed strikes since it takes like one frame for those to register at point blank range. Also considering that each punch in this game is about as powerful as a rocket to the face, this becomes the most deadly "weapon" in the game. It's also more manly than shooting people, or pushups.

In FEAR version 1.07 and lower once you put away your weapon then pulled it back out, its clip was magically full again.

Yes. Normally you can just jump onto people's heads, but that doesn't do any good since you can jump from them. A way around that is first glitching into them simply by walking at the right angle, then spamming jump. At some point the game throws you out of the person you glitched into with a full jump. This is only used once - at the beginning of 2-1.

You can use the fact that almost every decoration object in the game is solid. If say, an object like this would freeze in mid-air (or move slowly at worst) - you could stand on it. You can fake this effect by using the slowmo move. I use this technique multiple times throughout the run to skip various parts of the game, ranging from really small bits to pretty much a whole level.

If you want to move at running speed in areas through which you could fit only by crouching - do this: run up to eg a tunnel's entrance, MAKE SURE YOUR SPEED = 0 IN EVERY DIRECTION, crouch, now release crouch FIRST and start moving towards the tunnel. Nothing more to it.

If you want to get out of bounds easily, and you're playing version (up to) 1.03, then the ladder glitch is the way to go. This only works when you're at the top of a ladder. Grab it, immediately after pressing the action button - press jump. Your guy will be doing his usual getting on the ladder move, but he won't be getting onto the ladder - he'll be sinking through the floor. Considering that you can move on the edge of each room, jump into nearby areas, and get back into the intended playing area freely - a glitch like that becomes a tasty treat for every speedrunner.

You can climb certain types of walls, pillars, or whatever, in the same manner you can climb people. Basically the wall has to be curved - that's it. There's really no rule to which walls can be climbed and which can't. I managed to ascend seemingly flat walls and thin poles, so it's pretty much a matter of trial and error.

You can clip into certain objects like boxes and stuff like that with this glitch. Stand on one of the corners of an object and start spamming crouch. If you positioned yourself right, you should fall through. Now walk slowly and after each step crouch a couple of times. If you go far enough into the object you can move freely. If you simply start running around after jsut spamming crouch at the corner, you'll get ejected. Thanks to this glitch, the vault activation skip on 9-2 is possible - which btw is the most awesome sequence break I did while speedrunning. Ever. Period.

There are plenty of other minor things I take advantage of throughout the run like clipping through moving objects, or pressing buttons through walls, but like I already mentioned I'm too lazy and I hate writing comments too much to write about them. A lot of things were discovered by other people than myself so I guess it would be appropriate to at least mention flechette, DaleLewill, and Voloxer. Did I mention how much I hate writing comments? I won't even proof read these to show how much I hate this shit. No, really.

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