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Faxanadu, developed and released by Hudson Soft for the NES in November 1989, was actually a spin-off of Falcom's long-running Dragon Slayer RPG series. Although it differed greatly from Dragon Slayer in presentation and gameplay, Faxanadu soon became a sleeper hit. Returning from a long journey to his devastated hometown, it is up to the unnamed hero to traverse the dying World Tree in order to save everything that he knows.


Run (Single Segment, Death Abuse): 0:30:14 by Rhett 'ShinerCCC' Dobson

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Angry growls to:
- norg, for not sending me virt's ROM hack known as Fagxanadu. I am now the fastest Faxanadu player there is, do I deserve it yet?!

A long time ago, I randomly took on the project of speedrunning this game. After realizing I wouldn't need a Magic Shield or Tilte, I was surprised I beat 1 hour with a fairly casual 47 minute run with some goofy audio commentary. Breakdown, a serious speedrunner at SDA, combined this with the TAS of the time and got a solid 36 minutes. My revenge took a year longer to make than it should have. I had most of the practical skill for this game mastered, then dropped it all to play other games. A year later I decide to come back and I also see a bounty was posted for my improvement. When I started practicing the game again, I had a (long overdue) stroke of genius and realized I could prolong the Wing Boots timer, much like the TAS does (see the TAS comments for a detailed explanation, but basically I pause the game for a few frames so the game doesn't decrement my Wing Boots time). I kept practicing but I was still trying to record runs at the same time. What you see here is the result of that culmination: a fairly solid run but the lack of refinement on the advanced techniques really shows. If I come back to improve this run, I will get 29:50 or better.

Anyway, I'll let the audio commentary go into greater detail. But here's a summary of mistakes in this run:

Sorry about the scanlines, they were on the TV itself while playing though, it's due to the cheap horrid RCA splitter I got at the dollar store. Still better than VHS though, right?

Regardless, the future of speedrunning this game is very bright. There's also room to improve the route, for example, with good pausing you could use your first wing boots to fly right up to the second spring. To any future runners of this game...good luck!

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