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Final Doom
Released in May 1996, Final Doom features two 32-level episodes built with the same structure as Doom 2 (30 normal levels and 2 secret levels per episode). The first episode, Evilution, was created by Team TNT and followed the marine's quest for revenge when his soldiers, stationed on one of Jupiter's Moons, are slaughtered by a demonic invasion. The second episode, The Plutonia Experiment, was designed by Dario and Milo Casali and saw the lone marine charging into a demon hive in search of stolen Quantum Accelerators, devices designed by UAC to close interdimensional gates... but again, who really cares. The goal remained the same... to exterminate demons with extreme prejudice!


Individual-levels run [Episodes/Ultra Violence] in 1:36:45

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Level Time Date Player
Plutonia 0:41:11 2002-02-11 Drew 'stx-Vile' DeVore
TNT-Evilution 0:55:34 2002-02-17 Drew 'stx-Vile' DeVore

Plutonia (Drew 'stx-Vile' DeVore)

01 - Congo                     :52
02 - Well of Souls             :59
03 - Aztec                    1:20
04 - Caged                    1:11
05 - Ghost Town                :43
06 - Baron's Lair             1:32
07 - Caughtyard                :26
08 - Realm                    2:02
09 - Abbattoire               1:57
10 - Onslaught                 :33
11 - Hunted                    :59
12 - Speed                    3:02
13 - The Crypt                1:44
14 - Genesis                  1:06
15 - The Twilight             1:13
16 - The Omen                  :45
17 - Compound                 1:57
18 - Neurosphere               :29
19 - NME                      1:36
20 - The Death Domain         1:44
21 - Slayer                    :37
22 - Impossible Mission       1:33
23 - Tombstone                2:30
24 - The Final Frontier       1:31
25 - The Temple of Darkness   2:02
26 - Bunker                    :56
27 - Anti-Christ              1:11
28 - The Sewers               2:10
29 - Odyssey of Noises        1:26
30 - The Gateway of Hell      1:06

Total - 41:11

01: The run is 1 second faster already.. woo!
02: Same troubles as before here.
03: I don't like these hallways anymore than I did before. :)
04: Stumbled a little at the start, but still improved the original time by playing much less safe here.
05: Same run as before.. I like playing this level. :)
06: I think that this level is my favorite from the entire wad. It's just a fun level to finish.
07: Another favorite, even if it's a short one.
08: I favored a new tactic at the end where I eliminate the archvile/revenants on one side of the exit. It seems like I can never exit without getting pounded.
09: Made a nice improvement to the previous time here. The end of this level can still be pretty exciting. :)
10: Played less safe here by dodging the revenants rather than killing them first.
11: I've learned from experience that if the archviles wake up, your life can be a living hell.. I would waste cells/rockets/health/armor just trying to get out.. and you want all of that for map12. Thankfully, they stayed asleep here. :)
12: I actually tried a new strategy here that I didn't use even in the episode run. It allows me to save cells I would normally waste killing the cyberdemon. I also perform the trick jump at the end.
13: The same run as before, only slightly faster this time.
14: The route I used in the episode run helped a lot here.
15: Another route unchanged, just played less safe again.
16: A little trouble at the end, since the archvile was off in happyland and didn't want to boost me to the exit.
17: Same route, only faster again.
18: Got the archvile jump on the first try, yay!
19: Played less safe once again.. that cyberdemon is still making me waste cells. :)
20: Had a little trouble at the end trying to get the barons to destroy the barrels.. eventually just said the hell with it and did it myself, waking the revenants. I came REALLY close to death here. :)
21: Still shaky from the end of map20, but it went faster than usual. :)
22: Got beat up at the red key, but escaped without any major losses.
23: Didn't miss any switches this time. :)
24: The cyberdemon spared me this time, allowing me to stay very healthy for map25.
25: Wow, this time is a personal record for me here.
26: A routine run.. that megasphere kicks ass.
27: Missed the invincibility the first time, but snagged it before I got myself killed like in a previous attempt. :)
28: Same run, only this time the monsters stayed asleep near the end!
29: Same run again, only more confident than before.
30: Took down the boss faster this time. :)

Wow, I'm quite happy that I managed to get this run. :)
This is my fourth successful 30pl total.. the first being the 46:54, the second a 42:26, the third.. well, the third sucked bad because map20 royally screwed up.
Enjoy the run, because I think this will be my last attempt for a while. :)

TNT-Evilution (Drew 'stx-Vile' DeVore)

01 - system Control        -  :45
02 - Human BBQ             - 1:25
03 - Power Control         - 1:36
04 - Wormhole              -  :27
05 - Hangar                - 2:07
06 - Open Season           - 2:47
07 - Prison                - 1:03
08 - Metal                 - 3:17
09 - Stronghold            - 4:03
10 - Redemption            - 1:52
11 - storage Facility      -  :27
12 - Crater                -  :47
13 - Nukage Processing     - 1:28
14 - Steel Works           - 2:20
15 - Dead Zone             -  :36
16 - Deepest Reaches       - 1:31
17 - Processing Area       -  :58
18 - Mill                  - 3:00
19 - Shipping/Respawning   - 1:20
20 - Central Processing    - 3:41
21 - Administration Center - 3:32
22 - Habitat               -  :29
23 - Lunar Mining Project  -  :43
24 - Quarry                -  :37
25 - Baron's Den           - 2:22
26 - Ballistyx             - 2:21
27 - Mount Pain            - 3:14
28 - Heck                  - 2:41
29 - River Styx            - 2:14
30 - Last Call             - 1:51

Total - 55:34

01: The awesome tyson-style start level. :)
02: I still don't like this map much.
03: I grew to like this map more during the 30ev recordings. It plays similarly to map09 with low level monsters in tight corridors.
04: A very short level, just run up the stairs, run back down and exit.
05: This map is OK.. at least nothing can go wrong here.
06: Another corridor/weak-monster map, this one is also fun, IMO. :)
07: Not a tough map, with some extra cells to be picked up here.
08: My least favorite episode 1 map.. still, I ran it faster in this movie than I ever did in my ev01 attempts. :)
09: I love this map! Probably my favorite from episode 1 after map01, it's just fun to slice through armies of formerhumans/imps.
10: I get a ton of cells here, which will pay off even a long time from now.
11: A short level with a soulsphere!
12: Another short level with.. nothing! A whole lot of nothing.. that red key area is waaaaay too empty.
13: Another short level, only a bit tougher. The end in particular can drain your health quickly sometimes.
14: A map similar in ugliness to map08, only with more slime.
15: Damn, did something really stupid and owned myself with a barrel here. I had To find more health to make sure that I survived the beginning of map16.
16: Not much trouble here, since a megasphere is just what I needed after map15. :)
17: No troubles here, with a 200% armor and more cells for the taking.
18: I lost an attempt at the end of this one when the cyberdemon sat on the exit and fired continuously.. I take a short sidetrip to an invincibility to fix that problem. :)
19: Another map with a free megasphere for the taking.
20: This map is long, but doesn't pose a problem unless I ended up having low health at the end for some reason.
21: Ouch, this map can be trouble.. I take a little time here to grab a megasphere and make sure I get out alive. :)
22: I like this map for the 240 free cells (and a soul sphere at the start if I need it), but there's something about this level that just creeps me out.. Legend has it that the ghost of a doom god roams the poorly designed hallways of this level.. some call it the "Dashiva," while others claim it's just a crack-smoking monkey.. we'll never know for sure..
23: An easy map unless something weird happens.. I actually ran right through the exit in one attempt and got clawed by the baron on the other side. :)
24: This map is short, but I take my time to kill the revenant at the blue key from below, just in case. He can actually punch you to death while you're waiting for the elevator to rise sometimes.
25: Ugh, ugly map with dark passageways.. but at least I finally get the BFG here.
26: Ugh, an even worse map than 25.. I lost an attempt here because the level caused the game to crash, so I got a little nervous while running through that one area.
27: This might be the toughest map from the whole thing, since rushing it can result in an agonizing death. I take my time to clear out the hallways after the blue key.
28: This is the only episode 3 map that I like, it's design is interesting enough. I lost an attempt at the red key, so I wake the revenants and let them move out of the way first before running back out.
29: An easy map, and the extra cells allowed me to take down the spiderdemon quicker and handle the yellow key area more safely.
30: Kinda stressful for an end map, even if it's easy. I am never sure about the beginning part, plus I almost get knocked into lava early on, but I finished regardless. :)

I'm pretty satisfied with the way this run turned out. Not a lot went wrong and I didn't have to make too many side trips to stock up on health/ammo. Enjoy the run, because I think at this point that I'm done with evilution. :)

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