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Final Fantasy X
In December 2001, the Final Fantasy series made its debut on the PS2 with Final Fantasy X, which included such features as a new battle system, completely 3D environments, and voice acting (not to mention way too many unskippable cutscenes). The whiny Tidus is transported from his home in Zanarkand to the world of Spira, where dead people still walk around, sports are played underwater, and everything is made of pyreflies for some reason. He joins with a summoner and her guardians who are on a quest to rid the world of Sin (the monster, not the transgression).


New Game+ run: 10:25:xx by Kari 'Essentia' Johnson, done in 53 segments

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This run is dedicated to my beautiful daughter (6 months old at the time it was completed), who has taught me that I should start each day with a smile, as she does.

I can't seem to stay away from running Final Fantasy games!

The New Game+ category has to do with the Al Bhed primers. If you compile all 26 of them from a previous save so that you have them when you're on the airship for the first time, Rin will give you 99 Underdog's Secrets, which can be used to mix two of Rikku's best overdrives for this run: Quartet of 9 (which makes all attacks of one random party member do 9999 damage) and Trio of 9999 (which makes the attacks of all three current party members do 9999 damage). A regular game run would have to wait until the Calm Lands to get 30 Wings to Discovery from Remiem Temple to be able to mix Quartet and Trio. This means that there are only two boss battles that are significantly different between a regular run and a New Game+ run: Evrae and Seymour Natus. Because of this, I went with the category that would be faster.

1. "It all begins here."
The run starts pretty slow due to prevalent cutscenes. Since Sinspawn Ammes dies after a certain number of hits, I save Tidus's overdrive for when it will be more useful. I don't compile the Al Bhed primers here because they will be less out of the way later on. The Sahagin fight ends when there's one left (preemptive is best case) and Geosgaeno ends when the boss gets his third turn (ambushed is best case); I got one of these, so I was happy.

2. "I need food!"
Tidus has to use his Spiral Cut overdrive 10 times throughout this run so that he'll have Slice & Dice for BFA, and Spiral Cut #1 is used here. Klikk was harder than you'd think he would be. First, Tidus needs an overdrive against Echuilles in segment 6, so Klikk needed to fill his overdrive a decent amount. Second, Rikku needed to steal 2 grenades; 2 grenades is a rare steal, but I let Rikku take two turns to steal because I would kill the boss in the same number of turns either way. I originally tried avoiding the piranha battle at the end (which is possible but happens very rarely) by saving on the ship deck, but the next segment requires a rare steal, and avoiding that battle would save only 12 seconds anyway (since the save sphere is out of the way).

3. "Everyone thought oui were a fiend."
The piranha battle is a forced encounter, and I needed them both to drop speed spheres. (Note: speed and mana spheres are very rare in this run.) It takes 6 grenades to kill Tros, thus Rikku must steal 3 in one turn. Luckily Tros attacked Tidus, which helped fill his overdrive.

4. "Stay away from the summoner!"
In all my test runs, I always got at least 3 piranha battles; in fact, I was counting on that so I would get 3 mana spheres here. Although it is faster, I was worried when I got only 2 battles every time I retried this segment. However, my worry was unfounded since I ended up getting 2 more mana spheres in segment 6 than I was planning.

5. "Might make a good guardian someday."
This is the earliest you can get Valefor's Energy Blast (which I never knew until I started working on this run), which is an immense help. All the battles in this segment are forced, but you can escape from some of them. Kimahri needed to fill Tidus's overdrive as much as possible without killing him. Valefor's overdrive is filled to be used in the next segment, but it would take too long to fight the second Garuda. I could have run from the last battle, but I fought it so I could get a speed and a mana sphere.

6. "You're here, are you not?"
Tidus's strength boost helps with the upcoming underwater boss. Valefor's overdrive must do damage on the higher end; otherwise, the boss doesn't die. Echuilles required a little bit of luck. First, Tidus needed to get hurt enough that he could use Spiral Cut #2 (but not so much that he'd die). Second, in order to kill it before it does Blender a second time, I needed to get a critical hit on it. Since I got two criticals, though, I was able to kill it one turn sooner than expected.

7. "Just remember even kids can play, boys."
Flee is an invaluable ability for this run. I was really picky in this segment: I made sure that both of Ragora's attacks missed Valefor, so that I wouldn't have to touch the save sphere to heal before Sinspawn Geneaux. I take the long way through the jungle so I can avoid Lord Ochu. Tidus, Lulu, Yuna, and Kimahri all need AP from the boss, hence the extra turns for defending. Valefor's overdrive is refilled to be used in segment 15.

8. "They're a living, breathing, statistical impossibility!"
I needed to encounter a single Ragora on the way out of the jungle so I could fill Ifrit's overdrive. (This is the last time it's faster to fill the aeon's overdrive than to fill Yuna's overdrive.) Tidus and Yuna also needed experience from that battle. Although I need to win the blitzball game, I figured it wasn't worth it to get the Jecht Shot because I would have to level Tidus up so he could equip it in the first place, and then it would take a bit of time to actually equip it (not to mention the cutscenes are a few seconds shorter if you don't get Jecht Shot).

9. "Gotta love blitz, eh?"
The Stunning Steel is helpful against some later bosses. Unfortunately, Kimahri and Tidus can't kill a single machina before Lulu gets her second turn, so she takes them all out. I still have Tidus attack instead of defend, though, so that his overdrive will fill faster when the machina attack him (he needs his next overdrive on the Mi'ihen Highroad). Touching the save sphere before the boss was not an accident; it was to get healed. The crane always takes away a certain percentage of Oblitzerator's HP, so there's no point in attack it beforehand. I redid this segment until it dropped a Thunder Ball.

10. "This looks like history in the making, Bobba."
The menu preparations are for the next segment, since I won't get a chance to go into the menu after the blitzball game. As mentioned before, I needed to win the game for the strength sphere prize. The best way to make the game go fast is to avoid any encounters and just waste time by swimming around. In the first half, I pass the ball to Jassu because he's the only player fast enough to outswim all the opposition, and you've gotta feel sorry for Keepa in the second half... I wait to score until Wakka comes in because he has the highest shot with his Venom Shot. (Tidus could do better if he had sphere shot, but I'd have to level him up in the first half so he'd have an empty slot to equip it.) I should have waited longer to score, though, so the other team wouldn't waste so much time afterwards, but since I'd been so lucky with getting the ball for all three blitzoffs, I didn't want to risk not having enough time to score.

11. "We were just worried you guys might've gone crazy!"
Here's where that Thunder Ball for Wakka comes in handy. With it, Wakka can usually kill the Sahagins in one hit (since they're weak to lightning). I wanted Tidus to have an overdrive at the end of this segment, so I didn't do Dark Attack or Power Break to the Garuda, although I do inflict slow. I didn't care if Wakka or Auron died (since I never use the sphere grid with either of them), but Tidus could not die. The magic sphere and HP sphere that I pick up will both be very valuable later on.

12. "That kind of time is worth anything."
My three objectives for the Mi'ihen Highroad were to get 10 or fewer encounters, learn Self-destruct from a single Bomb, and kill a Mi'ihen Fang with Spiral Cut #3 (which also gives Yuna enough AP for an extra sphere level for Sinspawn Gui). When Yuna or Rikku have critical HP, it's faster to have them attack than to defend (moreso for Rikku). Near the end of this segment, this officially becomes a New Game+ run when I compile all the Al Bhed primers.

13. "To the chocobo corral!"
The sphere grid stuff for Lulu and Tidus is mainly for Gui later on, but I do it now because it helps a bit with Chocobo Eater as well. The aeons' stats depend on Yuna's stats, and since their overdrives are magical, it's best to boost Yuna's magic as much as possible. Luck needed for Chocobo Eater: Tidus needed the first turn (otherwise Chocobo Eater would get 2 turns before I could summon), Tidus needed to inflict slow on the first try (happens about half of the time), and Chocobo Eater could NOT say "You're next" against Ifrit (otherwise Ifrit would knock him down right after and not get his overdrive). At first, I tried many times to do this without Power Break or Dark Attack, but I couldn't ever beat the boss without them. (Note that only Tidus, Kimahri, Lulu, and Yuna need AP from this battle.) How ironic, then, that after I decided to add those attacks back in, Power Break didn't actually work on this attempt and I still ended up beating him. (I didn't even notice this until I went back and rewatched this segment.) Luck was really on my side at the end of this segment when I didn't get an encounter on the way to the save point.

14. "I just hate these sacrilegious contraptions!"
I make preparations for Sinspawn Gui at the beginning of this segment because I knew Gui would take a lot of retries, and I didn't want to have to do the menu stuff every time.

15. "Don't you run away from me!"
Self-destruct does damage equal to 3x Kimahri's HP, unless it goes critical, in which case it does 6x his HP. However, I tried unsuccessfully over 100 times to get it to go critical, and I finally gave up. (At least no one can say I didn't try.) I waited to do Power Break until Tidus got hit, in order to fill his overdrive quite a bit, then I revived him so he could get AP. Valefor doesn't quite do enough damage, so Lulu has to hit the head twice and the body thrice beforehand. Then I needed a little luck at the end so that the boss didn't kill Valefor in between overdrives.

16. "Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair, we leave!"
The only randomness in this segment was that Kimahri needed to learn Stone Breath within 4 battles. The destruction treasure in Djose Temple, a magic sphere, is for Yuna, of course; good thing it's not very far out of the way.

17. "Hornless! Hornless!"
Tidus needed to either have an overdrive or be very close to having one at the end of this segment. I pick up a magic defense sphere to use in a mix and 5000 gil to buy the Sonic Steel later on.

18. "Shoopuf full shpeed aheads!"
For those keeping count, Spiral Cut #4 is used here. It's better to inflict slow before casting Haste because while haste will move up the target's very next turn, slow doesn't take effect until the target's turn after next. Extractor's first two attacks had to hit Tidus to give him his overdrive, and Tidus had to inflict slow on his first turn (sometimes it misses). Besides that, I was lucky that Tidus got a critical hit in there as well.

19. "Syopa musatyo!" (see if you can spot this one)
I need those bomb cores and lightning marbles for later. The first person I talk to in Seymour's place affects whether I get a scene with Lulu or Rikku after going to the Farplane, and then each scene has three different choices within it. So I timed all six different possibilities and went with the shortest one. This was one of the rare times that I got to the save point without getting attacked.

20. "Well, I know one way to take care of him."
I avoid lightning bolts by staying close to the towers. By the end of Macalania Woods, Yuna and Rikku need to have overdrives and I need to steal two petrify grenades (which are a rare steal from lizards). I managed to steal one in this segment.

21. "You could be more comforting or something!"
The Yellow Shield is actually more useful against Seymour than it is here on the Thunder Plains. It's a bit embarrassing that I got struck by lightning; I'm usually really good at dodging it, but this one caught me off guard. I didn't worry too much about getting a petrify grenade here because lizards are as common in the northern area.

22. "Guard your emotions, then guard your summoner."
However, when I got to this segment, I wished that I had stolen a petrify grenade in the last one. The enemy that I needed to steal from always gets a turn before my characters, and most of the time it decided to kill Rikku for some reason. There were times I'd encounter 4 lizards throughout this segment and not even get an opportunity to steal from any of them. Touching the butterfly was not an accident; stops random encounters from occurring on the current screen. Sadly, I could have had one fewer encounter if I hadn't missed the second butterfly.

23. "Too many goodbyes--people think twice about leaving."
Now that I have the Sonic Steel, I don't have to worry about ambushes anymore, plus it helps a lot to have the first turn in boss battles. Both Tidus and Kimahri need AP from Spherimorph, hence they both defend before Rikku gets her turn. Then I just retried this battle until the boss's weakness was fire. (I could have used a lightning marble instead, but I'd have an extra bomb core anyway since they're always stolen in twos.)

24. "Can't you think for yourself?"
I have to prepare Yuna now for the Seymour battle because she leaves the party after Crawler, and Kimahri's HP boost makes the first two Seymour battles (and Sin's fins much later on) easier. The game doesn't let you start the Crawler battle battle with Yuna in the front, otherwise I would have (she needs the AP). Assault (the boss's counterattack when Negator is gone) doesn't quite fill Rikku's overdrive, so she needed to get hit enough from Gatling Gun that she could get an overdrive but not so much that she would die. Although Auron's and Kimahri's snowmobile scenes are shorter than Rikku's, it wouldn't be worth the time spent to get them. At least Rikku's scene is shorter than Lulu's.

25. "Well, if you're offering your lives, I will have to take them."
I really like my strategy for Seymour/Anima, but it requires a lot of luck. Since Seymour always casts the same spells in the same order, I needed him to take exactly three turns before summoning Anima in order for my strategy to work (the Haste spell speeds this up). Then each of those three turns had to hit a specific person: first Kimahri, then Tidus, then Kimahri. Why? Because Tidus, Yuna, and Lulu all need the AP from this battle, and I don't have enough time to revive anyone before Seymour's third turn. I was also really lucky that the Guado guardians didn't take any turns. From here on out, I summon only Shiva because she has the highest magic out of all the aeons. The first Nulblaze is needed, but the second one is to get Shiva a turn right after Anima boosts so her overdrive can do twice as much damage (casting Nulblaze gives Shiva her next turn faster than anything else for some reason).

26. "The Guado take care of Guado affairs."
Yuna and Rikku both needed overdrives at the end of this segment. I have them attack so that they're not defending when the enemies attack them (which would have taken twice as long to fill their overdrives), but I didn't want to attack the Guados because they use auto-potion. I wasn't originally planning to switch Auron in because I thought he could get an overdrive from the zuu in segment 28, but I played ahead and found out that one attack from the Zuu wasn't quite enough to fill his overdrive.

27. "You can always count on Auron to complicate things!"
The agility boost for Tidus is for BFA; he's pretty much impossible without it. I waited to raise Yuna's HP until now so that her overdrive would fill faster in the previous segment (more HP = more time to fill overdrive); she'll need this HP to be able to survive in the Via Purifico. The Guado guardians need to be taken out before using Rikku's mix so that all 9 hits will hit Wendigo, then he promptly refills Rikku's overdrive. Now everyone has all the sphere levels they will ever need.

28. "No glaring, either!"
By the end of Bikanel Island, I needed 12 smoke bombs and a chocobo wing. Smoke bombs can be stolen one at a time from the regular bird enemies, but it's more efficient to steal them three at a time from Zuus (which are sort of a rare enemy), and a chocobo wing is a rare steal from Cactuars (which are also a rare enemy). So I decided to split the desert up into three segments. In this one, I'm able to steal 6 smoke bombs and fill Lulu's overdrive in the required Zuu battle. (This is really the last chance for Lulu to get her overdrive before it's needed against Flux.)

29. "Don't you run, needles!"
I redid this segment until I either got a chocobo wing or got 6 more smoke bombs from a Zuu. It's a little embarrassing that I got stuck on a rock, but I prefer to think of it as luck manipulation because of what happened right after. ;)

30. "Let's go kick those Guado out of our Home!"
Not only are Zuus and Cactuars more common in the area to the left of the save point, but it's about 10 seconds faster than the right path just walking (not to mention the encounters that would also be avoided). I get the last of the smoke bombs, and then Auron has a surprise for the Sandragora.

31. "It was just...too hard to say."
In the first battle, I have to steal 4 more bomb cores to be used in Bevelle. It's really nice that when Kimahri learns a new ability with Lancet, it automatically fills his overdrive. Once again, Rikku needs an overdrive at the end of this segment, but at least it's easy to get. That second petrify grenade that was so hard to get comes in handy at last. I could have done without picking up the level 4 key sphere, but it makes Natus soooo much easier. It's actually possible to get random encounters throughout Home and on the Airship, but it rarely happens if you go straight where you're supposed to. At the end of the segment, I'm finally able to get the 99 Underdog's Secrets from Rin; I then show my thanks by selling most of them back (to get gil for Bribing later on).

32. "The red carpet has teeth."
It's possible to steal 2 water gems at once from Evrae, but since there was randomness with who Evrae attacked and who received Rikku's Quartet that I let it slide with two steals. All the battles in Bevelle go fast with smoke bombs and bomb cores (it had to be bomb cores for the machina because they're weak to fire).

33. "Well, that's a lame way to kill someone."
The Bevelle cloister of trials is all about timing. On the lower level, I wait a bit to confirm my direction the first and second times so that I can get to the middle area on the right; if you confirm too soon, you'll miss it and go right past the middle area. I don't need the treasure at the end, but the game forces you to get it anyway. It's possible to get an encounter on the way to Auron in the Via Purifico, but I don't think I've ever had it happen while working on this run.

34. "I hate this place." *smack*
I hate this place too, because you can't run from the battles here. Summoning Bahamut is literally the only way I can kill the Maze Larva, since it starts healing itself when it gets close to death. But before that, Yuna has to get an overdrive. Again, I waited until after getting her overdrive to give her more HP. This is the last time I use the sphere grid with Yuna; every stat boost she's gotten is to help with the Isaaru battles. The battle with Grothia (Ifrit) and Pterya (Valefor) went perfect--I even avoided Pterya's overdrive attack. The hard battle is Spathi (Bahamut); the damage Shiva can do to him before he does his overdrive is very close to his maximum HP, and many times it wasn't enough. In fact, in this run the damage that she did to him was only 133 more than needed.

35. "I will destroy Spira! I will save it!"
I Planned to retry this segment until I got only one encounter and Evrae missed with his counterattack, so I was veryfortunate to get it on my first try. In case you're wondering, the elixir animation is just a bit shorter than the phoenix down animation.

36. "Hold on, Kimahri!"
Rikku needs an overdrive again at the end of this segment (I'm starting to sound like a broken record). Although Tidus didn't need a full overdrive (after using Spiral Cut #5), he needed to get hit twice so that he could get his overdrive with one hit on the Calm Lands.

37. "Not until the end... Always."
I had planned to redo this fight until Natus dropped a weapon for Kimahri (because Kimahri eventually needs a weapon with an empty slot), but I'd been lucky enough to get one from Crawler. Natus's two Blizzara spells had to hit Rikku and Kimahri (to fill Rikku's overdrive and not kill Yuna). It takes 4 hits of 9999 damage to kill Natus. Considering that the water gem could hit either Natus or Mortibody, what are the chances of the outcome that I got here?

38. "I've always known where to go."
I should explain my plan for getting gems. I need 19 total fire/water gems for the rest of the run, 2 of which must be water because Omnis absorbs fire. I could Bribe a Flame Flan for up to 20 gems, but I couldn't learn Bribe without a level 3 key sphere (the earliest is from Biran and Yenke), so it would be easiest to bribe a Flame Flane after getting the Airship. Until then, I would still need 9 gems (plus 2 water gems for Omnis). The fastest way to steal them is in Gagazet, where fire gems can be stolen 2 at a time from Grenades and water gems can also be stolen 2 at a time from Maelspikes. That just leaves 2 gems that I needed to steal here on the Calm Lands for Defender X in the next segment, but I also stole one more since I needed an odd number of gems. (Is anyone confused yet?) Anyway, I feel that this is the worst segment in the run; I really should have tried to get a better battle where I steal two fire gems, but I was lucky that I got a pre-emptive battle where I could steal one without any trouble.

39. "I warn you, the maester doesn't need you alive."
Everything had to go perfectly in this battle. Defender's first attack had to hit Tidus (to refill his overdrive after using Spiral Cut #6), then Rikku had to give Quartet to Kimahri, then the boss's second attack had to refill Rikku's overdrive. I take a detour to the Sunken Cave so I can get a No Encounters armor from a Ghost in the next segment. Since I knew it would take quite a few tries to get it, I watched the scene at the entrance to the cave in this segment to help preserve my sanity. Kimahri is switched for Wakka because I needd the No Encounters armor to be for someone who could fight underwater (to avoid underwater battles in Gagazet), and it seems that whenever armor/weapons are dropped, they are most likely for the character that actually killed the enemy.

40. "You couldn't reach the Farplane..."
This took about 70 tries to get (sorry, I'd miscounted when I posted 48 in the forum), because Ghosts are a rare enemy in the first place, then second they rarely drop anything, and then third they could drop a weapon or armor with magic+5% instead of No Encounters. It's definitely worth it, though. Unfortunately I got the worst outcome with Rikku giving Quartet to herself instead of Tidus or Wakka, but it wasn't much time lost.

41. "With grand horn on head!"
One level 3 key sphere is for learning Bribe, and the other is for mixing Trio on Flux. It's possible to get 2 level 3 key spheres as a rare steal, but I'd have to wait for both Biran and Yenke to get on the same side anyway. Doom will be used in the last segment, and if you were wondering why I had to extra smoke bombs after Bevelle, here's the explanation.

42. "The mountain itself is the trial."
Note that this is the last time I use the sphere grid. The first two battles on Gagazet had to be with specific enemies: one with machina, and the other with a Grenade (in either in order). The machina were to use Spiral Cut #7 and fill overdrives, and the Grenade was for stealing fire gems and Bribing for shining gems (which are used in the final segment). However, I made a big mistake here that I didn't realize until it was too late to come back to this segment: I stole only 2 fire gems instead of 4 from the Grenades because I forgot that I needed to save 2 water gems for Omnis. (That's what I get for not checking my notes carefully before recording.) Luckily I was able to fix it in segment 50, but I lost probably about a minute because of it. Oh, and about the Bribing amount: Different FAQs say different things, but I found that 120,000 gil always worked for me.

43. "You sure this ain't some kinda bad toxin dream or something?"
It takes 8 hits to kill Flux; unfortunately, both the gem and Lulu's fury can hit either Flux or Mortiorchis (which is why I use both). I got exactly the number of hits that I needed here. It's very nice that most bosses from here on drop level 3 or 4 key spheres.

44. "When I think about us never being together again at all... I'm afraid."
This was the best battle to use to fill Rikku's overdrive since I could steal 4 water gems as well. Wakka acts as a meat shield for the piranha attack so that the Maelspike can hit Rikku. There's absolutely no randomness in the Sanctuary Keeper battle, so there's no reason to save before it.

45. "I was expecting, you know, parades and...fireworks!"
Spiral cut #8 is used here. Yuna's overdrive won't be used until BFA, but this is the most convenient spot to fill it since Haymaker is about the only thing that will fill her overdrive in one hit. I didn't use any notes or cheat sheets for the trials; I did actually memorize it all. :)

46. "What do you mean no Final Aeon?"
Good thing Lulu has high evasion, or this strategy would never work.

47. "It is better for you to die in hope than to live in despair."
Remember that two of these water gems should have been saved for Omnis, but I had to use them here because I was out of fire gems. Note that Yunalesca gets only one actual turn; everything else is either a counterattack or an attack that she always does when she changes form.

48. "Rotten son of a shoopuf!"
Here's where I get more fire gems than I know what to do with. I really wanted to fill Lulu's overdrive here, but I finally accepted that it just wasn't going to happen. (She doesn't need it until BFA anyway.)

49. "Every blitzer knows: when you got the ball, you gotta score!"
It takes two hits besides a fire gem to take out each of Sin's fins (Spiral Cut #8 counted as one of the hits). Sin had to ram the airship at least once each time to give Rikku an overdrive, but if it rammed more than twice then Kimahri would die. The Left Fin went perfectly, but I made an embarrassing mistake on the Right Fin with a hi-potion (which turned out not to be needed after all), and then Sin took longer to ram the airship. It's hard to get both sides to be perfect battles, though; I was just glad that Sin didn't decide to ram right after I moved closer either time.

50. "I'm coming for you, Dad!"
I'd originally planned to fill Rikku's overdrive and use Tidus's Spiral Cut #9 in Zanarkand with a Defender Z, but since I made the mistake with the water gems, I had no choice but to go back to Gagazet Cave. Unfortunately, there are no encounters in the first part of the water. Luckily, there's no randomness in the "Overdrive" Sin battle, either.

51. "How many steaks you think we can get out of these?"
Tidus finally learns Slice & Dice by using Spiral Cut #10. Not much else to say here.

52. "Sin will be right behind you."
I'd tried in the past to change the Mortiphasms so that I could use fire gems instead of water gems, but I was never able to defeat Omnis before he'd wipe me out on his first turn. The battle to fill overdrives could have gone faster, but it actually wouldn't have made a difference to my final time since seconds aren't counted.

53. "I promise this'll be quick!"
Auron and Yuna need the first strike ability because they're forced into the starting party for BFA. Timing was very important in this battle; this is why I raised Tidus's and Yuna's agility, and Lulu and Yuna must change weapons instead of defend because it gives them their next turn slightly faster. BFA always uses his sword attack right after changing to his second form, and there was no way my party could survive that. So the summon was for that purpose (Shiva's overdrive animation is the shortest) and also to stop both Yu Pagodas, which was VERY important. It takes all 5 hits from the fire gem and all 8 hits from Fury to defeat BFA's second form, but Fury can hit all targets and a few times this segment failed because one or both Yu Pagodas would start moving again just before I used it. The rest of the battles are pretty self-explanatory (and you'd think the very final boss (Yu Yevon) would have more status immunities).

Every time I did a run through this game, I'd find some improvements, and this time was no exception. Unfortunately, some of them I discovered too late to implement them into this run. Here are some of the improvements that I've thought of:

-Use Valefor instead of Ifrit against Chocobo Eater. Although Chocobo Eater is weak to fire, Valefor has a higher magic stat than Ifrit, and Valefor's overdrive does only a couple hundred less than Ifrit's here. Since this was the only place that I actually used Ifrit, it could save the time it takes to see his entire summon and overdrive animations as well as the time it took to fill his overdrive against a Ragora in Kilika Jungle.

-Use Spiral Cut #3 on a Gandarewa in Mushroom Rock Road instead of a Mi'ihen Fang. Gandarewas give more AP (which would make up for not fighting the Ragora with Ifrit), and they also sometimes drop lightningstrike weapons. It could be helpful to get a Lightning Steel for Tidus to use on Extractor.

-As noted above, get a critical Self-destruct on Gui. Also, I saw Spiral Cut go critical a few times while working on this run, though not on any segments that I kept. A critical Spiral Cut could save a lot of time on Echuilles and Extractor, but since Spiral Cut needs to be used 10 times through the run anyway, there might be some other places it where it could be useful.

Big thanks go to KADFC for his speedrun guide on GameFAQs and for the videos of his 11:49 speedrun; most of his strategies were either used in this run or helped me to find faster ones. Thanks to Gaverion and everyone else on the SDA forum who helped find strategies and gave encouragement while I was working on this. Also, thanks to the great crew at SDA for being willing to accept such a long run and to go through the entire process of posting it. And thanks to my brother, who told me I needed to give him credit for getting me into RPG games in the first place. Finally, many thanks to my wonderful husband for listening to my rants when things wouldn't go right, for offering helpful suggestions, and for just generally putting up with me.

I had a lot of fun making this run, and I hope that you enjoy(ed) watching it. Any questions or comments about the run are welcome at fouressentia AT yahoo DOT com.

If you've read this far, then I'd like to extend an invitation to you. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or better known as Mormons), and there seem to be a lot of misconceptions out there about our church. I would like to invite you to visit the LDS church's website at if you feel so inclined, or if you have any questions you're welcome to email me at my email listed above (but note that I won't answer emails that are just trying to start a debate). I'm not looking to convert anyone; I just want our church to be better understood. Thanks!

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