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Adventures of Lolo 2
Released in March 1990, Adventures of Lolo 2 features the same addictive puzzle gameplay that was featured in the first game. Once again the Great Devil captures Lala, and Lolo has to rescue her from the Devil's clutches. Lolo 2 improves on the first game with a remastered soundtrack, better variety in graphics, and an "epic" clash between Lolo and the Great Devil.


Run: 0:29:14 by Tom 'rdrunner' Votava

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Maybe I'm just a nerd or something, but I love logic puzzles. :) After completing a game like this for the first time, most people would probably toss it in the trash, thinking that it has no replay value. Not me! I had TONS of fun trying to optimize the paths through this game! It's also a big-time challenge to try and remember all of those paths through 50 rooms at high speed without making a fatal mistake. Even the slightest misstep can sometimes make a room impossible to complete.

My main goal here was to get under 30 minutes, which took a while to do, in itself. I have since come up with faster paths through some of the rooms, but have yet to sit down and make improvements. Someday, I'll have to see about that!

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