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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was released during the spring of 2007, taking the player to a frozen planet where humankind fights a battle for survival against the Akrid, a fearsome insectoid alien race. Humanity really needs the planet for a new home, so they start to use the mysterious "T-energy," extracted from akrid corpses, as an energy source for their weapons, battle mechs, and life support devices. The player takes the role of the young man, Wayne, who wants to avenge his father who was killed by a huge akrid known as "Green Eye." He's ready to join a group of snow pirates to get his chance at revenge. But soon it turns out that humanity's biggest enemy is not the akrid, but itself. Wayne and his pirate friends have to stop the Frontier Project before it wipes out the entire planet, along with all of its inhabitants.


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