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Released in April 2004, Painkiller is a first-person shooter by the Polish developer People Can Fly which defied every FPS trend in the industry at the time by going back to simpler times with no keycard puzzles, no mission objectives and no support characters. There is a plot - our hero, Daniel, is a happily married man, then dies with his wife in a car accident. He goes into purgatory and is then ordered to kill four generals of Lucifer in order to buy his way into heaven - but it has no impact whatsoever on the actual gameplay, during which the player must kill hundreds of enemies in well-designed maps with some really inventive weapons - a rotating blade which also incorporates a laser, a shotgun with a freezing option for all your Terminator quoting needs, a gun that fires grenades and huge stakes, and last, but not least, a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning.


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