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Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
Released in June 1990, Rescue Rangers featured bright, colorful graphics that stayed true to the cartoon, and 2-player coop gameplay. In this game the Rescue Rangers are helping their neighbor Mandy find her lost pet kitten. Could Fat Cat have something to do with this?


Run: 0:10:38 by Travis 'Klaige' Nible
commentary available as audio track 2

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Greetings Everyone! I've been coming to SDA for a long time and after many years I decided I'd give making some runs of my own a real shot. I wanted to start with something kind of simple and Rescue Rangers was a game I really loved as a kid so I set out to see if I could improve on the run already up. A little tweaking of the routes taken and figuring out how to use a couple key damage boosts (which are not terribly practical in this game) allowed me to put a solid improvement on the overall time. As a whole this run could still see improvement. I have one pretty ugly mistake during a boss fight that costs me a couple seconds, and one room in the 3rd to last stage was a little sloppy but other than those i felt like this was a very solid run. Total optimization would require a lot of little jumps to be tweaked and made perfect, in my very very humble opinion 3-4 seconds is realistic to shave off this run, 8-9 seconds would be probably max one could do in a non TAS format.

This run includes audio commentary so I will keep the stage comments somewhat brief for everyone.

Stage 1 - The first level goes off pretty much flawlessly (as it should in any good speedrun), there's a tiny bit of luck involved with not having a 2nd bee spawn at the end of the power lines segment but it's rare and was not an issue this go round. The boss looks really simple and for the most part is, but it's easy to mistime the catch and throw of the ball during the hitstun time on the boss. Not much else to say here, very pleased with this stage.

Stage 2 - This stage ended a ton of runs because it has probably the largest luck factor of any stage in the game. During the section over the boiling pots a 2nd fly can spawn in both the first room and the second room that contains those jumps. It's more or less completely random as to whether or not they spawn and I get the good end of the luck stick here and miss both of those potential spawns. The boss can also end a run with bad luck. The fight starts off in bad fashion with the boss going across the top of the stage, which means i can only get 1 hit in. Luckily he decides to be nice after that and stays low, allowing me to get a very fast kill. With perfect luck (3 low passes to start the fight) you can cut close to a second off that fight, but it's rare for that to happen and sometimes even when he spawns low you will be out of position with the timing so I was more than happy to take this one.

Stage 3 - This stage is by far the most improved over the current run. I use a path that requires less killing of enemies and get the most mileage out of any damage boost in the game. I make two minor mistakes in the first room picking up a box and missing a jump under the first top (the tops have annoyingly huge hitboxes), i'd guess i lost probably 1.5 seconds in there, but the rest of the level is excellent. Not turning off the switches for the iron balls in that section saves a bunch of time (other than the mandatory final switch), and damage boosting off the jack in the box on the next room is worth probably 3 seconds. I found the ability to do that boost by accident in a practice run, easily the best mistake I've made! The boss fight is borderline perfect. He could not give me a better pattern. Easily the best fight I've had on that boss.

Stage 4 - A boring bossless stage in the middle of the run, but a welcome break for me as the player. I'm overly cautious in the first section, it's too easy to jump early and hit an iron ball and then fall to your death. The damage boost midway saves little to no time, but it was my preferred way of going through that hall. The room with the extending platforms is a big improvement on the current run. You can spawn them quicker by scrolling the screen up as fast as possible through jumping. So I move quickly up the right side to make the left platforms spawn quicker and thus get me to the end of the stage faster. Really nothing to complain about in this stage.

Stage 5 - Great run through the stage, and a really bad boss fight. The damage boost in the room with the rhinos and flies was the most consistent route for me. I think you can make it through there without a hit, but the flies are so random and it's a super tight window. I elect to just let the damage push me through that tricky part and it works rather well. This boss is the single worst mistake of the game. There is a safe spot where you can stand and not get hit while attacking, but it's a small window and I mess it up slightly. Had the ball not fallen and stunned me (you cannot take damage while stunned) i would have hit the spikes and the run would be over. Easily the most improveable part of the run. I'd say you can make up 2-3 seconds with a good boss fight.

Stage 6 - This stage requires me to throw a lot of boxes. Crabs and flying squirrles and really difficult to just go around and can be random, so i have no choice but to take a lot of them out along the way. Damage boost on the last flying squirrel saves me from picking up another box and this level has no boss so i'm willing to take the hit. Final room is sloppy, i miss grabbing the box on the jump to the 2nd set of ledges and fall down making me jump up over the shapshifters. Then i miss another small jump and hit the last shapeshifter before the exit. Probably lost 2 seconds in this room. This being my first real speedrun, nerves were starting to kick in and it showed.

Stage 7 - Pelicans and Fans, this stage is really obnoxious. Pelicans have to be hit in their lower hitbox or they spit the box back at you and stun you. They are also too fat to jump over unless you start out higher than they are. I miss a jump over the 3rd robot mouse that costs me a touch of time, but overall this level was solid a few tiny missed jumps over boxes here and there but nothing significant. Boss fight looks random but is insanely consistent. I've never had a mistake fighting him, once you know the sweet stop to stand when he does the fall apart move it's insanely easy.

Stage 8 - The final stage is a rough one, no doubt. For the first time you meet enemies who take two hits to kill and some tricky routes because of the hordes of enemies on screen. I elect to damage boost one more time in the 2nd segment because there is a full life acorn towards the end of the level. Gains me a little time but i have to grab that acorn under the box. The final conveyor belt forces you to take a hit on the first weasel. I get very lucky and the one at the end of the belt apparently took both hits from the two boxes i threw earlier, usually you have to wait for him to get further on screen and use that last box to hit him, which is iffy because if he shoots before you kill him it's unavoidable. You want at least 2 hearts left before facing Fat Cat. Fat Cat is very random, and safe spots are hard to find, I luckily have that extra heart to take the one hit he gives me and finish him off before the run comes to what would have been a heartbreaking end.

So there you have it guys, my first full fledged speed run. Not perfect, but I'm happy with it and it was a great way to get me in the right mindset for planning and considering how to run more complex games.

Big shoutouts to Josh the Funkdoc who's live streaming really got me back into this whole deal. Watching him crush runs was pretty inspiring and he's a good dude and fellow Guilty Gear player to boot. Mad shoutouts to everyone in the IRC channel for teaching my noobish arse how to stream and record a proper run. The whole community is awesome and everyone has made me feel extremely welcome. I hope you guys enjoyed this run and look forward to me putting out even better stuff in the future!



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