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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Released in April 1992, A Link to the Past was the third game in the Zelda series and the only one to be made for Super Nintendo. Link goes on a quest that spans two worlds in an effort to restore the seal of the 7 wise men, recently broken by the mysterious wizard Agahnim. The game was re-released for GBA in December 2002, featuring faster text scrolling, Link screaming, a redone Ice Palace puzzle, and a link with the included game, "The Four Swords".


SNES run: 1:29:48 by Philippe 'Wak' Brisson, done in 17 segments

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This run took me 5 days to complete, including 1 day for part 13 and 2 days for part 16. The game is in french, but you don't really bother, do you? This has been done in 17 segments, and most of the time I save quit is because it saves time. Thanks for TSA for showing me how to be good and fast at this game, MadZombie for proving that it was possible to be even better and Tompa for showing me how to complete the Ice dungeon without the big key, a time saver of about 1 min and half. Thanks also to him for the tips and the Tool assisted run, which overall completed my route planning and room strategies. So this is a small comment about every of my segments:

Overall, I'm happy with this run, and I don't think someone will beat this time near soon... The only way to get better is got manage even more luck manipulation, and I'd be surprised someone would have more time on his own than I had when I did this run.

So what now? May I try to beat TSA's single segment run to become officially the master of ALTTP? Yeah, why not giving it a try. Will it take 2 more years to achieve, just like every run I do? Maybe. I just have no clue what I want to do exactly... Even if I'm prepared like hell to crush TSA's time, and even the unfamous Rodrigo's cheated Single-Segment time of 1:36:xx. With the new Ice palace trick, 1:34 SS is more than possible, and I'm going to give it a try. Stay tuned.

SNES run (Single Segment): 1:35:45 by Philippe 'Wak' Brisson

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Since 2004 I dreamed of beating TSA's time in ALTTP. At the beginning I wasn't even near to beat him, which pushed me to create a new category: 100%.

A couple of years passed, the route had been maximized in the TAS and it permitted me to create a segmented run of ALTTP... even though all I was doing was create a new category.

I decided it was finally the time to beat TSA's run, after 5 years and 4 different runs, 3 from TSA. It took a while, it took hours and patience from both me and my girlfriend who watched me swear at the game every evening except one.

You can now watch part of this evening by looking up to this run.

SNES 100% run (Single Segment): 2:00:01 by Philippe 'Wak' Brisson

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I've finally done Zelda ALTTP 100% SS in less than 2 hours!

Things you need to know:

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