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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
In August 1993, Link set out on an ocean voyage to get away from it all. A storm destroyed his ship and he washed up on the shore of a strange island. He must travel around it in search of the eight instruments which can wake the Wind Fish, the only way off the island - but at what price? The game was re-released in December 1998 for Game Boy Color, featuring a new bonus dungeon, picture taking, and the removal of the text skip "bug".


DX run (Single Segment): 1:29:20 by Michael 'Tigger77' Welle

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To give others the chance to improve this I submit this Sub 1:30 so you can see the tactics and improve it.

Don't play like trunk
Get the PoP in D8

possible time sub 1:28 IMO

see you ~

DX run: 1:17:39 by Michael 'Tigger77' Welle, done in 41 segments

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This is a Zelda Links Awakening Speedrun in 41 Segments

First: Sorry Tompa this isn't the SS, it's a buypass product of it
I made this one to push my skill Level to do a satisfying SS.

Second: Why are there so many Segments? 2 Reasons. First Save warping is cool, second: I'm lazy

Third: Enjoy the run and stay tuned for the SS I will have it at least before Mikefest 2 that's a promise.

See yaa

~ Tigger77

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