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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Released on the launch day of the Wii in November 2006, and in December for the GameCube, Twilight Princess satiated every Zelda fan's desire for hot and sweaty Goron wrestling. Notable differences between the Wii and Gamecube versions include the controllers and the east/west flip of the game world. In the Wii version you can also perform actions never before seen in a Zelda game such as swinging your sword and throwing a boomerang.


GameCube run (Single Segment): 3:56:xx by Daniel 'jiano' Hart

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This is the result of a month of playing no game but Twilight Princess, and while I'm not entirely happy with the run, you can only play a game so much before it starts to feel like a job, and I hit that point. I really wanted to get 3:55 or better, mostly because of the ridiculous amount of time I waste trying to get City in the Sky early, but every person has their limits. After achieving my 3:56, I was in route to get a 3:55 run but choked during Hyrule Castle, which basically murdered any motivation I had left. I'm hoping we can find a few minutes more of time savers and then I'll have a good reason to play again, but this is it for now. Twilight Princess is a pretty good game, but things like collecting tears are probably worse than watching long cut scenes you can't skip. I'm sure that 3:51 is as good as a human could possibly get, so I am perfectly ok with 5 minutes of mistakes in a 4 hour run(2%!). The amount of luck required to get a good time is ridiculous.

The overall play quality in this SS over my old 4:47 is noticeably better. Although the run is 50 minutes shorter, there are much harder sequence breaks and glitches that I had to perform this time around. The first 2 hours went amazing, my best by far, but once I hit Morpheel, there are some pretty nasty mistakes. When you're 2 hours into a run, it's hard to hit restart and go again, which is why I'm ok with how the last 2 hours went. You have to understand that there is a huge amount of luck involved in a lot of this game. It could take me hours to get a good enough run passed the gate glitch, and that's only 7 minutes into the run.

Anyway, I hope anyone who watches this understands how hard it is for everything to go right, and even the easiest tricks that I pull off 99% of the time in practice(CitS early), can go wrong after 3 hours straight of playing(which doesn't even include how many resets I had before it). Onto more specific comments about the run.

I recorded until right when the credits start. Not only do I not have enough DVD space at that point, but also the credits are 15 minutes long. If you want to watch the credits go watch them on youtube or something, because this is a speed run, not a let's watch the credits run.

Thanks to everyone who I bothered asking questions and for giving me feedback. Thanks to the SDA staff for running the site. Thanks to anyone who can forgive me for the CitS early fiasco.

GameCube, Goat Herding run: 0:00:15.43 by Justin 'UCPro' Salamon

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This is flawless and absolute perfection. It completely destroys the previous world record. I cut corners as sharp as you possibly can without having a random goat run off into lala land. Nothing much else to say ... this is just a stupidly fast goat herding run.

I don't know what my exact attempt count was for this ... I know it was well over 500. It might be possible to get this time down to 15.20, and a TAS run could probably push under 15 seconds. Getting anything under 16 seconds is quite a feat, because you have to get lucky with the goats at the end ... they almost never enter that barn smoothly. Getting a fast time is all about that smooth entry.

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