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Zone of the Enders
Packaged alongside the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, the crazy-fast mecha game Zone of the Enders was released worldwide in March 2001. ZoE puts you in the role of Leo Stenbuck, a young boy who is forced to pilot the Orbital Frame Jehuty through the war-torn Jupiter colony of Antilia, and deliver it to a civilian transport vessel.


Run: 0:33:15 by 'Carcinogen', done in 4 segments

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{jewyama}"I was also high and not really paying attention for about 5 minutes, but that's more run for people to enjoy, right?"
{jewyama} seems like something that would come from you, someday :P

Perhaps I'll zone out for you when I get around to recording audio commentary. ;-D

*ahem* Right, well...

I had a burnout from trying to run the GameCube remake of Resident Evil, and SDA's needed a run for ZOE for quite a while, so I delivered. =D

Bits and pieces could have used some work (aside from the obvious flaws in movement due to bad camera angles), but I'm pretty satisfied with my results for now.

There were some parts that involved a fair bit of luck, especially at the beginning of segment 2, where I have to get the Raptor Control Password from a group of level 4 Mummies. This particular group of Mummies is the most annoying cluster of enemies in the game, because they only use their cutting lasers. Get caught in the middle of 3 of them while trying to knock one of them out of their little circle-jerk, and you get vaporized.

The boss fights went pretty well, especially after I found a consistent strategy for Neith... In its initial form, you have to be very careful not to get caught in its Charge and Gauntlet shots. It leaves itself open during its charging period. By staying at a moderate range, peppering it with regular shots, and closing the gap whenever it tries to charge, I can get off a good chunk of damage.

Perhaps someday I'll dig this game out again and attempt an SS.

Shoutouts to the SDA team (mikwuyma, Nate, Enhasa), #sda, and even Laggykins for putting up with me being a general nuisance. <3

Enjoy =D

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