JDs are 4v4 or 5v5 team Javelin elimination matches to 10 deaths. Thanks to the Javelin's complex gameplay, interaction between 8 or 10 players can be very interesting, not to mention confusing.

General Strategy

Seeing as you are in a team, play like one. Support your teammates, and go to them if the situation is bad. Look at your radar to see who else is in trouble. Team survival is more important than you getting a single kill.

JD Structure


While you're all rushing out from the start area, the other team is doing the same thing. This is usually followed by a short period of indirect fire; veterans know well which spots to stay away from to dodge these strays. Pay close attention to your team's structure; a break in line can invite the whole enemy squad in to divide and conquer. Likewise, if you see a weak point in an opponent, challenge it. Sooner or later, 3 people from one squad will die and have to re-enter; this leads to the Middle.


In this state, one player will die usually every 10 seconds or so. Players constantly switch targets, seeking for the fastest way to add another to their kill count. Squads group together and push for more territory, hoping to force the enemy into a nondefensible position. This state can last a long time; particularly well-balanced matches will have the time limit expire here, though this is rare. The next phase usually begins when two people from the same team are eliminated.


Generally all that is left to do here is mop up the few survivors on the opposing team - unless you are playing catchup. All survivors should group together and seek to overwhelm any enemy position, using superior numbers. If the teams are equal, the best plan is to single out one player and kill them until eliminated; pick the person with the most deaths for this. In 3v1 or 4v1 situations, rely on bullets to do the talking as you do not want to teamkill at this point. Many matches have turned around during the End because too many teamkills are made.

Individual Tactics

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